Learn Ilocano: Insects and Pests (2)

Naimbag nga malem! or Good afternoon! 🙂 It’s Sunday afternoon here and for those that are in other countries that’s ahead of time, Good morning! And ——- on this Learn Ilocano video let’s continue learning insects and pests in Ilocano. If you wanna say butterly in Ilocano, it’s kulibangbang. Kulibangbang. ku li bang bang Kulibangbang. And ——- what about a worm? a worm in Ilocano is igges. Igges. Ok let’s say that —– slowly. Ig Say that again. Ig Ig ges ges Ig ges A worm is igges. And snake in Ilocano is uleg. Uleg. U U leg leg Uleg. And, ant in Ilocano is kuton. Kuton. Ku ton Kuton. And here next, I just wanna share a video a video clip of an uyukan that I spotted the other day when I went to Walmart garden center. So ——- what’s an uyukan? So now you know what an uyukan is. 🙂 Uyukan. Or bee. Uyukan. U yu kan Uyukan. And last one for our video is the firefly or kulalanti. Ku la lan ti Kulalanti. That’s it for today’s Learn Ilocano video and if you haven’t seen the first part of our “Insects and Pests” in Ilocano you can —– visit the suggested video above or you can check below. So now, let’s review our six insects and pests in Ilocano. We have —– the butterfly or kulibangbang. Kulibangbang. And worm, to say worm, it’s igges. Igges. Bee —– is uyukan. Uyukan. A snake, is uleg. Uleg. Ant, kuton. Kuton. And last one ——- firefly, or kulalanti. Kulalanti. So ——- that’s it for tonight (today.) Bye! See you on the next video.

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