Medicine from Bees: Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen and Manuka Honey

My name is Goran. I’m a third generation
beekeeper on Solta, a small island in Dalmatia. Eighty-five years the bees be in my family. Originally my whole family came from Split. My grandpa came here with the first ferry. He decided to come with the bees. He finds some owner, he asked, “Can I bring 20 beehives?” and owner says, “Yes” and after few years my grandpa and my father start to buy the land, built a little house for bees,
then we built a little room for sleeping. My grandpa start 1934 in 20th century with bees and I hope so my son be fourth generation. Bees are too important for us.
Without bees, we die. I always start presentation with this
picture. My grandpa, my father, and me 1970 in Split. They teach me everything what I
know right now. I’m not beekeeper because of school. I am a beekeeper because of
experience and family job. I hope so you don’t afraid because bees is very nice animal. Behind the picture of my family it’s bees. Some children wrote me, “Goran, thank you. Before I came to your place, I (was) afraid of bees. After your presentation, I don’t afraid of the bees.” This small community present normal beehive. This honey came from all six continents
because this is a part of mission, “Give Bees A Chance.” Next year I probably make a new shell because a lot of honey came. When I collect 500 jars, maybe next two
years, I (will) organize the contest here. I call during the winter my friends and we
open every jar and we test. Before five years every bees be here, 200 boxes. Forget the pool, forget everything. Only bees here. Bees never sting my
children, never. They play all around, but I must move the bees right now because a lot of guests is here. We try to put here Lavender, Sage and Rosemary. You know,
domestic plants for the bees, not some plant from other continent. Slovenia beekeeper have a tradition to paint, but only first side, but I go with this boxes to our elementary school and I prayed, “Children,
please make me picture”, and they make me picture. This is my grandpa’s centrifuge
and old, maybe 70 years, is the same procedure you know. Always is the same
procedure. We must remove the bees. It’s approximately 2 pound of honey. Before we put the frame in centrifuge we must remove the wax covering. I turn around, honey go outside. I open the pipe and honey go out. The big pieces of wax stay in the filter. In
a few days the little pieces of wax going up. I pick up the pieces of wax and sell
to the people. Very simple. I need to collect always more than honey because a lot of beekeeper only collect honey. Honey it’s one of the six products. Honey,
pollen and propolis came from nature. Other three; royal jelly, beeswax, bee poison. A beekeeper collect the poison because pharmacy industry use the poison for
medicine. Young worker bees produce royal jelly. She eat royal jelly. If you want to
build your immunity system with the best food from the beehive, please buy royal
jelly. I collect from the bottom of the Queen cell royal jelly and I put directly
in the deep freezer. One gram per day it’s enough and you build your immunity
system and you’ll be full of energy. A lot of people never heard about propolis.
Bees collect sap and produce propolis. I put in one liter pharmacy alcohol. At thirty days, I mix it. After thirty days I filter it and final product I put in the jar. If you cut your skin. Alcohol operate it and propolis make a film. You don’t need antibiotic cream or bandage or whatever. If you have the cold
sore or before flu you feel something in your throat, sometimes propolis help. Pollen it’s a better product. You have heavier pollen allergy one little teaspoon every
day and you build your immunity system. If you eat one little teaspoon every day,
local, your heavier be less. Two pieces are two pieces of pollen. When I put the
pollen trap she must pass through this tiny hole, pollen falling down, and every
evening I collect pollen. This pollen came directly from freezer. And this is a 50% pollen 50% honey. This pollen stay outside because honey protect the pollen.
This pollen must go in the deep freezer. Every beekeeper says, “My honey’s the best in the world.” I’m a beekeeper, but I’m not stupid
beekeeper. This is good honey but the best honey in the world came
from New Zealand. This honey a lot of hospital use. They put directly Manuka
honey on the bedsores with some bandages. The scientists discover inside it’s
super antibacterial ingredients and please if you want to have one jar
please order directly from New Zealand. A lot of people make mistake. If you put
honey in hot tea, if you cook with honey, you kill the best part inside. A lot of
people have never heard about some of the products and this is a good chance to
speak with the audience and say something. We make a mission here and
right now I have a chance to talk. The bees are pollinating more than 60% fruit and vegetable. We lose the bees definitely 15-20 percent per year and this is not problem of Croatia, Great Britain or Alaska. This is a world problem, global. It’s a lot of reasons; little parasites, modern agricultural, pesticide,
insecticide, bees flying near mobile phone towers. This is a problem and thank God I have a lot of chance on the island Solta to speak about it. If you live in New York, if yo u live in Berlin, if you live in little city, visit a local beekeeper. It’s easy to go to the shop, to supermarket, and buy honey from the shop. But they care about profit and I respect, but they don’t care about pollination. You must care about pollination and please visit local beekeeper. This is the
first step. If you have a garden in front of your house bees love flowers like
Rosemary, Sage, Lavender or whatever. If you be enough brave start with two
beehive in your garden. Call your local beekeeper association. They must give you a mentor for free. You must buy a few books, you must go to the internet and
educate, but one season it’s enough to your mentor teach you the basic stuff
about bees. After one year you will be ready to be beekeeper alone without

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31 thoughts on “Medicine from Bees: Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen and Manuka Honey

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  2. New video today! Hope you learned something about bees! I never knew about Royal Jelly and that Honey is used in Hospitals, Natural remedies all over the world. What did you learn?

  3. It is happy to see the way he cares and talks about bees🌌🌌such a genuine person. Will visit a place nearby for sure

  4. “Stolen” is not a true word here. This man and many others around the world work in harmony with bees. He cares for them. He collects and he helps them be successful too. So at least for this video, a better name would suit. This is a truly lovely video of a wonderful man and his family. “Stolen” does this video a disservice and do you think – pretty please – that you could modify the video name? 🐝

  5. Excellent video . Thanks .

    Guests to my house often freak out when they come across the bee hives . We don't harvest much but we love having them!

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    Greetings from Amsterdam

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  8. Hi Dylan, Thank you so much for making this video, it's so important that we all know the huge part bees play in our lives. Like the bee keeper said in the video "Without Bees We DIE." It's so true, without pollination we have no fruits and vegetables, not to mention the healing properties of the bees honey, pollen, and royal jelly. Thanks again, be safe and keep that great content coming. Peace.

  9. Thank you Dylan!!!…i was wanting to get some bees a while back & i tried to learn all i could about them. The reason they smoke the hives is the bees think there is a fire, so they start gulping honey like crazy, makes them sleepy(because they're thinking they have to start another hive somewhere else), then easy to get the frames out. Also, beekeepers keep a jug or water close to them w/piece of wood floating on top, so they have water & don't get overheated in the summertime(the hive). Bees are all female, except for the one time a year a male is born, he doesn't live very long, sorry to say. Honey is a natural anti-biotic, so if you have any cuts/burns ect., great for that. Thank you for the video! I learned from this video that new zealand has the best tasting honey!!!!!!!! ***!*!*! Happy New Year Dylan & friends!!!!

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    You seem to be a great person, Solta and the world are blessed to have you!
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