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MAN: It’s a school for
people internationally. Anyone can come
through and learn skills to become a sushi chef. And at the end of
the two month you’re certified from a Sushi
Master from Japan, to go open your own restaurant. Or you can go work at a
renowned recommended restaurant. We, here, are teaching
is all strong fundamentals, five things. We teaching how they
making a proper sushi rice and sharpening a knife, cutting
a fish, Nigiri, and roll. That’s the five things. It’s very important things. That’s to help for the
big strong foundation for per person. [ELECTRONIC MUSIC] AMIE ICHIKAWA: You
are at the Sushi Chef Institute in Torrance. We are a professional
training school. We train aspiring sushi chefs
from all over the world. I’m from West Coast. I’m come here to go to
school, because I was amazed with the presentation,
at the same time, how you learn about sushi. So what happens in
this room is it’s a test. They’re getting judged. They’re getting
graded the whole time. You have a regular
sushi bar menu, just as if you were in any sushi bar. We encourage the customers
to order excessively, so that they can get
a real realistic idea of what it’s going to be like. We’re always trying to please
the customers to the max, and just make sure they’re
enjoying everything. And if they don’t leave with
enjoying their meal then it’s our fault, because
we didn’t do what we know know we’re performing for them. The service has
been very good. No different in any other– any other restaurant. I had the sushi roll in
the salmon skin roll. They’re very good. This is very private. We invite different
influencers, friends from within the
network, business owners, different people that
we want to celebrate too. It’s pretty exclusive. ANDY MATSUDA: I’m
teaching over 20 years. Over 1,800 people
graduate so far. So it’s coming from man good
story, everyone in the world. One of the chef is a Spanish
chef, is from Colombia, is the one on “Top Chef.” Other chef is a
top 100 in the US. Restaurant owner,
over 100 restaurants. And Barcelona and
number one lady chef. And a top chef right now,
and a Michelin three star. MAN: It’s great for people
who are just starting out, if you are on a blank canvas
and you want to pick up skills from different sushi masters. Also, interact from people
of different backgrounds. So it’s a great network
of students here. And it’s great coming
to the sushi bar as well, every
few months, to see different skill levels, and
people from around the world. And just ordering
different dishes, and kind of seeing what
they can do with it. Sell yourself. Be yourself. Celebrate who you really are. And the customers get that vibe. They want to hang out with you. And that’s what you want. Because it makes it
more than just food. It’s a whole experience. [ELECTRONIC MUSIC]

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