Lizzo on Her Iconic ‘Juice’ Video, Getting Stung By a Bee & Feeling Herself | MTV News

– So I got stung by a bee,
and I was sittin’ on the couch and I was like, (soft
yelling) I was like shivering, ’cause I just felt so violated,
and I was like crying. My A & R texted me and was
like Juice just hit a million! I was like (crying) (laughing) it was so fucked up, but also like, that was like the perfect moment, I needed something to boost me up. ♪ Heard you say I’m not
the baddest bitch you lie ♪ ♪ Ain’t my fault that I’m
out here getting loose ♪ ♪ Gotta blame it on the goose ♪ ♪ Gotta blame it on my juice, baby ♪ ♪ Ain’t my fault that I’m
out here making news ♪ ♪ I’m the pudding in the proof ♪ ♪ Gotta blame it on my juice ♪ – I have to give credit
to my creative director and the director, Quinn Wilson. And also Marco Monroe. We love Madonna in this family, and so they actually showed
me the clip for the reference and they were like, this is
kind of the attitude of it. And there was something about, like late night is so different now. Back then I just felt like
when an artist would come out, especially when artists
were a little bit more not in the spotlight, no
one knows their every move from social media and they
got to do ridiculous shit and then they would just
like come out of that haze of ridiculousness and be
on television, live TV. There was something
really honest about how not with the shits Madonna was. And I feel like we wanted to
bring that alive in Juice, like you can see the
dude, the late night host just being like, (growls)
“everyone make some noise,” I’m just like “Bitch you don’t even know, you don’t even fuckin’ know,” ya know. I think we don’t see that any more. Everyone comes on late
night and they’re like Oh my god yes yeah plug
plug plug their promo. I’m like man let’s do some,
let’s do a real bitch moment where she come out and
she prolly had a bad day. We started with a clip of Aretha Franklin, from The Blues Brothers. And she was in the
kitchen and they was like ♪ You better think (mumbles) do to me, ♪ ♪ you better think, think! ♪ You know that clip? So anyways, we were watchin’
that and it reminded Quinn of like, the old 70’s black sitcoms, and Good Times, and all of that and so, she inserted a scene from- she was like, “And then
we’ll do a scene from that, but she’s kinda flipping
through the channels.” So it started there and
I was like you know what, Quinn we don’t have to be married to that I kinda like this bigger idea of flipping through the
channels so kinda chase that. There’s such a nostalgia
with channel surfing that I has as a kid like
going through Nickelodeon and just being like what’s (mumbles), and then going to Cartoon Network and then like the Late Night. Like three AM where you
can’t sleep where it was like Mama’s House was playing or
Seinfeld, that type of shit. I feel like the video
really encompassed that, especially when I’m sitting next to that fine ass dude not paying attention to him, trying to find something on TV. This was was a none
Netflix and chill scenario, that we wanted to set up. This was like some real life 1999 shit, and we had so many different
channels that we wanted to do. I wanted to be Mrs. Rogers, from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. We was gonna do a Good Times scene, like we definitely were gonna go for it. We wanted to do a futuristic
aliens sci-fi show (laughs) but you know we didn’t have the ♪ budget, oooo! ♪ ♪ Or the time, Jesus. ♪ So we didn’t do all of
that but I’m so happy with how it turned out. We want to reference the
icons: Diana, Aretha, Madonna, Cher like that’s
where our bread and butter is when it comes to someone like me. I heard in the grapevine somebody was like we just don’t know what
a Lizzo song sounds like. ‘Cause she’s too good at too many things. And thank you and also
ouch you know what I mean, that was hard to take and
that was hard to hear. That being said I’m in every song I sing, so I believe in evolving as an artist. I had to refine my sound,
I had to find my voice and I think this is
definitely the most Lizzo-y voice I’ve ever found right now. This year is all about me
just dropping little songs. I’m gonna be like a
little song leprechaun. I’m just gonna be dropping little songs at the end of little
rainbows with a pot of gold for you to enjoy and you know, whatever’s at the end of that rainbow is what we’re going to find. But 2019 is going to be filled
with new music, to the brim. Stuffed, dripping with new music. Hot you know? Moist, with new music. (laughs) Juicy if you will. (tongue pop)
– [Interviewer] I will. (laughs) I like you, is this going to be in there? His voice going to be in there? (laughter)
[Interviewer] We’ll see – what we can do.
– [Lizzo] Damn!

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83 thoughts on “Lizzo on Her Iconic ‘Juice’ Video, Getting Stung By a Bee & Feeling Herself | MTV News

  1. Queen Lizzo keeping it real with not having time and budget for everything. The music video was so beautifully done and fun! I can't wait for her to release more music and perform juice everywhere cause everybody gotta see this queen slaying this bop 💜

  2. The track "Juice" has already smashed a hole into 2019………… it's amazing as the "sparkle" is there !!!!!!!!!!
    Yeh,,,,,,,, ignore any criticism and the track has dropped color into a very bland world indeed. THUMBS UP HERE,,,,,,,,,THANKS

  3. if you ever read this Lizzo,,,,,,,,,,, wow it's "TALLENT",,,,,, in the acting alone on the video,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it's all perfect !!!!!!!!
    And when you sang live ?????,,,,,,,,,, great as well !!!!!!!!!,,,,,,BRILLIANT

  4. I absolutely loved this music video and song "Juice". We need more music like this. I love this woman's voice and upbeat funk sound. I hope she does more of this. I just wish more people can know about it because there is no more MTV on tv anymore to showcase new videos like this to people. I know lots of people who don't like most modern music, and to find good music like this, one would have to look for it, and some people don't have time or the know how.
    So far there are 2 songs that I like from her: Juice and Boys.

  5. This will be one of those vids you rewind to in ten years when she takes over the world. Talking about not having the budget lol we'll see about that!!!

  6. I love you Lizzo. We hear you. We see you. And we damn well know what a Lizzo song is now. You're an icon. You're amazing! I'm going to your concert in SF & am so hyped! Thank you for blessing us with all these new songs in 2019!! Wishing you the best and continued success!! Go on sister! You a QUEEN 👑

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