Meet the Experts: Louis Sorkin (Part 2 of 7)

Well, actually, when I first got
interested in bed bugs, that’s about where I realized that
people didn’t understand yet about bed bugs, because since the 1940s 50s up
until the later 80s no one really had problems with bed bugs. And then they started having
more infestations more people traveling and the information about bed bugs, about
what they look like, about their size about bite reactions, all that really was
incorrect. So that’s, I think, when I got started. Some of the misconception where you
can’t see them, some of the misconceptions were they’re as large as
apple seeds, they bite only at night, they only infest beds, they are all brown
colors or all flat, they have wings, they don’t have wings. So there’s a lot of
misidentification, misconceptions and a lot of incorrect information about bed bugs.
Considering they’ll lay hundreds of eggs, they’ll lay a hundred eggs. They’ll lay a hundred eggs at one time or a few over their whole life a few times, maybe, a week. And the female gets stabbed,
the female runs away from the congregation of bed bugs because of the mating that occurs.
So there’s a lot of all different misconceptions and untrue statements.

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