Mosquito Bites Swelling – How To Get Rid of Mosquito Bite Inflammation Quickly

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beauty planet mosquito bite swelling is a common problem in tropical weather and rainy
season you might have experienced it when you are outside by camping hiking
etc especially in Florida or coastal areas after mosquito bites you will see
your skin is inflamed in few minutes and itching starts you feel tempted to rub
your skin it is frustrating always the reason your skin is itching because when
mosquito bites you there is a special protein inside it salaiva when this protein enters in your skin it prevents your blood clogging so that
mosquito could suck your blood easily when mosquito is done it flies away
but your body thinks this protein as foreign element and asks immune system
to fight with it and destroy it while your body immune is fighting with this
foreign protein your skin is inflamed and it looks pink or red this is called
inflammation you feel aging your skin in this video I am going to suggest you top
5 ways to get rid of mosquito bite swelling quickly which works for me very
well number 1 alcohol prep pads rubbing alcohol prep pad may give you relief
relief intensity vary from person to person though but give a try to these
pads first you can buy these pipes from pharmacy stores or from Amazon I have
given the link below in the description you can buy it from there
you may carry these pads when you go out it is under 10 bucks not expensive if
you rub alcohol at inflamed area alcohol will clear the mosquitoes saliva protein
it helps your immune system to fight it better number two rub ice cube ice cubes gives
the relief from itching but it’s temporary as soon as you remove ice cube
you make it itching again but it is worth to give a try and best part it is
free get few cubes from your refrigerator and rub it on the inflamed
skin you may use ice pack strap when you are outside number three
baking soda take a spoon of baking soda and mix it with a spoon of water make
the paste and apply it an inflamed area it will give you instant relief if you
mosquito bite swelling by a couple of times use the baking soda accordingly I have given the
link of baking soda which you can buy from Amazon number four apply
hydrocortisone cream it is a good anti-inflammatory hydrocortisone cream
it helps to reduce the inflammation and swollen by mosquitoes applied few times
a day I am giving the links to this cream at Amazon number five Swan calamine lotion it
works slowly but effectively you need to apply a couple of times in a day I have
given the link in description it is inexpensive on Amazon. Mosquito Bite Swelling. please try these
home remedies and suggest two tricks please share your comments below and if
you have question please ask it in comment box I will reply to it my best
knowledge thanks for watching and please give thumbs up to this video please do
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