Max & Ruby: Max’s Valentine / Ruby Flies a Kite / Super Max – Ep.13

♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby! ♪ ♪ Ruby and her little brother, Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby! ♪ (Ruby singing) ♪ Valentine, Valentine, won’t you be my Valentine? ♪>>Ah. There. Perfect.>>(Gasping) Fab, fab, fabulous.>>Thanks, Louise. It’s great to have so many friends. We get to make each of them a Valentine.>>Valentine!>>No Max. You’re too little to use scissors. Look! Your fire truck has an emergency. Go catch it. (Fire truck siren)>>Who’s that Valentine for, Ruby?>>This one’s for Bunny Scout Valerie. I’m going to stick a gold badge on it. See?>>Oh! I’m making Bunny Scout Valerie a candy Valentine.>>Delicious. (Truck siren going off)>>Valentine!>>Okay, Max. You can make a Valentine, too. But no scissors, and you have to sit here. Here’s a piece of paper and some sticky tape. You can make a Valentine for Grandma. ♪>>Max? This glue is too messy for you. But there is one very important thing you can do. We need someone to take the Valentines we’ve made to the mailbox. (Licking) Can you do that? ♪>>Whose Valentine are you making next?>>I’m making Bunny Scout Martha a candy Valentine, with three kinds of candy on it. Red hot zingers, sweet strawberry clusters, and peppermint hearts. Peppermint’s my favourite.>>And who are these for?>>You’ll just have to wait and see. (Giggling)>>Valentine!>>Wait! Max, here are some more Valentines for you to put in the mail box. (Wind blowing)>>Bunny Scout Martha is going to love her candy Valentine, Ruby.>>Thanks. I’m going to put some gold ribbon on it, too. Gold ribbon is my favourite.>>May I have some for my Valentine, too?>>Okay.>>Valentine!>>Hold on, Max. You have to mail this, first. ♪ I can’t wait to give Grandma her Valentine. I’m going to glue this here, then put seashells all around the outside. Grandma and I love seashells. They’re our favourite.>>May I have a seashell for my Valentine, please?>>Okay. Oh, Max. Look what I found! ♪ A cherry flavoured slime dribbler ♪ You can eat it while you wait for us to finish our Valentines. That’s not how you make a Valentine, Max.>>Valentine.>>Hello, Max. You’re just in time. Let me have your mail. Ooh, dear. This letter is leaking slime dribbler. I bet this is a Valentine for grandma. Let’s deliver it in person. Grandma’s right on my mail route. (Knocking) Special delivery.>>Max, this is a surprise. I was just coming over to your house with this cake I made.>>Valentine.>>For me? Cherry slime dribbler! My favourite. Let’s squeeze that delicious slime dribbler all over the top of my cake. Now we can say we made it together.>>Your grandma is going to love her homemade Valentine, Ruby.>>Thank you, Louise.>>Happy Valentine’s day, Ruby. (Ruby gasping) I made it with all your favourite things.>>I love it! Happy Valentine’s day, Louise. I made it before you came over to surprise you.>>Thanks, Ruby. Don’t you just love surprises?>>Grandma! Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandma.>>Thank you, Ruby. Seashells are my favourite.>>I know.>>What’s this?>>Max is too little to use scissors and glue, so he couldn’t make a Valentine’s Day surprise.>>Really?>>Valentine.>>LOUISE AND RUBY: Ooh. ♪>>Good. There’s only one thing missing. (Toy quacking)>>Hi, Max. I’m just putting the tail on my kite, and then it’ll be ready to fly.>>Fly.>>That’s right. The kite won’t fly if it doesn’t have a tail. We learned that in school.>>Fly.>>Oh, no, Max. You have to be a lot older before you can fly a kite.>>Fly! (Jug clinking) (Ruby sighing)>>Come on, Max. Look, Max. Here’s your barnstormer stunt plane. You love the way it flies loop-de-loops. You play with that while I try to get my kite to fly. (Stunt plane whirring) (Clinking) (Parts springing out)>>RUBY: All right. All the corners are secured to the frame. The tail is fastened on at the bottom. And the string is untangled. We’re ready to–>>Fly!>>No, Max. I want to fly the kite by myself. I thought you were playing with your barnstormer stunt plane. Oh. Well, you have lots of other flying toys. Right, Max? What about this, your inter-planetary rover blimp? You play with that, and I’ll fly my kite. (Air pumping) (Air pumping) (Blimp straining) (Popping) (Whizzing)>>All right. All I have to do is start running and hope that the kite will catch the wind. I don’t think this is going to fly with this hole in it. Hmm. How about this, Max? It’s your galactic space invader rocket. Here. You make this fly, and I’ll make my kite fly. I’m going to take it out to the playground, where I have got lots of room to run. (Whirring)>>ROCKET: (Robot voice)Galactic Space Invader rocketready for takeoff.Five, four..Three, two…One.Blast off.(Whirring) (Stutters and stops)Houston, we have a problem.(Voice distorting, stops)>>Yes! It’s catching the wind.>>Fly!>>Max, not now. I finally got my kite up in the air.>>Fly.>>All right, Max. Let’s go see what happened this time. You’re having worse luck flying today than I am. Here’s your search and rescue emergency helicopter. It’s your favourite. I have to get back to my kite before the wind dies down. (Helicopter whirring)>>All right. This time, I’m going to get this kite flying, no matter what. Come on. Come on. You can do it! Fly, little kite, fly. It’s flying! I did it! It’s so beautiful. (Helicopter whirring)>>Look at it fly. Oh, no. Not in the tree. No! (Grunting) (Sighing) (Helicopter whirring) Oh, don’t let your search and rescue emergency helicopter get close to my kite. It’s caught in the tree. (Max clicking buttons) I can’t look. (Kite pulling at rope) (Gasping) Max! What did your helicopter do?>>Fly.>>Thanks, Max. (Radio playing)>>RADIO ANNOUNCER:In a raceagainst time, Super Bunnyhopped into action.Off to the rescue!>>Zoom!>>Careful, Max. I almost spilled. I packed a nice lunch for our picnic with Louise. Sally Swims-a-Lot helped. You like picnics almost as much as you like swimming. Don’t you, Sally? ♪>>We’ll need a nice, big tablecloth to spread out. This will be perfect for our picnic, don’t you think, Sally?>>Zoom!>>(Sighing) Max, slow down. (Buzzing and clicking)>>And so once again, SuperBunny saves the day.(Women singing on radio) ♪ Start your day in a healthy way… ♪>>We can read a book at our picnic. ♪ Start your day in a healthy way… ♪>>All right. Your show is over, Max. Now it’s time to go back to being a regular bunny. (Radio and fan are switched off) You need to get changed for our picnic with Louise. I just have to pack a few more things in our basket. It’s very sunny, so we’ll need lots of sunscreen.>>Zoom!>>Max! We’ll need these binoculars in case we spot any Ruby-throated warblers. (Sighing)>>ELECTRONIC VOICE:Emergency.Emergency.Emergency…>>Super Bunny!>>It’s time to stop playing Super Bunny, Max. Come on. We have to meet Louise at the park soon. Sally and I made some delicious lettuce and jam sandwiches. Wait a second. Where is Sally Swims-a-Lot? Hmm. That’s funny. She was here a minute ago. Max, have you seen Sally Swims-a-Lot? Let me see. Hmm. I picked up a book from the bookshelf.>>Super Bunny!>>Whoa. Max, I need your help. Sally Swims-a-Lot is missing. We’ve got to find her.>>Super Bunny.>>Good thinking, Max. I must have left her upstairs. You check your room, and I’ll check mine. Where could you have gone, Sally? Aha! There you are. Oh, hello, Tooth Fairy. Have you seen Sally Swims-a-Lot? (Sighing) Thanks anyway.>>Zoom!>>Max?>>ELECTRONIC VOICE:Emergency.(Helicopter whirring)>>Max? Where did he– Ah! (Siren wailing)>>Emergency, emergency…Emergency.(Quacking)>>I thought you were gonna help me, Max. Sally Swims-a-Lot has never been missing this long. I’m getting worried. Sally? Is that you under there? Here’s Mr. and Mrs. Quack. Hello, Walkie-Talkie Bear. Don’t bother getting up, Can’t-Sit-Up Slug. Wait. Oh, hello, Rapunzel. I don’t suppose you’ve seen Sally Swims-a-Lot, have you? Max, have you had any luck finding– What is it, Max? (Buzzing and clicking)>>Super Bunny!>>You know, Max? I think a real superhero would help a poor little lost doll. Don’t you? Sally Swims-a-Lot needs our help. I’m not giving up until I find her. I remember she was in here, but she’s not now.>>Super Bunny.>>Of course. Sally and I were in the kitchen making sandwiches. Sally, I’m so glad I… Hmm. Maybe outside. (Gasping) Max? Watch out for the– No! ♪>>Sally Swims-a-Lot! I’m so sorry, Sally. You saved her, Max. Or should I say…>>Super Bunny.>>And once again, Super Bunnysaves the day.Tune in next time for anotherthrilling adventure of…Super Bunny.

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99 thoughts on “Max & Ruby: Max’s Valentine / Ruby Flies a Kite / Super Max – Ep.13

  1. Hjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjrctygyftgyggshsbdgxdhdhdhdhdmjcnnjcnicicjcicicicjcicjkc….

  2. Ruby and Louise make a Valentine card for Grandma. Max wants to make a Valentine's card with scissors and glue but Max is too little to use scissors and glue. Remember the time Ruby was feeling upset because she was too little? And Max wants to be big like Ruby and Louise are.

  3. I might be 10 years old but I love max and ruby ❤️❤️💛💛💚💙💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜💓💗💖💖💝

  4. If u guys noticed on 21:05 when u pause the video u will see max is doing a handstand. Anyways me and my little bro still like Max and Ruby. This show is ligit. I was watching this since I was like 4 or 5. I llllllllooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee this show. Especially the episode "Goodnight Max". But in the one when he was being chased by the lobster was pretty sad. I mean… ill be that same way with my new wind-up toy. But if it messed my cake up….I will break it so fast. I will be like " i'm sorry but that toy…broke my cake". Btw love your videos. This Youtuber deserves 99.99 subscribers guys. Go subscribe to this awesome person. 😀

  5. First Ruby made a card for loiese and Ruby also made a card for her grandma but Ruby didn't made a card for Max. wow Ruby max is your brother abd you didn't made a card for him.

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