Mayor David Dunphy talking pesticide ban

Mayor David Dunphy Talking Pesticide Ban (Transcription) “My name is Bob Jensen and I have a quick
comment and a quick question for Mayor Dunphy. The issue that we’re talking about here is
one that affects lives. People get cancer, people can die over this issue. I would like
to ask you Mayor Dunphy tonight, would you commit to bringing forth some legislation
for a ban and to at least trying to bring it forward and to see if you can make it fly?
Would you give us that commitment tonight?” “As far as giving a commitment to the town,
here’s something I can tell you. I personally support bringing forth some kind of ban. What
we will do here tonight, we have the council that supports that as well so I’m not sure
if we will go down that road where we have to go through legal confrontations even if
we have the power to do it but I certainly support a cosmetic pesticide ban which – ““Will you at least get the wheel in motion
– ” “If you’re asking me if I will enact a bylaw
before we have..we have – ” “No, no, I’m asking you will you get the legal
opinion you need..” “Yeah” “..will you initiate the procedures” “Of course.” “..that will hopefully bring this to the point
to make changes, where you can bring in the legislation?” “So just to remind you again sir, that the
background behind the discussions we’ve had and and I didn’t hear about it at all when
I started but as far as I know, as far as I’m aware, and we get different things here
tonight but as far as I’m aware..the province has jurisdiction over pesticides in Prince
Edward Island. We have had discussions in the past and I can’t go back seven, six years,
seven years, I’m not sure if {Paul} was here by then but in the past the Federation of
Municipalities asked for municipalities to have jurisdiction over cosmetic pesticides.
We were denied. I can’t give you the details. Of course, you have to have it here tonight
but we’ve had discussions with the Minister of Finances and Municipal Affairs Hon. Sheridan,
on changes to the municipalities act which is what we’re going through right now and
part of that act, we can go after the pesticide user what jurisdictions we have. So we’ve
had these discussions and it’s my hope that the next new municipalities act which is being
drawn up, which will be lobbed this fall or next spring will have something that will
give the municipalities jurisdiction over cosmetic pesticides. So that’s my hope. If
that happens, of course, it’s not what assurance you’re advocating here tonight in terms of
the problems that you told to me but if they give me the power through the new municipalities
act, that’s likely what’s going to happen. Then the town, I’m pretty sure, would look
into passing a bylaw on cosmetic pesticides. That’s really where I stand. Of course it
has to go through council, that has to go through process to proclaim but I think there’s
a lot of support around council and there’s certainly a lot of support and I’ve heard
throughout my two and a half years as mayor and..of course from yourself and others. So
if people have made it personal and I’ve had issues with pesticides in my past back in
the 90s so I feel very strongly on the issue and the health impact. The safety and health
of our residents, I feel very strongly about it. So to answer your question, yes, I would
personally advocate for a total ban on cosmetic pesticides in Stratford.”End

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