Make Your Vegetable Garden Immune to Aphids and White Flies with Insect Frass

This is John Kohler with,
I have another exciting episode for you today, and today we’re at the National Heirloom
Expo, as you can see the sign’s up there, September 11, 12 and 13th. And for those of
you guys and girls that haven’t made it out to the Expo, what we’re going to do
today is a vendor round-up. So I really like to go around to the vendor booths to find
out the latest stuff, latest happening in garden tools, and ways to build your soil,
heirloom and different edible plants, and there’s been a lot here. So in this video
we’re going to go around the Grace Pavilion and show you guys some of the best booths
at the National Heirloom Expo. We’re going to walk inside the Grace Pavilion,
and the Grace Pavilion is where the majority of the vendor booths are, there’s also a
few other areas including outside in another hall that has more vendors, but this is where
the bulk and the majority of them are. Let’s go inside and check out my favorite vendors
that can help you grow more food. One of the reasons why I like the Heirloom
Expo is that there’s all different kind of vendors selling seeds and also plants,
and here’s actually a really cool one. You never know what each nursery or each plant
seller’s going to sell and they’re always [inaudible] to have that one plant that you
want. And I found one of those today, I’m really excited. This is actually Carmen’s
nursery, they do ship plants and they’re at And what I found today
was the standard what I thought was Cuban oregano, and this is the one that I actually
showed you guys as Cuban oregano, they also have a variegated variety of this, but today
I learned that it’s not really Cuban oregano, it’s actually called the menthol plant.
So this is the fake Cuban oregano, so I’m corrected now that I’ve learned the truth,
and here’s the real Cuban oregano right here. This is the real Cuban oregano, you
can see the leaf shape is totally different, it’s in the same, they’re related plants,
but totally different and I haven’t yet tasted this guy yet, but what I’m going
to do is I’m going to buy this guy and bring it home, and I’m going to taste it and maybe
it will taste better than this guy. These guys are definitely frost-tender so they don’t
like freezes, they do good in South Florida, somewhere like Hawaii or if you live somewhere
else then you’ve definitely got to keep them warm.
So the next booth I like a lot is this booth right here, it’s actually called Larner’s
Seeds, they’re a local company that produces seeds to offer of native plants. And now while
a lot of these are not edible, there are a few edibles, and I always want to encourage
you guys to actually grow native plants to your area that are edible. And sometimes it
is hard to find seeds even though they’re out in nature, so it’s cool when a company
like this can collect all the natives and then offer them to you, especially when they’re
edible. So the two varieties that they have that I want and that I’ve been looking for
actually, this one right here, this is actually called the peppermint candy flower, and this
is a claytona siberica, and this is actually related to the miner’s lettuce that I grow
every winter, so this is a different variety, so a different [inaudible]. I want to encourage
you guys to grow a lot of different varieties. This has actually a candy flower, so they
look really cool, they don’t taste like candy and they don’t taste like peppermint,
but they look really cool and they’re quite edible. The other one I’m going to pick
up today right here is actually called Red Maids. And this is a ground-hugging annual
wildflower under one inch tall with intense magenta petals, likes full sun, edible leaves
and seeds, and also the flowers, so these are two edible plants that you can grow that
will self-seed on their own because they’re native to this area. So growing edibles that
are native to your area is very important to find a local seed company or wild harvest
some seeds so you can grow more native edibles that are going to work well in your area.
If you want to learn more about Larner’s Seeds, you can visit their website,
So now we’re outside, I’m going to show you guys one of my favorite booths outside
actually, it’s called Self-Watering Seed Pods, it’s actually orta. Now what does
Orta mean? Well Orta in Portuguese means kitchen garden, in English we have to say kitchen
garden but that’s the word. So I think everybody should definitely have a kitchen garden, and
this pod actually makes it really easy to do just that, especially if you’re in an
apartment, condo and don’t have enough space, this is a really cool invention. So check
this out right here, here’s a little sign and check it out, it says “Ignore your baby
plants and they’ll be okay.” And this design all stem from actually the gardener
that’s made this design up would lose her plants because she’d forget to water, she’s
so busy in her life and all kinds of stuff, so she basically researched self-watering
containers and figured out how to do it naturally out of ceramic, and she hand-makes each and
every one of these guys. So check it out, the coolest ones are like this guy the six
pack. So what this is, this is basically a ceramic, hand-crafted that basically has a
reservoir here you fill with water, and it’s glazed so the water doesn’t drip out the
outside, but it’s not glazed on the inside so the plants absorb the water through the
glaze. And the coolest thing is you could literally, this is a six pack right and these
are little tomatoes, you could pick these guys up and now they’re ready for transplanting.
Now these guys can get expensive if you’re trying to do this on a production scale, but
if you don’t have too much this is something that’s really reusable so you don’t have
to use the plastic stuff anymore, and this will literally last forever if you take care
of it, so I like it a lot. In addition besides the six packs which I think I like the most
they have a little three pack here for a small kitchen herb garden, or probably more functional
is actually this guy here, has a nice larger area, and once again, the self-watering chamber
so that you can just fill it up, and it could literally last a week or so without having
to fill the water and maybe every week just fill it up and your plant will continue to
grow. This is great to grow herbs in your window sill so that you could have fresh herbs,
especially through the winter, instead of having to buy them. To learn more and to purchase
this product you want to visit the website Orta Kitchen Garden, that’s O R T A
Another booth I like a lot here is actually the Yes on 37 Right to Know. And check it
out here, “Do You Eat Genetically Engineered Foods?” Many of you guys right now might
be eating genetically engineered food and not even know it if you’re buying things
that are processed foods from the supermarket, major crops like corn and soy and sugar beets
are being genetically modified and they’re processing these foods into other foods and
then they get into many processed and packaged foods that you would buy in the store, but
they’re not labeled so you don’t know. Luckily here in California they’re going
to have Prop 37, and I highly encourage everybody to vote “Yes” on 37 if you live in California,
so that at least GMOs will be labeled. This is not saying GMOs are good or bad, but it’s
giving people the choice to know if there’s GMO in there, and then the person could choose
if they want to consume that food or not. And I would highly encourage you guys not
to include GMOs in your diet, and that’s one of the reasons why I like to grow my own
heirloom foods myself so that I’m not eating GMO foods. So if you live in California vote
“yes,” if you have friends in California call them, let them know that they need to
vote “yes,” as well, and also visit the website to learn more and
hopefully maybe even get some ballot initiatives and get some laws passed in other states to
get GMOs labeled. So now we’re going to check another booth,
and this is actually the booth for Gardening by the Moon. So you know many people garden
by the sun, but you might also want to garden by the moon because that may be the reason
why you got brown thumbs, because there’s certain times you should plant and certain
times you shouldn’t plant, there is more moisture in the soil when the moon’s in
the right cycle, and this calendar here will basically share with you when exactly to plant
according to the moon. They have three different calendars, one’s for a long growing season,
one’s for a medium growing season, and one’s for a short growing season depending on where
you live and besides gardening by the moon, this is also a valuable calendar because they
basically have gardening activities by the months. So if you don’t know what you’re
supposed to be doing in the garden, this is a very easy way that’ll let you know what
you should be doing, like what seeds to plant, what vegetables and whatnot like that. Now
I don’t know if gardening by the moon helps, I can tell you what the astrological signs
and stuff, and me and dating I don’t know if that really works or not, but this is something
to try and I think it only could be beneficial, but the one thing I want to let you guys know
is that don’t stress out, like “Oh man I didn’t get my plants planted when the
calendar said,” don’t worry about it just plant it anyway, it’s far better to plant
it not on the right date and get something planted than not plant anything at all, because
I always what you guys to experiment and just see what works. I haven’t gardened by the
moon because I’m always busy and stuff, but optimally I would like to do that one
day. To learn more about the gardening by the moon calendar you want to visit the website And the final word that I like to say is that I have a friend
that says he doesn’t garden by the moon, he gardens by the weekend.
Now I have another booth to share with you guys, and this one’s really valuable especially
if you guys are watching me online which I know you guys are, because everybody has a
computer that’s Internet connected, and this is one of the best online aps that’s
free for gardeners and check it out it’s right here, it’s called
Really simple, and what this allows you to do, it allows you to basically
make gardening easy for the newcomer. So if you don’t have a plan, you don’t know
what the heck you’re doing, go to this website it takes you step by step and I could flip
through some of the screens here, it takes you from setting up what you could grow, it
finds out your location and it knows your planting dates, it knows your frost dates
it knows your growing season how long it is. Then you’re going to do the layout. So now
you’re going to design your raised beds, how you want it laid out in a little grid
thing, you could make it any way you want, then you’re going to basically go in and
select the plants you want to grow. Maybe you want to grow some beefsteak tomatoes or
some broccoli, it’s all in here people! And then you could actually even buy the seeds
from the website, they’ll send them to you, or you could buy your own seeds at Walmart
or [inaudible] or wherever, and then the next step is, you’re going to go ahead and plant
out, and it’s going to tell you exactly when to plant them out, what month, it’s
going to send you an email to remind you to plant them so that you don’t forget, and
that you do these on the proper date so you’re going to get the best results so that you
can start easily growing some food at home. Finally you’re going to go through and can
see here’s a layout we’re going to grow melons in these raised beds, we’re going
to grow the squashes and some sunflowers here, makes it nice and pretty, you could even print
this out and then you could just build and fill your raised beds and just get it done.
You know this will take all the guesswork out if you’re timid and shy about gardening,
you don’t want to just jump in like I always encourage you guys to do, this will make it
okay and get you approval, and a plan to do it so you’ll have the highest level of success.
Finally you’re never going to forget what to do because it has a to-do list. And this
will email you and it will have your email address to remind you what to do. Once you
plant it you check it off that it’s been planted, then it’s going to tell you when
it’s right to harvest and that kind of stuff as well. So this is one complete system all
free, they do have additional add-ons if you want to do extra features and whatnot, but
the base system’s all free, highly encourage you guys especially if you haven’t gardened
yet, log on so you can start gardening today. The final thing that’s really important
and valuable about this system is that people in your area or similar zip codes you can
find out what they’re growing and how they’re doing it and how their garden is so that you
can get ideas on how you might want to grow as well. So once again the website is,
to simply grow great food. So you guys saw a lot of cool booths here
at the Heirloom Expo, people are packing up and going home, but before everybody goes
home I want to share with you guys this one last booth I like a lot, it’s actually the
insect frass booth, and if you guys saw my other video a couple of shows ago, I had another
video on this and I wanted to show you guys this again, because they have some new products
that are really valuable, and you guys should just know about this product and you should
all be using this, especially if you have some white fly and aphid issues like that,
this will totally knock it out. So the first thing they have that’s new here is called
the Phytol, and the Phytol is a fungicide, mildicide[?] and insecticide. The thing about
this is that this is an organic food grade oil with botanicals, so it’s really effective,
works really well, and it’s organic certified. You could spray this stuff on your plants
and eat the stuff afterwards, and you know it’s not going to taste like fish or anything.
And it smells good too, some of these things like this they smell nasty. But check out
what it works on, right here it works on the two spot mites, spider mites, red citrus mites,
thrips, fungus gnats, aphids, mealy bugs, white flies, leaf rollers, leaf miner fly,
armored scale, actually that’s an issue I’m having right now in my garden, soft
scale – those are those white little things on your leaves, and it also works on things
like powdery mildew to knock it out, downy mildew, [inaudible] and black spot. You’re
only going to use this if you have an existing condition, if you’ve got white flies or
aphids on all your plants right now, use this to knock them out. And the thing I like about
this is this will also take out the eggs, a lot of products won’t take out the eggs,
so you could spray today with your other products, and then you’re killing the adults but the
eggs will hatch, and then you’re going to have another problem in just a couple of days
because they have a pretty quick turn for the insect. So this one wipes out everything.
Once you’ve got your plants clean, then you want to go to stage 2. Stage 2 is right
here, this is the insect frass. This is the stuff I like a lot, and simply frass means
poop. And this is basically poop from insects right here, this stuff’s organic, check
it out. And besides being a 2-2-2 fertilizer, the main benefit of this besides having the
beneficial microbes in here as well, the main reason why I like this stuff is because basically
it builds the immune system of your plants and makes them literally insect resistant.
This has the chitin in it which your plant will produce the chitinase and the insects
won’t want to eat your plants, they’ll go to your neighbors that didn’t use the
frass, so you want to get on frass. I recently started using the frass on one of my plants
and I’m noticing some results, and they’re being more immune to the white flies and the
aphids that I’m having in my garden right now. The final product which is a new product
they don’t even got the labeling for, once again it’s another organic product and I
like this company because they get the best of the best stuff right here. This is ocean-grown
100% soluble fish hydrolysate. So what does that mean? What’s fish hydrolysate? Well
basically they take—you guys may know about fish emulsion, where they take fish, they
heat up all the stuff and then they basically get an extraction out of the emulsion. But
when they do that they’re using heat, and when you extract things with heat your lose
nutrition, it’s like microwaving your food versus eating raw food. And this right here,
they use enzymes to break down the fish to make it absorbable for your plants, and this
is water-soluble, so you could put this in your hydro systems, in your aquaponic systems,
or even feed it through your drip lines, this is going to get right in there and it’s
an amino acid so it’s really going to feed your plants what it needs to really supercharge
their growth. So I like this stuff a lot, and be forewarned, this stuff does smell like
fish. So to learn more about the products that I
just showed you here, you want to visit the website I think pretty much everybody’s
packing up, this is the end of the show, I’m glad I got to show this to you guys before
they go. These are very important products, especially the frass. If you don’t get any
of these products, you want to definitely get the frass, this is like the cutting edge
on building your plants’ immune systems to make them immune to the bugs instead of
spraying all those nasty chemicals that many of you guys may have to resort to, so grow
healthy plants, build your soil, so you don’t have to use all those toxic chemical sprays.
Hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode at the Second Annual Heirloom Expo, everybody’s
packing up, I’ve got to get my booth packed up and I’ve got to run. But once again my
name is John Kohler with, we’ll see you next time and remember keep
on growing.

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