Low to No Prep Bed Bug Treatment

hey this is how with 120 Pest out of
Atlanta Georgia. Now I want to talk to y’all about our no prep treatments. We do
offer heat and chemical based treatments for homes and rentals and hotels and
anywhere else bedbugs can get. People always call us after they’ve talked to
other people and people tell them you need to bag up everything you own, you
need to wash it, you need to dry it, but with our system you don’t have to go
through all of that. We do ask that you clean the house and that it’s clean when
we get there but we do go over the prep sheets with you. We don’t require you to
empty out your closets and empty out your drawers, wash everything you own ,drag all
your clothes down to the dry cleaners and have them do it over a two-week
period. We’ve learned how to do the treatments with little disruption to you.
Now the heat treatment obviously has a little bit more to it than a chemical
based treatment because we have to take into account things that are gonna get
harmed by the heat but we go over that step-by-step with you in your house with
the prep sheet. We answer all your questions. The prep sheet is pretty
thorough it covers just about anything that can be damaged by the heat. With the
chemical we still walk through it with you and we explain what you have to do
to get ready for us but a lot of it is just basic house cleaning. Our treatments
don’t require that you throw away furniture, mattresses, box springs, or
anything. We can usually save most of your furniture and belongings if you
call us before you throw it away. Obviously if you throw it away before
you call us we can’t do a lot about it. But once you’ve taken account the price
to start replacing a mattress, box spring, bed frames, you quickly will surpass the
cost of the heat treatment or even a chemical treatment.
So we give us a call we’re happy to come out and talk to you to give you a free
consultation about your bedbug issues and we look forward to speaking with you.

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