Mikaila Ulmer, 10-year old Founder of Bee Sweet Lemonade | Talks at Google

to introduce Mikaila Ulmer. She is our 10-year-old
entrepreneur. And Mikaila is going to start
off today with a presentation. And then she’ll show us a couple
of videos that she’s done. And then we’ll go
into a Q&A. And I just want to start by
saying that I think Mikaila’s a fantastic
example that you’re never too young, like Mikaila,
or too old to come up with a great idea
and take a risk and be daring and do something
that you’ve always dreamed to. So with that, I’ll let
Mikaila take it away. MIKAILA ULMER: Thank you. So again, my name
is Mikaila Ulmer. And thank you for inviting me. And thank you for coming. Again, I’m 10 years old,
and I’m in the fifth grade. I’m from Austin, Texas and
I am the founder and CEO of Bee Sweet Lemonade. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] I’m also a bee
ambassador, student and social entrepreneur. So today, I’m going to tell you
a little bit about my business and some really interesting
facts about the bees. And then I’m going to
show you some lessons that I’ve learned on
being an entrepreneur. But first, let’s start
with a couple of bee jokes. What did the bee
say to the sushi? Or what did the
sushi say to the bee? Take three guesses. AUDIENCE: [INTERPOSING VOICES] Yes! You got it right. [LAUGHTER] Where do bees shop? AUDIENCE: Where do bees shop– [INTERPOSING VOICES] AUDIENCE: I don’t know. Where? MIKAILA ULMER: Bee [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] So Bee Sweet Lemonade is
lemonade sweetened with honey. And it has flax seed. And it’s currently
bottled in glass. We currently have four
flavors, mint, prickly pear, half and half tea
lemonade and ginger. Right now, something
really big is that Whole Foods
carries our product throughout the southwest
region of the United States. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] And we went from selling it
out of our lemonade stand in a very small business
to actually selling it through Whole Foods throughout
the southwest region. And I started Bee Sweet
Lemonade when I signed up in two kids entrepreneurial
events, Acton Children’s Business Fair and
Austin Lemonade Day. And so I signed up in those two
events, and I needed a product. So while I was trying to
come up with a product, two things happened. I got stung by two
bees in one week, and my great granny,
Helen, sent me a 1940 cookbook with her
favorite recipe of flax seed lemonade. I was very, very
scared of the bees. And I would overreact and freak
out when they came anywhere near me. So my parents wanted me to just
do some research on the bees to see if would be a little
bit less scared of them And I did that research
and I found out how incredibly important
pollinators they are and how they’re dying. So I decided to create a product
that helped save the bees, and used my great granny
Helen’s recipe as well. And that’s how Bee
Sweet was born. Now, I save the bees because
bees pollinate a third out of all the food we eat. And they also contribute
over $14 billion to the US agricultural
economy a year. So that’s a lot of
money, if you realize how special the bees are. And I also try to save
them because they’re dying of chemical pesticides. And here’s some ways that
we can help save them. So you can support
your local beekeepers by buying local honey. Or you could visit
local beehives and learn a little bit
more about the bees. You can plant flowers in
different colors, shapes or sizes to give the
bees something to eat. You can avoid using pesticides. And chemical pesticides
harm the bees, so you can use natural
and organic pesticides. Or even ladybugs and praying
mantises will keep pests away. So try to avoid pesticides
because they harm the bees. And then share the buzz. If you find anything
about the bees, you can share it
with your friends and tell your friends to
share it with their friends. And so we can
spread the awareness that the bees are dying
and make more of an impact on saving the bees. So I’ve been an
entrepreneur for five years. And so– [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Here are some lessons that
I’ve learned while being an entrepreneur for five years. And so the first lesson
is, working hard is a must. In order to start
and grow my business, I had to work very hard. In other words, as
people like to say, I had to wear a lot of hats. I had to wear a marketing
hat, finance hat. I did workshops, teaching
families on the bees. And I still had to be a student. So yes, in order to
even start a business, you have to work hard. Lesson two is, you need
passion and a lot of it. As I mentioned
earlier, one thing that helped me start Bee
Sweet Lemonade was that I got stung by two bees in one week. And again, I was very
afraid of the bees, and so my parents wanted
me to do some research. And doing that
research, again, I found out how incredibly
important pollinators they are. And I developed a passion
for saving the bees, learning about the bees, and
just the bees in general. And so with that
passion, I think that passion helped
me create my business, a growing, successful
and thriving business. And here’s a little [INAUDIBLE]
that I made up on passion. You need passion and a lot of
it, because the more passionate you are about what you
do, the more fun you have while doing it. And so, with that quote,
that reminds me how important passion is to my business. Lesson three is inspiration
comes from many places. As I mentioned earlier,
another thing that helped start Bee Sweet Lemonade was
that my great granny Helen sent me a 1940s cookbook with her
favorite recipe of flax seed lemonade. And we didn’t know that
that– well, of course, we thought it was
special, but we didn’t know that that cookbook
would help start a business. We didn’t know it would be
an inspiration or anything, but actually, that cookbook
was the inspiration behind the product I chose. And we became inspired by,
one, just how the flax seed lemonade was made, and it
was such a special way, and two, how they had and
utilized flax seed back in those days, and three,
just the recipe, how it was old and special and
passed on from our family. So I just think that
inspiration helped create my business, a growing,
successful and thriving business. And the last
lesson, lesson four, is you can be sweet and
still be profitable. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] I’m a social entrepreneur. My business is focused
on giving back. And I donate my time and
money to saving the bees. And Bee Sweet
Lemonade is very proud to say that we are making a
measurable impact on saving the bees, and we’re
profitable at the same time. So with that, I want
everybody to conclude that we don’t have to choose
between being sweet and being profitable. AUDIENCE: Right. [APPLAUSE] MIKAILA ULMER: Again,
thank you for coming, and thank you for inviting me. If you’d like to learn more
about my business or my mission to save the bees, you
can visit my website at beesweetlemonade.com or my
social media sites, Google+, YouTube. So that, and I think we’re
going to do videos now. Thank you. [APPLAUSE]

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38 thoughts on “Mikaila Ulmer, 10-year old Founder of Bee Sweet Lemonade | Talks at Google

  1. Wise beyond her years! What a fantastic little girl and kudos to her parents for supporting and encouraging her! Future Googler? =)

  2. She is do talented. …Bless her. She
    Will rise to any occasion !!

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    She is definitely a YES 😀

  3. Great job Mikaila , in this way you're saving the world , keep going , inspire more people , and do great business , but profite from your childhood because it will never be again ,thank you . You did a great choice !!

  4. I once read that if you removed mankind from the world (all of us) that it would ( the world that is) carry on just fine. But if you were to remove all the insects that life for us, the world even… would come to a "screeching halt." Mikaila thank you for educating us, taking action, and BEEing pure encouragement and inspiration.

  5. Mikaila make sure get out of this phony forced education system, and drop out of your school before media paralyzes. And learn from, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, John D. Rockefeller, Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Colonel Sanders, Charles Dickens, and Princess Diana, whom they all drop out of their schools. Otherwise after 12 years of spending your precious life at school by force, you must work at McDonald, and Pizza Hot like millions of 12 graders. That is if you were not given this blessing. Learn from the ones who have been given talent.

  6. I like this kinds of news and good to see our black kids and even children of every color doing some positive and being in business for themselves

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  8. Little chocolate princess, her father must be proud. Extremely articulate for her years, and a natural for speaking in front of people.

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