Monarchs by the Millions: Welcome to Butterfly Forest

The largest insect migration in the world ends each year in Michoacan, Mexico Millions of monarch butterflies travel from across the U.S. and Canada Some flying close to 3000 miles to pass the cold months in the towering trees of this beautiful forest

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48 thoughts on “Monarchs by the Millions: Welcome to Butterfly Forest

  1. I find it fascinating how the travelling butterflies 'remember' a lost mountain near Lake Superior. It was one of the tallest mountains in North America, making it impossible to scale for the butterflies, and a huge part of their migration, so they went around it. But the mountain didn't stand the test of time, and like all mountains will someday, became no more. But they still go around the place where it once stood, though the mountain hasn't existed for a millennia. Rather fascinating little insects, indeed.

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  3. I remember going there with my group on junior high, it was pretty cool, sometimes there are so many on a single branch that it bends with the weight of all of the butterflies.

  4. Absolutely breathtaking!!! Though I wish the video was longer I admit its one of the best scenery of butterflies I've ever seen, Thank you for sharing

  5. That's pretty impressive! I've never seen that many butterflies at once! In case you want to see more butterflies video we have one on our channel.

  6. I remember my parents took me here when I was like 4. It was amazing, I remember not even being able to see the bark on trees because there were so many monarchs. Gorgeous sights, would really recommend. But, it’s a long walk to get up and down the mountain

  7. So beautiful. I live on the central coast of California and we have a micro butterfly forest in Pismo Beach. Probably not millions but is still amazing to see. 💗

  8. If I ever go there when the butterflies are there, I'm going to wear a flower dress and stay as still as I have to be to get butterflies to land all over me, and I'm going to have someone take pictures and videos of it. It'd be childishly, whimsically wonderful and beautiful.

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