Minecraft: Bedwars – Bit Plays With Matt (noobs ignored us)

what’s up guys I’m about to make another
minecraft video you know the good stuff you know nothing too crazy hey who are
you are you doing my house now your house no that’s me it’s me
wait who are you I’m your uncle yeah Bit Plays Hypixel Bedwars With Matt Subscribe for more minecraft content 😛 what’s up gamers we got another video
for you guys going to the game it’s your boy in the frame and the frame gives you
an overview don’t get afraid come on before the game starts come on come on
Oh different here go here we go Alright squat squat look at the camera how do you squat? This is my first time playing shift key shift key okay we’re starting this game alright time to play like idiots I mean good good naw like idiots no our teammate disconnected oh this is not good That’s good no that’s not good we both
suck no I’m great Out of my way out of my way zoom in zoom in zoom Do you have any wool no whats that thats the stuff i’m holding this stuff
here take this go build that way I don’t know how to build you shift and hold it
why gonna edge of the block and just place another block Oh No I died nooooo! the wool the wool you know protect the bed I’m the gardener I mean not the gardener I’m the gar.. naw I’m the wait protector there you go
nothing I know I’m gonna say guarder guarder
but not the gardener well yeah I could be that too you know my wooden sword
one what is that one no no no I came to see you what I’m trying to get diamonds here check me out check me out I’m good
look I can jump move forward dang they’re not even trying to come over here These noobs are ignoring us all right here
take these and cover the please like all over the bed wait where’s the bed right
he’s right here this is just what we covered up okay so so will you see honey
places can’t stand on the same block you’re placing good I’m going so quick
okay somebody comes over chart basically so confused these guys do it and I know
they’re gonna be like these are legends what is you come on wait
whoa dudes like it has some zoom in dude get this bolt baby just died what
accident Oh how many times can you die in this
game I think it’s unlimited oh that’s good
we’re good which oh yeah I can die as many as I want them let’s go all right
let me get some more resources that’s this guy right click take the toe or the
gold over to this guy record yes sir you’re gonna click on okay got it and
then just ask for the diamond sword no no no bones I click on the iron boots
boots boots get those boots wait which one the aren’t permanent iron
armor yeah yeah yeah I’ll look good down like a ruby wait
wait why am i fighting with golden eggs whatever that is all the negs okay oh
that’s gold wait cause look oh my thing my thing it look like eggs well this is
gold that’s good no but I want to fight with it because once if I die oh don’t
you have a sword get a better sword oh no this one’s good but I know I can get
people splinters that’s good I’ll grate it to a little bit better so quick zoom diamonds what if I want to touch
somebody else I think I dunno or I tried drugs actually no that’s not a timer
look see this is a bunch of bugs in the air no look at the numbers look at a lot
of seconds got it okay wait why is this grass keep coming back dude you can’t
break the blocks only you can only break like the ones you buy see that’s crazy
this just grass doesn’t break what do bedwars pvp subcribe for more you think you are the garden yes I’m
supposed to moment but it’s not letting me know
haha making me kind of mad three teams love o y’all on red just destroy each
other to watch this reminder were like Legoland Legoland yeah yeah it’s
sufficient lands over here you only one Explorer actually do have bed bugs no
yeah they cost for your arm dude is sure
their bed that’s that’s pretty good Michelangelo why’d you lock me in you
dingus Oh can you buy a lawnmower this game no there’s no such thing as long
horse little Degrassi to get cut I’m mining
mining for the big bucks here look below middle all right let me get some more
blocks in geez you’re taking too long send it send it
I don’t want a bill I don’t know how to cut the grass you know what well you
have diamonds this game this game is making me depressed
oh I’m just gonna jump around just don’t worry
Ross mark it’s all about you go oh no accident ah sorry
well I think I had diamonds like a lot I’m killing over the green come with me
dude wise mice look like a lightsaber it’s like the lowing doing in my legend
my legend for dying to attempt like I’m a god look I can’t die now like I’m like undefeatable as soon all right so we I wonder if we get a
story read well noise a third phase let’s just do it
hey wait for me though kiss me give me meet the legend running I’m running dude
see I was the bait see that’s how you do it I die you live
man he’s giving me all the best stuff in the game kinda miss my boots Subscribe to Bit Plays Minecraft can’t even touch those two beasts
dude I’ve only died like 50 times – that’s good that’s good yeah it’s like
that be my other record was like last time I died like 51 so I’m getting
better I’m pretty did you don’t think it changes his game those cut the grass ha
ha they definitely make lawn mowers in this condition it make a minigame like
that just call it like who can cut the grass the fastest yeah it’s got like cut
the grass cut the grass or cut the cheese on their mind wait what it says
you can only break blocks place by player what oh just destroyed them no they’re not
obsidian that’s good oh oh good was that Battlement oh you found me you found me oh I know
I’m gonna go over there on glass no no you stay there I would agree I’m gonna
be big I’m gonna get on there quicky quicky right now you can you can’t hit
me nice I got away baby I need better gear
though I’m gonna go back and attack them Oh fresh okay let’s just high credit you
know I have like this stuff stuff okay just come with me and what we can attack
them together all right finally I get it be on this mission boom
Oh hope I don’t die no like just jumping off don’t worry you just got sneak up on
it no I almost died I just almost died that would be crazy
alright I gotta take this nice and slow once oh I know what I couldn’t go I
couldn’t get up the first couldn’t get up the first block what he expects
doesn’t even happen oh oh they’re onto Minecraft: Bedwars – Bit Plays With Matt (noobs ignored us) us
no no honey they’re only you not me no cuz I’m a legend the key the game is
just die if when he died you just respond and then they can’t kill you you
sit down that’s me my sword is that boss always right here all right watch this football players
with your helmets all the way out of my way
oh man what’s this guy you for like trying hard on it so yeah but I’m tired
I didn’t oh no you did yeah I really what I realized fighting Nemo’s thinking
Cogan like it made cry after you couldn’t swim
like we did what’s the point of living you’re a fish you can’t swim
like I’m trying to drown myself I wonder wouldn’t I wonder what Nemo’s dad told
him like there’s plenty of fish in the sea like dad why can’t I get a girl but
don’t worry son he’s like because you don’t have a big you don’t have a big
thing you know hopefully I don’t die of falling off did look back wait look back
look back I want to show you something already
oh they’re building over wait wait wait where what we hear y’all was building
over dude I can fight them I can find him
boy yeah yeah okay wait this side yeah that’s what this is really hard how do
you do that how do you like run so straight just
just run on the block I am right on the block
neither this my guys you toward it all right see okay wait what do you want now mmm-hmm oh my god again
that’s crazy hey sexy girl hey you I gotta go the cross take me with you Oh oh why did I I said I was back our diamonds
Oh oh no y’all’s on her face oh oh this is not good it’s not good way
to show bleep do bad destroy what was that mean oh the times up
now sudden death so it means we got to survive survive our beds destroyed so we
can’t die now so you know how to fall off I’m dead for sure
yeah you’re dead for sure if you pull off okay well you jumping over there
I’ll know why when can I get my arrow from all the way down here or not
how far can my arrow fly oh that guy’s trapped there now we just trapped him Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars oh yeah good luck buddy how do I let go
doubt how do I like go down I’m not so high in
the sky yeah good luck with that yeah let me try that actually
alright if you miss if you miss them slaps
preach lies miss Pina baby actually good Oh hit him with the strategy
Oh No ah thing is I was laid in big time yeah my Golden Apple II didn’t get eaten
gone outside while GG that was a good game I’m going outside and hating your
God ha ha yeah you missed him Ching lots of good stuff yeah it was
good it was good video yeah and but yeah hey hey alright so there’s me this far
comment in the comment section below

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  1. Bro your editing style…..I love it keep it up my guy! Also if you guys are down to play let me know…..maybe even a collaboration if you want 🤘

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