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Are you digging Deep Look? Come join our community on Patreon! Link is in the description. You never really know where trouble is lurking. When one wayward step … means disaster. This small hole in the sand is really the
lair of a wormlion. And it’s ferocious. You find them in dry, dusty soil in the mountains
of Northern California. The ground is cratered with danger. Sure, it’s a tiny little wriggly thing. But wormlions set a fearsome trap that’s
straight out of science fiction. To build it, they slink below the surface
… pushing through dirt, sand and rocks. They’ll fling them out of the way as they
get settled into their shallow pit. Oops, try again. Then … it just lies in wait. It’s almost invisible … camouflaged by
the sand stuck to its body. This ant is totally clueless. The wormlion strikes like a cobra, injecting
venom into its prey to paralyze it. It constricts the ant, dragging it under,
until … it’s all over. When the wormlion is done feeding on the juicy
innards, it flicks the empty carcass away. And tidies up it pit for its next meal. Ehhh, careful! After a couple of years of the good life,
this wormlion will leave this dusty ditch behind… and take to the skies. Because really, it’s not a worm at all. It’s a fly larva. It’ll turn into this: a fly that lives for
less than a week. Its only job is to mate and lay eggs. But for most of its life, it’s sitting pretty
in its pit, waiting for lunch to fall right in its lap. Hey there! Supporting Deep Look on Patreon helps us bring
you even more pint-sized predators. Like a turret spider snatching its prey. Or mantises giving free hugs. Still not enough? Then go watch Monstrum. It’s a terrifying new show from PBS Digital
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100 thoughts on “Meeting a Wormlion Is the Pits | Deep Look

  1. Kinda like the antlion
    the only difference is, that the antlion has a better catching rate compares to the wormlion

  2. I knew of ant lions but didn't know it had a long lost relative that hunts the exact same way. Nature is so cool.

  3. a fact about my tribal people … when i was kid we usally pick those wornlion n put it on our smaal injuries 😂… when i was kid i was almost so happy to find tht insect

  4. Imagine a kid just dropping pebbles into the holes or filling it with dirt and killing a few wormlions on accident

  5. I guess the ants haven't told each other about the tales of those that have ventured into the pits and never returned….

  6. After it's done feeding the worm lion flicks the carcass away, yup nothing says death trap more than a pit filled with rotting corpses.

  7. Wormlion, antlion.. So every animal with lion on its name is built a trap in the sand, why lion? I never seen lion did that

  8. Wormlion: hey can I copy your homework
    Antlion: ok but make so it does look like you copied
    Wormlion: ok

  9. 3:21

    Wormlion : well I need to get a new home
    Talker: it's not a worm at all it's a fly larvae
    Wormlion: stares what the heck did you just say

  10. 2:18 I tripped over my chair 🤣🤣🤣🤣R. I. P Mr. Ant and me owe I got a cut ouch

  11. Also known as an ant lion, unless that's just a similar species, we get them in South Africa too, probably everywhere to be honest.

  12. sounds like it was named by someone who had heard of an antlion but did not have a clue why it was called an antlion.

  13. Ive seen ant lions, caught them as a kid. Beetle looking creature with large pincers and same type of sand trap. Ive never seen or heard of the worm lion though. Probaly a good thing, my mother would have strangled me bringing one of these in the house.

  14. I wonder if higher dimension beings look down on us like we look down on ants and such thinking how insignificant we are lol

  15. Wow,holy worm lion
    We pick worms in ground for fishing,do not introduce these weird worms, lions,flies what ever they want to be in Canada. Evolution astonishes me,daily thanks for this experience

  16. Flicks rock out if its hole. Rock bounces back into same spot. Wormlion sits and stares at the rock with much disdain.

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