Monarch Butterfly Survival Kit

Monarch Butterfly Survival Kit saving the world one butterfly at a time. Hello. My name is Federico Muelas I’m a teacher of Electronics and Physical Computing and a father of two Lucas 12 and Ruby 7 After teaching at the School of Visual Arts in New York City for more than a decade I have found out that there are several things that keep children and teenagers from learning about electronics First they find it intimidating Second most of the teaching materials are designed more for boys than girls and while this is becoming to change it is not changing fast enough to ensure gender equality in STEM fields any time soon and third Electronics is often viewed as contributing to E-waste and all the environmental problems that come with modern consumerism But I believe that electronics can offer solutions not create problem for the environment that it can also motivate more girls to take an interest in the STEM fields and when taught correctly Electronics can be a fun and creative outlet To creative sometimes With those goals in mind I created the Monarch Butterfly DIY Kit It includes all the parts for assembling a robotic butterfly and building a circuit board to bring it to life and control its motion The kit also contains material for growing a sanctuary made out of milkweed the only plant in the world used by monarch butterflies to lay their eggs Young scientists will learn the basic concept of electronics by assembling a robotic butterfly along with the circuit that powers it with sunlight and controls its motions They will also learn to grow a milkweed sanctuary the kit include seeds that are designed to germinate in the floral foam packaging with the outter tin box serving as a temporary greenhouse When the butterfly is ready to be taken outside the tin box also doubles as a waterproof container for the circuit and the solar panel Nothing gets discarded with this green design product The kit comes with a new comic strip introducing Professor Scatterbrain’s niece, Ruby a super smart and stubborn young scientist determined to save the world one butterfly that time Ruby gives step-by-step instructions to complete the project I need your support to make it happen. But first, let me tell you a story two years ago I started project called the Wonderful World of Electronics to introduce children and teens to the Art of Electronics with hands-on electronic exercises and comic strips The first line of product I created was the make a circuit Do-It-Yourself Kit Now with the Monarch Butterfly Do-It-Yourself Kit I want to build upon what we already started I don’t only want Electronics to be fun and easy to learn. I wanna encourage more girls to take an interest in it Please donate or share this project Thank you

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