Morbius Trailer – Marvel Spider-Man Scene and Sinister Six Theory Breakdown

how far are we allowed to go
to fix something that’s broken until the remedy is worse than the disease Michael Morbius got tired of doing the whole
good guy thing, huh? what’s up doc? Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this is going
to be my new spider-man Morbius trailer video for all the sinister six stuff
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video so the Morbius trailer shows us a couple spider-man scenes between the
wall graffiti of the Tobey Maguire spider-man suit referencing the Spider
Man far from home post credit scene murderer like he killed Mysterio or at
least the world thinks he killed Mysterio then I would argue the even
bigger scene of Michael Keaton’s vulture after the events of the spider-man
homecoming post-credit scene in his same white prison jumpsuit in New York City
which itself might be from one of the Morbius post-credit scenes there’s also
a Kraven seemed that didn’t make it into the trailer remember we’re all thinking
the Kraven might be the villain to the next spider-man movies spider-man 3
which they’re shooting this summer there’s this truck that reads teasing
that the characters going to show up Earl soon but because it’s showing up in
Morbius a Sony movie not an MCU movie there’s a big question about where
Kraven is going to appear first because Sony is developing a Kraven solo film so
I’m not so sure that Kraven is going to be the villain of spider-man 3 but it’s
just all more evidence of them setting up sinister 6 off in the distance in
fact on the spider-man far from home bonus features there’s a clip of Amy
Pascal literally saying that they’re getting ready to do something with the
sinister six these villains that we now have in our universe happen to be
characters that are in the sinister six there may be something that happens to
that no matter where he goes the world is going to be different for him the
real blockbuster brace yourself you might want to sit out spider-man’s name is
Peter Parker what no more hiding yeah no more hiding
I feel like you watch that and it can’t be any more clear they’re definitely
headed for sinister six Sony has a history to of putting footage from the
end of their movies in their trailers if you didn’t notice they did it with venom
last year and all the venom trailers they kept having that clip of him
talking about turds in the wind eating that guy in the convenience store that
was right out of the end of the venom movie so it wasn’t really them giving
away the post-credits scene it’s just a lot of people feel like this vulture
Michael Keaton cameo is from the end of the movie like you go through the
process of him becoming the Morbius character then this would be some sort
of tag scene to let you know that it’s all connected blowing everyone’s minds
but they put it in the trailer because they really want you to go see the movie
to find out what’s going on on top of all this there’s also a lot of people
now after watching the trailer who are wondering if Jerrod Harris’s Morbius
character is in fact secretly a really big spider-man villain from the comics
he comes off like a caring father figure to Morbius in the trailer but Sony is
being very secretive about the official name of his character and the only
reason to do that would be if it’s a big spoiler and if he’s playing a huge
spider-man villain like a lot of people are now wondering if he might secretly
be their new version of dr. Otto Octavius because there are only a few
big spider-man villains who are doctors themselves and it does seem like his
character is a medical doctor and even though a lot of spider-man villains come
from the sciences like Norman Osborn is a scientist he’s not a real doctor in
the way Doctor Octopus is and you have to remember that Doctor Octopus is
actually the person who put together the first version of the sinister 6 Norman
Osborn’s Green Goblin didn’t really get tied up with sinister six stuff till way
way later in the comics but they just did the lizard a few years ago during
the Andrew Garfield amazing spider-man movies and the whole thing with the new
Tom Hollands spider-man era of movies is them doing new characters or people they
haven’t done in a long time in yes they did do Doctor Octopus doing the Tobey
Maguire films but if they’re using Toby’s suit for this big spider-man
spider-man far from home Easter egg then maybe it is a big clue that they’re
bringing back some more stuff from the Tobey Maguire era like the Doctor
Octopus character but now you probably realized why they wanted to put so much
of this spider-man crossover stuff in the Morbius movie it’s mostly to get you
to go see the movie to find out what’s happening
otherwise how many people do you think would completely ignore Morbius he’s not
that huge of a character and even though venom did really well last year venom by
himself is a really really popular character so
people were already going to go see that movie no matter what Sony is really
banking on this big spider verse that they’re spinning out to be successful so
they’re just throwing everything they have at these spin-off movies you never
heard of Morbius before you’re not sure about whether or not you’re going to go
well we’re going to put a whole bunch of spider-man crossover stuff in it now how
about you go but cute pizza time we also have to talk about this Tobey Maguire
spider-man costume why would they use this version of the costume if they’re
referencing the events of spider-man far from home in that post-credit scene
would happen with Mysterio I think one it’s to let you know that there will be
a spider-man crossover eventually like spider-man exists in this universe
because you didn’t see him anywhere during the first venom movie and I think
they’re going to use the venom two – soft reboot that with a bunch more spider-man
stuff but – I think it’s also meant to be a nod to the original Sony spider-man
movies with Tobey Maguire like those were hugely successful films however you
feel about them creatively spider-man 2 is still one of the best spider-man
movies of all time in three I think it’s also a way to remind you that there is a
spider verse in a multiverse in a way for the MCU movies in the Sony venom
virtue bees to coexist in how it can make sense for Tom Holland to show up in
both franchises without the MCU having to be super beholden to all the stuff
that they’re doing in the venom movies with top Haaland things don’t really get
that complicated til you start seeing Tom Holland jump back and forth between
the Sony movies whatever he’s crossing over with venom and he’s sinister sick
stuff and then the MCU movies there’s still a lot of questions about how their
sinister six project would go down will sinister six be the next big movie after
venom two or to Sony wait and do more solo villain movies like the Kraven
movie I said that they’re developing they’re clearly setting Kraven up during
the Morbius movies so that means that he’s going to appear somewhere but
here’s what Marvel and Sony both said about how they’re handling the
spider-man Tom Holland crossovers they announced a lot of these details when
they revealed the new sharing deal just a little while ago they refer to it as a
call and answer system Kevin Feige talked about spider-man jumping back and
forth between Earth’s in the multiverse but also between cinematic
versus Tom Holland was already confirmed to be appearing in the Sony venom movies
eventually and other potentially Sony driven spider-man projects like sinister
six when he does that Sony is allowed to reference his previous adventures in all
the Marvel movies that spider-man has been in like getting snapped in Avengers
infinity war and Avengers endgame his field trips with the Avengers during
Captain America Civil War in all the Mysterio stuff during spider-man far
from home then when he comes back for more Marvel movies like spider-man 3
Avengers 5 Young Avengers whatever the MCU movies are allowed to reference all
the stuff that happened to him while he was in the Sony venom movies so if he
gets the symbiote during one of the venom sequels are doing a big venom
crossover they can reference the symbiote in the MCU movies after that a
lot of you will remember way back to spider-man homecoming the MCU movies
already kind of seemed like they were slowly building their own roster of
sinister six characters starting in the post-credits scene it’s on our little
spider friend I’ve got some boys on the outside who would just love to meet him
you don’t take a picture slice his throat but his head in a dryer and I
heard a rumor you know here’s the thing about that
post credit scene is that after the events of spider-man far from home we
mostly assumed that we’d be seeing an MCU only version of sinister six
but with Michael Keaton showing up at the end of Morbius it seemingly confirms
that we’ll see at least some of the sinister six stuff come from the sony
venom verse movies so I don’t know if this is going to be a joint venture with
the MCU because sinister six is a big deal and Sony has been trying to make a
sinister six movie since way back in the Andrew Garfield era that was with a hole
amazing spider-man 2 post-credit scene was about oscorp’s sinister six
then Drew Goddard the person who started the daredevil Netflix TV show was
actually going to direct the sinister six movie but then they got rid of Andrew
Garfield and basically shelved their plans for sinister sakes
so I still think that they’re chomping at the bit to make a sinister six movie
but because of the vulture showing up in Morbius it seemingly confirms that venom
will also eventually have a presence in whatever sinister six movie that they
eventually do and I think a lot of what the new sinister six movie would wind up
looking like and how everything goes down just depends on whether or not
Marvel makes the sinister six movie or Sony makes it by themselves so let me
know in the comments do you think that sinister six is going to wind up being an
MCU movie or do you think it’s just going to wind up being a Sony movie by
itself there’s a bunch more Marvel videos I’ll be doing this weekend and
next week so leave all your requests in the comments below if you have any big
questions congratulations kyrie irving you’re the
giveaway winner from my last big Marvel video please email me on the about page
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thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

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50 thoughts on “Morbius Trailer – Marvel Spider-Man Scene and Sinister Six Theory Breakdown

  1. Here's my new Morbius Trailer Spider-Man Sinister Six video and Easter Eggs. Sony has been hyping Sinister Six for a while. Post all your theories in the comments! Here's my Full Morbius Trailer video too

  2. Sinister Six or someone in it tries to kill Aunt May? Now that everyone knows his name we need a One More Day story arc on screen. Also… Shang Chi teach Peater martial arts. And Dr. Strange can fix that everyone knows his name.

  3. Sony is definitely the one producing the sinister six. Wouldn’t even doubt if this was a factor from the new deal with Marvel/Disney.

  4. I want the Sinister Six movie to take place in the MCU because that just feels right to me. Marvel characters in the MCU just makes sense and sounds right to me. I like the Sony movies, but it just doesnt feel the same watching it thinking "these guys wont ever meet (some MCU character)"

  5. Thoughts on Christian Bale playing Norman Osborne?! Heard about that possibility. Not sure how he fits with the Thor movie unless it’s somehow it’s a credits scene.

  6. I was planning on seeing Morbius anyway. I still think the Lizard and Doc Octopus may show up. I think Sinster Six will be a MCU movie.

  7. I think they should do maximum carnage first in 2022, then have a sinister six movie the years following. I dont care much if sony makes it or marvel just as long as its awesome.

  8. The 1st Venom trailer was terrible. I knew that movie could be a disaster( which it was in a way) but Morbius looks really promising from this 1st trailer.

  9. When will we get a Marvel Blade movie. I'm hoping Blade comes out in Morbious. He was a character that popped up in the old cartoons and comics to help Spiderman against Morbious

  10. Joint Sony/Marvel project with Venom in it as well. Probably like a mini-infinity war/End Game with several characters like Defenders as well.

  11. I want them to set up different universes like a cosmic and horror type universe. If we get the illuminati for the next avengers movie I would be so pumped. Lol can you explain Black Spider the spider-man of DC.

  12. MattPat on FIlm Theory, has pointed out recently, that Sony's in a bit of a holding pattern in figuring out what to do with Spider Man…it's a cash machine, but they lose rights if Sony is separately purchased…then rights revert fully to Disney.

    I think it's going to be announced after Morbius…Venom was a surprise hit….which may not be a guaranteed repeat (Also, to be honest, not a great movie) So when confirmation is received, if received, that Morbius gets at least $500 million worldwide, I think it will be announced as a stand alone SS movie by Sony. They've got 4-5 possible characters already…Vulture, Scorpion, Morbius, Venom, may be Shocker. That's not even getting to Doc Oct, Chameleon, Lizard, and Kraven. So they're close to having enough pieces already, just need to come up with a game plan, once the Morbius pieces falls into place.

  13. Raimi: Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, Sandman, Hop Goblin. Webb: Electro, Lizard, Hop Goblin, Rhino. Watts: Vulture, Mysterio, "Elementals" are all done. We need brand new never before seen on live action characters now, and stronger stories that aren't based on high school, college, or entering the adult world angst.

  14. Its definitely going to be a Sony crossover with marvel. Hopefully they will bring in black cat. Black cat is important with morbius

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