Edited at For many years,
they called me the Armenian, without knowing where
I found that land about which, before 2000 years, my ancestors descended
to the land of Urartu; clinging to his
cultural heritage, despite the
persecutions and killings, hoping that every time … out that the last time. We were the first town
Christian of the world, the invaders, who in their ambition
they drew the borders at will, they put my country under
the Turkish occupation. Behind the apparent
calm of the minarets, who invite prayer, Armenian life was marked for these decapitated pyramids. In the fiery sands
from the desert Deir-ez-Zor, who saw the agonies of a town, hordes of fanatics
they destroyed their bodies, leaving the souls … leaving the memory … only one poet of the knee remains … who listens to the wind. This wind of Deir-er-Zor,
that blows the bones of a child, that they have become flute, and in the peace of the aurora, he is whistling his immortal song. This June 2, 1921, I declare the session open
of the criminal court of Berlin. I allow myself to remind the
experts and witnesses of this process, the importance of the character
sacred of the oath. I remember you too … that the law provided for very
severe for all false testimony. Attention, now the scribe … proceed and read the act of accusation. The student in mechanics
Soghomon Tehlivian, born on April 2
of 1897 in Bagaridj, with address in Charlottenburg
Altenbergstrasse 17 He is accused of killing,
on March 15, 1921, to the ex-prime minister
of the interior Talaat Pacha. Defined as premeditated, one hundred percent corresponding
with article 211, of the German criminal code. Accused ?puménase de pi?! Soghomon Tehlirian:answer yes or
not to the question of having acted in this crime with premeditation. No, I’m not guilty. I have a clear conscience. I killed a man … but I’m not a murderer. Well, sit down. At the hearing of
witnesses and tests, Mme. Elizabeth Dietmann,
Altenergstrasse. Swear before God Almighty
and your conscience say all the truth? I swear. Say what you know to the jury. I was the landlady
of this young man at the moment … in short, at the moment
of the facts. He is a nice young man, very correct, quiet and clean. He does his chores himself. The morning of the aces … I mean the morning
from March 15, they warned me that the young man
she cried in her room, and that he was drinking coac. I thought he had
lost someone Nicolap Essen, merchant
in Charlottenburg. We listen to you When I approached
accused to stop him, I asked him
what had killed him, he replied: I, an Armenian, he Turkish,
that does not concern Germany. Lola Bellenson, governess. I give M. Tehlirian
some kind of german. This young man suffers morally. He always has a terrible
sadness on his face. Mme. Bellenson, You have expressed the
reasons for this sadness? Just one time. He told me he has no home, and that his people had
been killed. Did he tell you about Talaat Pacha? Never. I thank you, sir. Mr. President is
interesting to specify the jury, that the Turkish Minister Talaat Pacha, he has been sentenced to death
by the court martial of his country, on July 5, 1919, for crimes against humanity. Huyu with 10,000 pounds
of the public treasury. He took refuge in Berlin under
the false name of Sali Bey. I must point to the honorable
defender who is wrong about the process, it is not M. Pacha who
we are judged today, if not his killer Soghomon Tehlirian. Mr. lawyer, I do not know
I have wrong process, But I will show in this court that
You are the wrong murderer. Mr. President, for a better understanding
let me situate the facts. Senators of the jury:
in that month of June of 1915, He was only 6 years old, This man who
they are going to judge today, saw the skull of his brother
greater, divided by an ax. To his mother … his face
exploded by a bullet, collapsing at his side. Soghomon Tehlirian is
paralyzed before horrible vision … hey then, the horrible cry of her two sisters of 14 and 16
years when they were raped by Turkish soldiers, Behind the trees. Before abandoning
to his own luck, sees his young brother murdered,
totally bloodied, failing before him. There are hundreds of stained bodies … Mutilated … women,
children … and elders. Sisters of the jury … the coincidence of life … a survivor
of the killing where, the monstrosity surpasses the imagination, the testimonies … Esc?chenla well. My name is Christine Terzibachian. I was born in Erzeroum. Our deportation
It started in July 1915. In four caravans. How many people made up
your caravan? 500 families, that is
from 7 to 8 thousand people. We were 21 people
in my family. I witnessed death
of all the others, except three, who escaped the massacre. How came these massacres
What did your relatives suffer? When we arrived in Malatia, they took us
a mountain, they separated us between
men and women. But each group could
see what happened to the other. All the men were
killed by ax blows, and thrown into the river. Say everything you were done
to the rest of the women. When the night came, the soldiers shared
to the most beautiful, the youngest Those that resisted, and they refused to give in, they were traversed
with bayonets, and quartered. Not pregnant women … they could save themselves The Turks opened them
their bellies, tearing off their children. Madam … ?Ud. keep having
been an eyewitness to this … of this incredible
and horrifying scene? I swear, Mr. President … one of my sisters… she was one of the women
pregnant. The court thanks you, sir. Dr. Johannes Leptus, You are the author of an exhaustive work, about the massacres
from Armenia, of secret reports
in times of war, because of the
German-Turkish alliance. We ask that you limit
your testimony to the question. The horrors that have been
described in “Les massacres de 1915”, Were they usually like that? And the difficulties experienced
by the defendant … Are they believable? Mr. President, what is reported here, are details real and veridical … they have certainly happened, They have been published in
English and American magazines. And they are indisputable facts. Only the brutal methods, that seem incredible
in the 20th century, has allowed the Turks to exterminate more
of 1 million human beings in such a short time. The deportation of
Armenians has been decided by the Turkish authorities. And executed in April 1915. Under the direction of Talaat
Pacha minister of the interior, and of Enver Pacha
Minister of War Mr. Presidents, I ask the witness
If the reasons for these massacres, Are they from some other source? It’s a religious traffic. Since the main ones
responsible, Talaat, Enver, Djemal and Nazim
They are totally atheists. His chimerical ideas
they reduce exclusively, to expand the empire
Islamic Turk. Destroying and killing
who was not Turkish. That is accurate. The keyword seems to be a proclama launched by Talaat Pacha: “the sense of deportation … … it’s nothing. ” That is:A destination where
nothing is resolved. Sirs of the jury, 1.5 million dead,
who sleep in their graves, on the roads of Zeitoun,
Tr?bizonde or Deir-es-Zor, otherwise, today you should answer
to their souls and consciences … to this one question: ?Soghomon Tehlirian is the guilty
of having killed Tallat Pacha? At this moment, the survivors of
a people killed, by chance scattered by the
four points of the world, they have their eyes
placed in you. And in a thousand years …
Senores of the jury, it will still be spoken
of your sentence. Is my mom sick? No, it’s not sick Azad, that is called the disease of the sea, that happens when you
reaches the mainland. Then ?Tehlirian to
been convicted or acquitted? I expected you to say it, Mr. Zakarian. It’s a German newspaper, I do not understand it. Not even for the title? Nein, that means no, but not to what, that I do not know. Does anyone speak German here? Hagop! ?Zaben! Were you in the same boat? Yes, but continuous. Have you definitely chosen France? Yes, definitely, ?Y t?? I’m going to Venezuela. But you have relatives,
friends there? No, I do not know anyone … but It’s a nice name for
a country and a bachelor. It looks like the name of a woman … ?Hagop? It seems that a man wants to see you. It is behind the
port doors. Okay, I’m going. Good trip! ?Apkar! I wrote to your Azad, who believed that you never
You would receive my letter. After a week
I expected the ship every morning. Each time they told me:
it happens in 1 and 2 days more. And last night I had
a feeling, I did not know why I was presenting
It would be one of these mornings. Tell me Apkar … Tehlirian has been acquitted? Nobody speaks German here. ?Smoked unanimously! ??Esc?chenme all! Tehlirian has been acquitted !! I am so happy
that you are here, Apkar! You have not changed, you know. It’s true Mr. Hagop, especially when not
I am in movement. Come on, I’ll wait for you at the exit. Zakarian Hagop,
Yes, sir. Zakarian Araxi, Born Bouloudian. Zakarian Azad, son of Hagop and Araxi Zakarian. Anna and Gayane Bouloudian. They are my two sisters, sir. My first memory
of childhood. It goes back to that tampon
suspended in the air. The faces of my mother, my
father and of my two aunts, stressed by this object, stressed the importance
of his fall on the papers. “STATELESS” In front of a counter, my father had changed
that beautiful piece of gold, for a pile of papers
dirty, a cone and some pieces of coins. Your first purchase by me: an ice cream cone that does not
It was completely announced. We are in France, it is not convenient that
Eat the ice cream with your tongue. Come, come! Ac, you see, they’ll have a
I remember for later. Without anyone noticing … go look at the showcase. Tell me what I saw wrong. It is not incredible! Have I seen well?
Yes Everything there is more … in short, you’ve seen. Come on, they’ve leased it to us. Tell me, this is not a barracks. How many people are in your family? My husband, my son
and my two sisters, seora. The Lord did not speak to me
of the sisters, Is not it true, sir? I did not know they would travel. Disc?lpeme. I do not mind apologizing
to everyone, and what I do … What do I do with
5 tenants instead of 3! Take, as a way
to compensate, please sir. I just wanted to notice I want to be aware
of what happens in this house, if there are five, there are not three, Now that I know, there is no problem. It will be seen at the end of the month. Yes, sure. Come on, it’s the fourth floor. This is, ladies and gentlemen. For the kitchen, come see. The kitchen should share it
with the neighbor in front. But only for
cook your dishes, nothing more. And there’s the bathroom floor. ?To the snails with garlic! There are large and pitchouns. ? Felicienne! ?yo low! She is the seller of snails. How awful. I assure you they are very good. Tell me Apkar. ?He is hiring
in your job? Well of course. Work in the refinery
of sugar from San Luis. Why do you ask? For me. It is not a place for you Mr. Hagop, Especially in the section where they contract. “Zakarian and children”, the largest
Shipowners in the Sea of ??Marmara. It is not a place for you Where is a place for me? Escchachame Apkar. The pain of exile is … the nostalgia for the lost. Start with words
that make us cry, that corrodes our hearts What they bring back to
remind you of what has been lost. It’s a luxury of nostalgic artist, chained to those
words that give us life. So tomorrow when you go
I’m with you at the factory. Come back to the table now. Tell me who is an Armenian? I already told you to go back to the house. You’ll see, not everyone is like that. Then Apkar …
How is Marseille? Marseille is a great city, It’s like where we came from. There is everything, the good and not so good. ?breme Apkar. The neighbors of the front have dinner
in front of the oven. I did not dare bother them. But did they see the source? I do not know He must have seen me,
I stayed at the door for a while. They seemed to do nothing. The landlady told us very well
that we should take turns cooking. and that we should have dinner
in our rooms. I do not get it. Disclipe me sir, please … Do not move and stay
Sit !!, do you understand? That there is no law here
oblige, we are still in France !! Do not put yourself in that state,
and all for that device, scold yourself! If I want to calm down, and those who do not like it
we are in our house, where do they go from where
Come, it’s clear! It all comes down to begging
for not having a dish to eat, It must be terrible. A simple dish
because of the kitchen. I had never seen
something more stupid. Fire beggars, for your good hearts seores, You will not have a bit
of oven and some fire, please? A piece of oven. That was what caused
the bakery idea. Sorry, sir, please. You could accept this source
in a corner of your fire? We do not have where to cook. The first to the right,
We are at the end of the corridor. I’m going to open them. A few floors
of a hostile France, we were discovering
a more friendly France, and a little gesture of friendship,
in a baker’s oven. Azad, another bit.
No, thanks Anna. Just this so you can see how it
Melt in your mouth like butter. I’m not hungry, Anna. I see. Nobody is hungry. They do not want to touch the leg. Was not it good? It was Super Miss Anna, at the time when
I saw the leg come out of the fire, with that brown crust,
with its pink flesh, and all the crispy potatoes, tomatoes and peppers
golden with butter, I thought I would eat it all alone. Then I came back to reality. Let’s go take fresh air. Tell me Apkar. Were you with my brothers in deportation? Yes, Mr. Hagop. I was with them. It was you who was right. That Sunday at
exit from the church, when all men
Armenians were called, to the gendarmerie to
the next morning. You said:”We must
flee immediately ” “without crying because of what
we left behind. ” His brothers:Aram, Niran and Olnik, they were stopped to know
of the assets of Zakarian and Sons. Goods have been lost … and life. Fortunately, you
A piece of family has been left. The coffee is ready! Come on, I’ll take you to bed. It feels good to rediscover yourself. We went every day
to work where the Zakarian, They never made us feel like other patrons. Do not say silly. Tell us Apkar, Did you know Mr. Papazian’s children? The Dc. Vasken Papazian, from Paris. How not, if I knew him! It was formidable. He was with us … in the announcement
from Monday morning. We were 4 and 5 thousand ante
the gendarmerie. Our old bishop
S?gop? to the head. When it was said that it was a
small popular movement, Because of
military security. We were promised when leaving the city
take us for 200 liras per head. There were those who had
paid and those that do not. After a few hours when
we ask for the carts, the gendarmes went to bed. For days and days, we had to walk under a burning sun,
with the powder, without eating or drinking. We meet in rows
coming from Hjarbut, Bursah, Izmit, Hadabazh and Trebizonde. Thousands bequeathed from everywhere. In Yerevan, we were paraded
ahead of hundreds, and hundreds of corpses without heads. The commander of the Turkish troops, had set at 600 liras, every head of an Armenian. And the most unbearable, It was the terrible scream
of the children, when the soldiers
the Turks tied them by two, when throwing them into the water
and rocks of the Euphrates. And the cries of their mothers,
that lost the sense. There was one, how crazy of
pain, he started dancing … Dance… Father S?gop?, what happened? To ridicule it … the Turkish soldiers undressed him. Beautiful, the old man, with his
big white beard, walking all naked. At first… we think that the higher authorities
They did not know what their subordinates were doing. And that all the misfortunes, they came from the soldiers
that imprisoned us. Then when the governor
Djevdet Bey passed in front of us, I started screaming: ???Djevdet !!! Leave it! Who are you, what do you want? My name is Apkar, Your Excellency, And in regards to me, Excellency, I want to let you know
who are killing us, we are thousands and thousands, now we are only hundreds exhausted, And bloody feet! Give him shoes, Apka! Shoes that last. And for the others, Excellency? Show yours, if they like them, they
They will have the same. Thanks, Excellency ??? Stop, stop! Wound like an animal, the soldiers returned me to the caravan. On every step… it was as if 100 thousand needles, they pierced my heart. That same afternoon, that made me stronger,
he urged me to stay alive, to tell you there was
seen hell. From a caravan of
thousands of deportees, We were hundreds who
we stayed alive. To show that it was a
strange advice to annihilate a people. The last city we passed was Alep. After Alep, there was the desert … death by thirst I see a huge stain of water. You believe that because of your imagination. That is called mirage. From so much soaking with water, we ended up seeing her that’s it; but it is only an appearance. I’m as hungry as thirsty, and that’s not why I see
a roast lamb, I tell you that that appearance is water. Esc?chenme well all, this water is from the Kurds, those who want to
I can give you a little, those who want are
100 liras per head. You know very well
that we have nothing They have taken everything from us. But the water is there, they are not Kurds, nor are they Turkish. This water is from all over the world. Because it is water from heaven. Now esc?cheme … official sir. My name is Vasken Papazian. I’m a doctor of medicine
of the faculty of Paris. And as a doctor, I say … who should help and assist
to every person in danger, I order these men … ?beber
this water from heaven! I also had a thirst
that burned my body A thirst that could swallow me
the sea and its fish. To confuse death, I played dead. I should not have the appearance of a
cadaver, which was worth recording. For a long time I was immobile,
facing the unbearable. The eyes of his brother Aram. Those eyes that had
seen often, Those eyes that I knew told me:
Why do I die? How long I was
in that pit? A caravan that passed
there he picked me up. They were Turks. Or Kurds. Is the same. Of all those people … I’m the only one who came back. Who does not serve at all. With this rickety body … Only time gives and takes it away. My idea was to return from death, to tell what a man
It can do to another man. That night … Apkar with his requiem face, brutally pulled me from
my world of fairies and elves. Then I understood,
that ghost ship, that would lead us to amnesia
to my great parents and sisters, it was just a lie of love,
to delay my grief. Because of death,
my family had been divided. We were alive by chance, the others had fallen for
burning sands of the desert. It was like that, on that evening … … I lost my innocence as a child. I’ll see you See you later. There are many … there …
?s?! Ah, van! What happens? We did not want to wake you up, do not worry, nothing happens. What are these dad? They are bed bugs, they should not be crushed. Well, they leave a red spot and
a nauseating smell. Are they dangerous? Not at all, but
They are very annoying. Because when night falls,
They look only for human skin. During the day they hide
in the fissures of the walls. ?Alln dad, look! If they are millions … When everyone dies, will it be all? They are not millions. But they lay eggs and
They multiply. When you think it’s the end,
There they are again. ?We should not make a
complaint to the landlady? Not at all, she will say they are
Armenian chiggers, who came with us ??Vidrieeeeero !! Go ahead my beautiful,
What do you want? I want 5 eggs, 1/4 butter,
and 1 kl. of potatoes, please. Ah! They are all fresh
my eggs All fresh of the day. You can see the shell yourself. Excuse me, lady my intromission What is the largest school
of Marseille? For my son. Schools … there are many
in Marseille. It is not missing us. It depends on who wants to learn. ? Know the community school
from Sylvarella Street? My little ones were there
until his graduation. Now … the greatest school … Wait for me ?Fernando! … ?Fernando! Are you there? I’m here, I’m sleeping! If I ask you one thing … What would you say to me if I ask you what is the
largest school in Marseille? I would answer San Hilario school. The San Hilario school Obviously it is the best. It has to be good. I had not thought
what was it for you? I do not know the price, but I can tell you that it’s not cheap. While the municipal
the lyceum, they are free, almost. ?Eh! Teresa… ?The children of Mercier
They go well in the San. Hilario? You know how much it costs
That school? Uh, they’re talking about it
of your cook! But when I go in the afternoons, I see the skins, their cars, the drivers,
the nurses when they go to school. You see they do not need the
public assistance. Clear! There is one that
I could inform you. Mr. Hugues, the pharmacist.
his nephew goes to that school. San College Hilario … preparation for baccalaureate. Religious instruction. Mr. Hugues, the first-class pharmacist, He had talked about the St. Hilario school
in francs, per quarter. Incomprehensible figure for me. My notion of money
was limited to 8 buttons, of my mother’s dress that
they covered every piece of gold. She had already retired only one
upon our arrival in Marseille, and then a second at noon,
to install a kitchen in a corner, out of the attentive look
from our neighbors. If I understood correctly, There are schools that
they pay and others do not. At least we know
where you do not pay, and where others can pay. I am of the same opinion of Anna, in fact the free school
instruct for generosity, as a charity for the needy. In this way they do not have
the obligation to be demanding. I would not doubt it, there is no better school. Is the best. Gayane … Do you know the price that you have? We do not know yet, if that is the best, we should not influence our decisions,
for secondary issues. We all have the desire that our Azad
go to the San Hilario school, but those things that
secondary flames, without counting school supplies. I want to pee. Well, go there. The San Hilario school was transformed
in a real family obsession. As for mn … My ambitions were to disguise myself as an aviator, tram driver or limousine driver. I was 7 years old and I was not a Mozart. He had accompanied Mamb,
Anna and Gayane, to a long walk through the
streets and commerce in the city. My three mothers looked at all the
written job offers. But every time … they were required a specialty. They were looking for shirts … but they should have a lot of experience. Or qualified garment manufacturers were asked. Your wardrobe, more than limited
of Mayrig, Anna and Gayene?, excluded them from jobs
as sellers, where an excellent presentation was demanded. I remember well the shop window, with articulated mannequins, that imitated the human body
of ideal proportions, trying to convince passers-by
that those generous forms, that same silhouette
It would be assured to them. But that “english spoken” … in the shop window,
discouraged once more, to my trinity of mothers. In that … the miracle occurred in
No. 4 on Rue Rouviire. The announcement was rather vague, and that suited us. Look … workers with an “s”. The fact is that they need several, It’s easier and we could
work all at home. Go Araxi. I go. Good day, it’s for the announcement of the showcase. ?Ud. Is it a shirt? We are three sisters,
If you trust us with a model, we promise to make
an identical work. Come in, lady. The following minutes
They seemed endless to me. Anxious I still remember the looks of Anne Anne and Gayen?’s anguish, because the story of the Zakarian, was confused with the dry earth
that he had decided not to return, waiting for my mother to
did not end up leaving. When the door of the
shirt opened at last, Mayrig had in his arms a
package did not carry when I entered. Nothing I forgot about that night. Throughout my hectic dream
for my visitors the bedbugs, every awakening gave me back
to our miserable cage, and his three ghosts. Mayrig, Anna and Gayane, my three Marys, full of grace, with his fingers torn by the ajugas, and for the thousands of small points, that they had replaced the
sewing machine they did not have. They will not know this “Mr. CHE”, with his initials embroidered
to the right of his chest. Why do we come here every day? To make you change air. It’s like a little vacation. Tell me Mayrig, Why have not we seen Apkar? He had to go to the mountain, to take care of your lungs. Aunt Anna washed all
the day his cup of coffee, with boiling water. He once said he did not like his cough. Take, buy yourself something. No thanks. I want nothing. Time after, understood that Apkar had tuberculosis, a word that could not be pronounced, just very short, as to avoid contamination. It was a shameful disease,
than any doctor, I could cure her. You want to ride a bicycle ? For half an hour for example? Uff! You can see that you have not seen how much it is worth. How much does it cost?
2.75 fcs. The time. ?This good! I will make 20 more buttonholes. I do not think you can pay
the bicycle with your eyelets. No, it’s the buttonholes I make
the shirt they pay us. With that money you can
Do what we want. You can pay for the bread,
meat, riding bicycles, That does not concern anyone. Do you understand? You can also sign up
in the San Hilario school. Are you happy?
Yes, very happy. Since it took 20 eyelets … for half an hour of cycling, after that noon … I valued the thing for ten, a hundred,
a thousand or ten thousand eyelets. I could not sleep that night
before entering classes. On the eve of that afternoon, had secretly thrown in our bin, all useless toys
of that innocent time. In the morning … I heard, with a certain drunkenness, the passage of the garbage dumps,
that they took with their trash, my own impediments to growing up. I remember that kiss, I thought I had trimmed it
a little, why did I click, and felt the sweat. I had not guessed, behind the complexion
pale of this wrinkled man, from his haggard eyes, a long double night at the factory, for a little piece
from the San Hilario school. See Azad, we are counting on you. I knew that things would happen like that. To be at the level of
my future companions, they had covered me with
pure wool guaranteed, true wool, and first selection leathers. But my elegance denoted
something imposed. My companions, with
your cotonas according to your group, they could show off insolence
of a less good quality, without their social status
was put in doubt. Not here. I keep this place
to Alexandre that comes. Sit down. I hope you have
had a good vacation. Yes, ma’am! And that are ready to
a good school year. Well, let’s start with the list. The names went by
in alphabetical order. The mine would arrive in an instant. There he is. It is surely mine. Azad Zakarian, present seora. Azad Zakarian, what’s his name? – Azad,
– With a “z”? And Zakarian, also with “z”? Sit Zakarian. This name that seemed little
important was the most beautiful in the world … Why in my country “Azad” means free. And the Armenians named it. ?Case! Silence! My only little dog, was to understand that first day, that you would never be accepted in this
club of famous monsters. Then, before this inaccessible
school camaraderie, I resigned to like you … or to dislike you. I learned to live a diet of friendship. It has been a success, Anna. Then, tell us! I had 18 of 20 in natural history. So soon? 18 of 20 … ? doing what on your first day? Are not they sending homework to learn? We studied the insects, and the teacher asked: Who can name me a
insect that itch? and as nobody answered, I said:”bed bugs”. Did not you say we have them at home? But not! I told him that I had read it in a book. In natural history this bug is called: Cimex lectularius. I would never have imagined that the
Bed bugs were learned at school. Tell me, Azad, and your companions? To answer that question … lie. Mentn upsetting the sordid truth. It’s so easy to cheat
those who believe us. That afternoon my father repeated
the road to your long journey … with a cheerful face, confident that I would have an integrated child
in the high society of the city. Over the next 5 years, I voluntarily decided to deprive myself of recesses. to strictly limit my relationships
with my dear companions to a neighborhood of course. After … I ended up liking the calm
of my course, free of its turbulence. I never liked Father Pignon,
since its first appearance. He was moving forward with his nose
stuck to his brevario, absorbed in his texts he seemed
away from the world of the living. None making an ideal winding path, to avoid obstacles every time. Then, or he read his book
or he watched his feet, opt for the obvious,
He pretended to read his book, and he was just watching his feet. I believe in the Holy Spirit, in the holy Catholic Church, in the Communion of Saints … I did not like Father Pignon … but, He gave it back to me well. He condemned me to a little hell,
staff to 5 and 6 rows behind the others. Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church, saying to San Pedro:”You are Pedro … and on this stone I will build my church ” ? There is salvation outside of our Church
Catholic Apostolic Roman? No salvation is out
of the Catholic Church. Sir, sir … Of what church is Zakarian? I know now what I should have answered: I am from this Church that
17 years before Rome, built on the ruins of temples
pagans, the first basilica in the world on Etchmiadzine, whose name
it sounds like an alleluia, and means:”the children of God have descended” I should have answered all this, Facing this inquisitor tribunal,
that questioned my Christian faith. So you want to know what church I am from? I’ll tell you: I’m from the church that you never
He never speaks ill of other churches. It’s enough for now! I am the one who teaches catechism! We are not in Armenia. You can leave! My audacity was crowding in my head. All morning I waited for the fateful phrase: Zakarian, go to the director. But nothing happened that day, or in the next days. We pretend to ignore the incident, as well as my systematic absence
to Father Pignon’s classes. At the time reading Bernanos,
said: “the mediocre priest is ugly.” For the years that followed, we also pretend of a great school fraternity, every time I was integrated
in the photo at the end of the year. Zakarian, come here. According to the curriculum, I was three years in the first 8, a rank that had the advantage not to produce a bit of jealousy. It was the year too, with the condition of traveling
on the sidewalk of Paradis Street is that I was authorized to
just return from school. God is with us, you will see! Miss Gayane
He deserves to be happy. And my dear Garbis will be a very good husband, and I tell you that this matter will be done. I always bring luck. But do not take long to answer me. May I see this young man
that comes from Valencia, and in the port it is not heard. May God keep these boys. And as you say … “Let them age on the same pillow.” How often he had heard
this marriage proposal. But I did not understand why God, should keep them from the
unpleasant obligation to share the same pillow,
in a common perspiration. Azad, my dear … Oh my God! I was so sad
to leave without hugging you. I have a broken heart
of joy. Look if I’m lying! Do you feel my heart now? The huge gelatinous mass
from his abundant flabby chest, produced a barrier in the shirt to feel
the palpitations of his fatty heart. Yes, sir, I’m sorry. Oh God I almost forgot the essentials! Ms. Araxi, Ms. Anna,
Are you there? We are here! Holder of the photo of Garbis. This young man does not know
nothing of my intervention. It will be our little secret! Ten Azad, give it to your mom. So I avoid going up. At this age … marriage was limited to me to an almond distribution
battered in blue or pink sugar, in transparent bags. Discovered with the candied almonds, that there was an acceptable
intromission of a man, that comes from Valencia, that disturbs the balance
of my trinity of mothers. I do not like Mrs. Takouhi, With their sweet compliments, which
reflects in its way of being. I do not like it much either, but we are not going to
marry Ms. Takouhi. How can you ask me such a thing,
of marriage they will not live it. It’s fine, I’ll go. But I do not have
need for a husband. Look at our Anna, scan it well. With his gray hair
and its postponements. An honorable sacrifice, that she did not get married to take care of her sisters, I had sworn to the
death of our mother. You do not owe anything to anyone. And you take the same path as Anna. We gnaw your life as a woman. While you prepare for
the years of sorrow. Then I tell you, Gayen?, Go to that young man! And if you find it right,
Everything will be fine! While it’s still time. I am very happy, so, it is useless to invent other
Congratulations where there are none. It was snowing in Marseille, one of those snows, that in the memory of the Marseillais, I do not know
I had seen it for at least 40 years. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue. Day”. Come on, go back. Take yourself. Breathe Breathe stronger. Again. Say 33. He coughs Ladies, if I could listen
only one chest at a time … I would appreciate it very much. Sorry. Cough my good man. It is very small. How much fever do I have? Something of 38. My three mothers cheated
with my temperature. He told me that sometimes
It was a “38 strong”, Sometimes a “not completely 39” not to say “almost 40”. What did the doctor say? He said that you are healing. – Is that true?
– How can that be true? If it is true that when it is cured at home … We all heal. At the moment I see all
their sick faces. Come on, sleep. ? A poultice boiling,
all hours, 24 hours a day! Dr. Philibert had insisted on
the imperative of this daily application. At that time … it was the only way to fight my disease. A kind of bad pleurisy. He thinks it’s a dry pleurisy. Now our pleurisy is stronger … “Serofibronose” And what does that mean? That means that it has been
accumulated liquid in the lung. Up to more than 2 liters. If you do not have to remove it with a puncture, with a syringe. Unless it dries
with the heat of the poultices. They will be dried, Araxi, they will dry up. My pleurisy was transformed
in our pleurisy. It was because of his lungs
that raised the liquid of grief. And that they were trying to eliminate
with the heat of the poultices. Mayrig, Anna and Gayane, my mothers in the plural, all
confused in the same tenderness. I know today … who loved me since I was born. The doctor said hot,
“At the limit of the bearable” I know, but that is not bearable. At the beginning you have that impression, then one becomes accustomed. Look, it’s supported. The hands support it, but the chest is not the same. Look. The same on the cheek, it’s not bad. Unconscious egoism of childhood. For the next 300 poultices, demanded Gayane’s cheek every time as a guarantee of the bearable. One afternoon, Dr. Philibert arrived with another doctor. Dr. Charlot. Despite the name that made me laugh, understood that this was for
get the water out of my lungs with a thick syringe. Is it this afternoon that you’re going to puncture me? Who told you we came for that? For the meccano box that
my mother has brought me today, three months in advance, It must have been my Christmas present. And my father who is the first
Once he has not gone to the factory. Tell me good man, you know you’re
forced to return your macaroon box? Do you know why? I know, because he will not puncture me. So, you know I did not pinch you, nor that I will prick you, you know everything. No, I do not know everything. But since you hit my back, the sick side was full, and the healthy side sounded dry. This afternoon, the two dry sides sound. Then I can be healed. Of course …
You’re cured! I still remember their faces that afternoon, my mother with her pupils turned off, aunty Anna, with her hair entangled, without brushing them and as flourished since my illness. Gayane, with her poor figure
burned by my poultices. And my father, who had aged. They looked like they were from a wax museum, suspended in the present, They seemed not to believe he was healed. the truth that it is a complex disease, but without
your endeavor, I could not have done anything. It is his victory this, they subdued it far away. I’m going to give the discharge so that
This young man gets up. Taking care to give these fortifiers. And the poultices are finished. “TO BENEFIT OF THE MESROB CHAPEL”
01:18:24,605 ??–>01:18:28,184
My illness had delayed the
meeting with the candidate for future husband from my aunt Gayane. The meddlesome Mrs. Takouhi, proposed the annual charity ball,
to introduce us to your protege, “the locksmith of Valencia”. Our Gayane, He faced the big date with his face that showed the sequels still
visible from my boiling poultices, and a little long dress that
hid his promising figure. My dear ones, we are so
happy to spend the afternoon with you You know what he has
passed on to our beloved Garbis? He has been appointed boatswain of his workshop. With a large salary increase. He specialized in locks info … I never remember the word! Tell them, Garbis. The infracturable locks. And what is an infracturable lock? It is a colossal progress. As important as the electrical sheet that
it replaces our mother’s old knocker. Mr. Vasken …
Between. Have Miss Gayane. For Azad for later. With all my regards. And this … is for you Mr. Vasken should not, there’s no reason. No, no reason. Books must be offered without reason. As a prolongation of friendship. Take. So … For friendship. Thank you very much. It is a beautiful book. You would say that France feels. What is it about? Of love… … and death. That is very sad then. It is a very beautiful book … Sad. These main locks are used
for apartment doors. The closing system is constituted, by the latch that connects the head … in open closing position, and jump under the action of the key
in closed closing position. The key that goes through the hole of the cannon, rediscover in its movement of rotation,
the throat maintained by the mechanism, and elevates it, to release the latch. The movement ends, the throat returns to its place
in the 2? notch, on the latch. Afterwards, it is useless to touch the key, why the panetón in the background, happens to
through another piece that we call mouth. ?Ud. dance? Thank you very much, but I do not know how to dance. Not even a little? Less than a little. That is not serious. See you soon. Thanks Anna. We must greet some friends, that we have not seen for a long time. See you later. Garbis did not return to our table. We did not see Mrs. Takouhi anymore. The reunion had no consequences. The man from Valencia definitely preferred another. As for the tia Gayen? … I always thought that I had sensed this outcome. I hope you never get bored with these things again. And Gayane stayed senorita. Gayane, my great little lady. That slowly vanishes in the
gray joy of the time that passes. Except once, much later … his face reddened with the color of shame, to tell me about an innocent book
spent to be read and reread, and of a certain Dr. Vasken Papazian, killed on the genocide routes. Ms. Antaram, we have come from well away
to drink Kaloustian coffee. In fact they have come to see their future. Mr. Intamiant, who
He has done studies in Paris, He told me that you are the
Nostardamus in reading the coffee background. It is an exaggeration. But you have a very, very big reputation. Because he remembered the time
where I was wrong And he forgot what he had predicted … and that never happened. Come on … Mrs. Antaram. In all my life, never … he had never seen, in the same cup, so many changes, and so many in such a short time. One… two… three. I see at least three changes. ?Changes for good or bad? For good. For very, very good. The three signs are open, Old Mrs. Antaram … had predicted well. In the same year … first of all we moved house. Everyone knows that embroidering eyelets in the long run … by many buttonholes, they do not make a fortune, still, we end up leasing
a place in the number 168. This progression from 109 to 168 … towards the glorious part of the street, and my father’s name painted on the door, represented for me, the top of success. “Shirt making” Give me your plate With that metal door, everyone knows when we go to bed and when we get up. I know, I’ve tried all
the oils. It is moldy. It was the previous one that left him worse. I had to make that noise before,
the people are used to it. Do not you go to the factory this afternoon? Your father will not go to the factory anymore. Are you sick? I am the best, very good. I have left the sugar to
enter the shirt. And what will you do? I’ve been smoking for three years. Every time Anna unmade them
to do them again. Every day he pretended that I did not realize. And then, one day, she stopped remaking them. So, I was certified by aunt Anna. My father would not go back anymore
to his factory at night We would live at last
with the same schedules. That was the second prediction
from old Mrs. Antaram. The third event
announced at the coffee break, occurred in front of the Rialto cinema. Do you know how many times I saw this movie?
Seven times! But now I want to see you with you. – But do you know how much it costs?
– And what? I do not want you to pay for me. Who told you I’m going to pay for you, If I can not pay for me!
Follow me Do you see that door down? Behind her is the cinema room. As soon as the movie starts, you enter,
They do not see us, nor recognize us. Come on let’s go. What is it? That from behind is the screen and that is the high speaker. Tell me something about the story. He has been in Switzerland for a long time. The ambassador of Spain, has
come to a shelter, incognito. All the rooms are occupied. Then the innkeeper, he proposes to share the bed with a man, that comes from afar and sleeps
in the last piece. – Have a good night, senores. -I know they will sleep well, all are left
happy with the room. -The room behaves well? What I say, my lord,
is that nobody has complained. I gave the combination to 2 and 3 friends, They must have exaggerated, now it’s closed. Come on let’s go. -It is not unbelievable that we share a bed. -We should be introduced. -I’m Don Antonio Josà © Miguel
of the Prada, Count Piedmont. Caballero del sacro Imperio, sent by the king of
Spain, on a service commission. -I’m Count Donna. Where Donna, an egg,
this is coming worse! -?Ud. Will not you undress? Yes. Listen, he gets undressed. A spur. The other. First boot. The second. The belt. The hat releases its long hair. And when his retirement is removed, It’s Greta Garbo, the woman
most beautiful in the world. Listen to the ambassador’s amazement. Certainly. -It should be. -I presented it. -Some things … -I was told. -Ah, life is full of
wonderful coincidences! And he throws it on the baldachin type bed, and pull the curtains. But then, do not you see anything? Nothing with your eyes, but
You see everything in your head. The next day in the morning,
listen if it is beautiful. -What are you doing? I try to print these images in -More late … -in my memory, -I’ll go back to this room often. Back from where Garbo,
he had simply said: When I grow up … I think I’ll make movies ” With this ten words, he had destroyed … his great hopes. I’ve cheated on you with that
of the cinema, it was a joke. You see, we cried with laughter. To erase that moment,
I would have said anything. That he had said,
in total unconsciousness. The truth, I want to be an engineer
in arts and crafts in naval constructions. Engineer? That’s good … Naval? But if this child does not even know how to swim! If I understand it, it’s the
others who sail, He builds them. -But he will travel on the ship.
-Of course I know … Anna, he will go on the boats
when I am twenty years old. You are right …
boats are safe … ?Case up a little! Azad, Rep it again once more …
after engineer. Engineer in arts and crafts in
naval constructions. My father heard that title
like a symphony. A symphony that I was going to compromise
a good part of my life. In the month of October, I left school
San Hilario in a mutual indifference. The school that prepared for
the prestigious engineer title … None He had said: “A single suitcase!” and then in consideration
aunt Anna had added: “Attention, from two suitcases,
I take one by chance and I’m leaving!” Taking. It’s all inside. Your documents … stamps … the phone number of the drugstore. if you need something, whatever,
Call Mr. Anziani. He will notify us immediately. Put your money in your pocket,
you know where it is. Take what you need. If this box, fragile family money safe, returns to my memory, It’s just for those simple words
that accompanied her maybe, “Take what you need” Mayrig of my childhood: I never took any more. It may be because with
Sum elegance you disappeared, you left me alone with that box, of which nobody knew the
exact amount that it contained, not the amount he was going to take. Azad, we must start that we are going to lose the train. Let’s hug everyone. We do it like here,
or where do they come from? Why … how do you say goodbye here? Then let’s say goodbye like we do. We hugged each other
for great moments: a farewell, a return, an anniversary or for Christmas. but these big hugs full of affection, each one took the tenderness of the other. Adi?s aunt Anna, I will do all your last
recommendations as you said. I did not make those recommendations
for you to do them. All I can say is … do not come back too thin,
because I’m going to reprimand you for the kilos. Tell me Anna …
?Sn? For the kilos, you’ve given them
to take it, is it more than safe? But, what have you given me? The minimum. In many copies? I did it for the better, you told us:
“no more than a suitcase”. Then you have put three suitcases in one. But you’re the one losing this train. I will arrive pale and tired, and I do not want you to take it. Then we will take her both,
a little each one, come, come on. As you pass through the shop door, I knew then that nothing would be the same as before. I had just broken with my childhood … my home … and my trinity of mothers. Come on, Azad, hurry up! Come on up. ? Greetings engineer! You should bake many shirts Mr. Zakarian. But we will sew them
Mr. Anzani, we will sew them. Evidently, I would have preferred a beautiful sun
for your entrance to the new school, but time can not be managed. It is necessary that you should
leave to not miss the train. I have to go. I was forgetting the most important thing. This. You must change your white clothes every day. Everything you need in the suitcase. Next Sunday, when I return, you give me dirty clothes … and I give it to you washed and
ironed the following Sunday. And so on. That’s what Anna signs. At the suggestion of aunt Anna. He told me to give you these bereks, He made them in the morning but they are very good cold. You can tell Anna to not force me anymore. No, that can not be done. No one can prevent the earth
Stop spinning, the sun illuminate … and the rain stops … Aunty Anna is similar. Come on. I greet the engineer. Do it well, be careful. My father had not forgotten anything, just to open your umbrella, through the thick rain, that pierced it. Are you Zakarian? It’s me. My name is Vartanian, from the fourth year. He was surnamed Vartanian, like Zakarian, we were from the same tribe. Your locker must be that. I can not put all this inside. Look, hey … Absolutely tummies No, look; you will let me try them, I’m telling you, my aunt Anna
send as much as I want, Make them pink! and it comes for you. Dinner. July 9 … end of school year. I get to go to the 2nd year
for very little. Engineer for very little,
it’s not a profession, you are an engineer or not, the others do not care. ?Zakarian, visit! I tell you until next year, why
You will have success with your exams. That will be it, there is no hurry. I’ll come back for the jams
of roses from your aunt Anna. I’ll tell you, and I’m sorry for you, well, it’s going
Prime until you’re disgusted. Then goodbye. All the year, quietly, my father had never missed visiting me, Every week, I brought my clean clothes fresh and ironed, and a great package of our specialty. Then he left with his back curved. Happy of the little things rediscovered
who paid with five hours by train to get there, and the same way back. ?Apkar what happens … Is my father sick? No, your father is not sick … it is he who
he says he does not have time to get sick, I had a little issue to fix, then I said:since I’m in the
place for an important and imperative reason … I bring my little one. And I am very well, thank you! Disc?lpame Apkar, did you leave the sanatorium? But under supervision, and with one lung less,
I roll with the spare lung. But I’m not infecting …
otherwise, he would not have come. Come on let’s go. Leave that to me. If you come back with nothing, I
I should change city. Give me a second! To breathe a little. It’s the second lung I’m missing. Let me take it. Never in life. He’ll wait a little longer, that’s all. You see it. They will never tell you … but
You do them a lot. They also need me. It seems that you took your good humor with you. Every morning … went to the store to take
the merchandise, I take your book there was no more laughter … no songs, only their heads curved over their jobs. Come on, there. ?Delivery at home! I leave you. Stay for lunch with us Apkar. Disc?lpeme Mr. Hagop This is a moment that you should live with as a family. See you… I will pass again. ?Ta Anna? Was not Anna? A great misfortune has happened to us, Azad. Our Anna … …He has left us. He left us … and where did he go? My question was stupid, since Anna never came out. I think I said that to buy time, to delay the irreparable. Leave him alone. With all my strength … I expected someone to come
to surround me with his arms, that especially someone was
to hug me to comfort me. When I guessed my secret repulsions, no one tried those useless gestures. Why did not they tell me? Why would not it have served …
You were in your final exams. You know … she would not have liked that. That’s why Apkar came? I did not want to tell you in the
visiting room of the school. What was she sick of? He had no disease, One afternoon he told us: ” I do not feel good at all, I have to go to bed. ” And according to his habit was the last one to go to bed, she walked tired from one piece to the other. We call the doctor the next morning. But when she got up, It was the end. It was therefore … death. Until that yesterday … this was limited to a disease
what happened to the others, to the people who saw little, and that he would never see more. For the first time, death was confused with a rapture. My tree had been ripped out … Anna. But what have you given me? The minimum strict. In many copies? I did it for the better. You did us good, aunt Anna, she had spent her life doing the best … for the others. And after an afternoon, she had left, not bothering anyone. He had died … tia Anna. To calm this atrocious pain
that pierced my soul … I tried to limit this loss
to everyday and banal things. I should write to Vartanian, I will tell you that you will not have your
jams of roses this year. Our roast meats already
they will not taste the same, for those herbs Anna called … by names that only she knew. What was there in this herb of life? Where did he pick up the devil’s grass … or the grass of the Trinity? The grass of the swallow, the sacred grass, the grass of the heart kept its
secrets … and their mysteries. At the bottom of each pan emerged
the memory of an admirable miracle, with his big lies
of aunt Anna’s love, – “Finish it, I’ve already eaten in the kitchen” and their postures on guard that bothered me. – “Eat a bit more …
Azad, eat slower ” … do not forget your vest. ” “Do not drink it so cold.” France was at war for eight months, a war without apparent furor, without bloody destructions, a war of living and letting live, that is over to call
“the false war”. The mermaids roared once a day and fixed, to prove that they worked well, and the communiques of the Great Barracks
General of the Army regularly spoke, that there was nothing to report on the front. This moved very little to the
height of the Narvik coast, and for the people from the south, it was known that they were covered countries
through the snow all the years. For all the years of preparation
to selection exams, and the four years in Higher Education, how many times did the
stairs of the San Carlos station, to go find the others. We were in June 1940, it was the end of my studies. “Everything is going very well, Madame de la Marquise … ?Apkar!
Good morning to everyone! Oh, Apkar! Here it is, repaired. -I feel Apkar … Gayane a seat …
-?No, do not move from there! I have eaten already, I must go, I am invited by Mr. Chambalin. What was it I had? I sent it three weeks ago. They said he had three burned-out bulbs. Two or three pieces that changed because of … I do not remember the technical words spoken. They did a general review of everything. So, engineer … Is it for your exams? Fill up …
Listen to what they say. After the capitulation of
Belgian and evacuation of Dunkirk, for the English army, the German war machine, now turns to the heart of France, with its 138 divisions. None has taken refuge in Bordeaux. The Germans have entered Paris, and in the desert Elsean Fields, the Wehrmacht parades …
It’s this very moment. Refusing to negotiate with the Germans, the president of the Council
Mr. Paul Reynaud has submitted his resignation. Faced with this inevitable defeat, Marshal Patain has
constituted a new cabinet. This is not possible. They do not care about anything Just before the last press release
They said there was nothing to point out. To cover the mouth, the Germans have
entered the Netherlands, Belgium and now France. Marshal Petain, head of the French State, will be heading to the nation this afternoon, at 9 pm. ?Franceses! At the call of the President of the Republic, I assume, as of today, the direction of the French government. Under the confidence of all the people, delivered to France, the gift of my person, to ease your pain. With my heart tight, He told you today, that there is a fight to be avoided. I communicated with the adversary tonight, to ask, if you are willing to search with me, between soldiers, beyond the struggle and honor, the way to put an end to hostilities. That all the French are
adhere to the new government, during these hard tests, and shut up your anguish, to obey only your faith,
and the destiny of the country. That afternoon … at 168 Paraíso Street, We cry of sadness,
because of the defeat, and where by the difficult proportions to understand, We also cry for joy, for the children who do not go to war. ?Vidriero! ?Not yet? He told me that the list with the results would be at 2. Then that could be
also before or after that time. It’s 2:10. then it’s no use getting nervous. He told us to barely have the results … I throw myself on the phone and call Mr. Anzani For the rest I do not think it comes out
from the drugstore to scream: “Mr. Zakarian … phone!” Your phone may be damaged. And why would his bad phone be? Why do the phone woes exist! Do not ask why it’s broken, it’s not all sound! Where do you go? I’m going to pick up the device, for the
tone, if you have it, it’s because it works. As it is! Azad, how are you going? I’ll tell you later. In 1 minute … 50 seconds … 40 seconds … 30 seconds … I could go and say:
“Oh, Mr. Anzani?” “Tell my father he got it.” But … Had I seen my name on the list? Or for wanting it and having it so much … there could be, finished
for believing that he was there. A file for the phone
and a beer please. -Sorry.
-Do not go. You do not bother me at all. He looks happy.
?Ud. did he get it? How did he know? When I saw you go by. Disappointment, happiness, little hope. All that was in his face. Her name was Madeleine, I had the charm of those faded silks. Attentive to the cabin being vacated, he told me, what music I preferred, favorite novels, the movies that he liked. Clients follow each other in the cabin
while Madeleine, exaltante, removed the ashes of
your poor lonely heart. And I did not dare to interrupt. And then he suddenly told me: Do you know? the not so simple things. I live completely alone. This was a confidence more, but she added saying: You inspire confidence. This was an invitation. Tell me a moment. I’ll make a phone call. -Dello I pay …
-But if it’s a franc … It’s a beer to celebrate a
Success, it’s not a gift, it’s friendship. Where do I get the Marseille telephone guide? If I could have them from every city in France … All my childhood and adolescence, I lived under the weight of old oriental purists
that excluded things about sex. They never spoke. Nothing was forbidden, but I respected what was not said. The shame of being seen with a
girl, I made a fire in my face. Even though I did not know anyone here, but it seemed to me that we guessed our passing, what we would do. -I go too fast?
-Not at all. That’s what they always say to me. “Madeleine, you have very long steps” I remember … I lived in the Los Cordones passage. In my ignorance of real estate
and other specialized hotels, my natural desires were satisfied up there, of furtive hugs at nightfall, under the porches of the houses, in a gloomy alley with no way out, between two lanterns. Between interrupted pleasures
through a door that opens, or some transient who came up. Do not stay in pi? … … sit down For the first time … I had known a real
piece and a real bed. A woman who would have time to undress, and a door that could be locked. Do you want to drink something? A port.
No thanks. -Baked a little port.
-No, really, thanks. You know … do not judge me wrong. It’s the first time I bring a man home. ?Ud. he does not belive me? Insurance. Those things feel here. For a moment I felt a heavy
smell of food prepared in the room. That he had wanted to put on a scented perfume, always staying a bit of both. Tell me your name now. My name is Jean Paul. My real name had unleashed
a waterfall of I do not know how many questions. Aha! How beautiful is … what does it mean? Where are you from? Where is Armenia? And then … it would be necessary to summarize 2500 years of history … and I had not come for that. Oh! 8 o’clock … Excuse me Mr. Anzani, I did not realize that I was
preventing closing your business. But that does not matter
Mr. Zakarian, I close later, that’s all. That is not worth it. He will not call now. He may have had no time to telephone. You may have taken the train quietly. Your train would have already arrived. I think he did not succeed. He has not had the courage to phone Mr. Anzani and say:
“Tell my father that I failed in the diploma.” He will return. I do not know at what time. During all this time his mother and her
It corrupts your blood, as does Mn. -Thanks for all your inconvenience,
-There is no why Mr.Zakarian. -Do you go?
-SN is necessary. I will lose my train. I think I’m not mistaken that next to
Madeleine there was a great tenderness. A bit of sorrow for his lost youth, flowed from his eyes, and before the fragility of her makeup, it showed the opposite …
the maturity of my companion. See you soon. Madeleine knew it well … that that “see you soon”,
I wanted to say:”See you again”. ?Pap! This is nothing! You will approve it next year! I’ve approved pap?! I could not phone. I lost
the train right at the time. But I approved. Your approval was never doubted,
more good for you we were uneasy. You already know how your mother and t?a are. As soon as you fall behind 5 minutes you imagine … a car accident, of trains colliding. Their heads crowded with cat-strokes. Let’s go there to reassure them. Evidently… We were more than safe
that you would be in the list, But it’s better to be there,
that is safer still! That’s why I want to tell you that this afternoon … You have given us a beautiful gift. We have achieved it! You are here! He has approved !! Rosa … ??the son Zakarian has approved !! Good! And now that we are more
calm down, I’ll leave you. But I was never restless! He knew perfectly well that everything would be fine. No, your father was not worried, but with a dry olive, he does
a ration of oil for the winter. What I like about you, Apkar … It is always the great elegance with which you count things! -I know.
-But, stay for dinner. Where are you going? Where the factory, I do not have an engineer son who
he’s going to keep me with his millions. We have not eaten anything. But if we have eaten daddy. We are four and have prepared for fifteen. It is true. ?Attend … silence! As we have years ago this
bottle in our house, Only your aunt Anna would have been able to tell us. She kept it for a great occasion. If she were still among us, I’m more than sure today
I would have liked to open it. ? Care Hagop! Move the bottle. If you are going to uncork it
You are going to break all the lamps. I do not know what they did to
this champasa is past! ?This champasa is otherwise undrinkable! But what happens to them?
What are those secretillos? A memory from the three. Take it with joy. It’s not true! Yes … it’s real gold. I do not want to say…
It is magnificent. Its beautiful. Mayrig of my twenties, I remember your image that fulminated me. Looking at my ring I ended up
see that you no longer wore yours. That great old ring
that you never took off. On my father’s finger his
ring had disappeared, that afternoon I knew the price
of my “chevaliirre” ring. We were afraid that you would not like this. The words stuck in my throat. Then to break this
silence and my stupid modesty, for extreme fear of showing me cheesy, I started dancing a waltz … and turning … until the vertigo. I remember that waltz from my twenties. Where at the time of a waltz, we erase the war. The indifferent moon with signs of security, illuminates the city, preventing you from seeing its lights. I remember that little piece of gold, engraved my initials, that will always weigh on me
finger, like tons of love. Mayrig, Anna, Gayane … my mothers in the plural, and you, my father, my old man
soldier of difficult years. I remember our
said to be together, from this street Paranso, that promised us … eternity. While each one
of his white hair, I was already announcing … the decline of spring. Subtitle and translated by
[email protected]
December 2011

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