Mosquito Bites Will Be DEADLY This Summer

According to a report by the Centers for disease
control and prevention, diseases spread by mosquito, flea and tick bites are on the rise
in the united states. Find out how this could affect you, here on
IO. Welcome back to IO, I’m Charlotte Dobre. Practically the only thing that sucks about
summer is bug bites. Especially super itchy, red, gigantic mosquito
bites that are so distracting people don’t even notice how nice your tan is. But now apparently, mosquito bites are not
only itchy and unsightly, you actually have to be worried about mosquitoes spreading diseases. The report stated that illnesses from bug
bites, otherwise known as vector borne diseases, tripled over the course of 13 years. In 2004, there were 27,300 cases in the US,
and in 2016, there were 640 thousand. Experts believe that the rise in these vector
born diseases is due to rising temperatures. Bugs love warm weather. Another factor is travelling, and people introducing
diseases into the united states and not going to the doctor. What diseases should you be worried about? Specifically, the Zika Virus and the chikngunya
virus, which are spread by mosquitoes, and also babesiosis, and lyme disease which are
spread by ticks. Lyme disease can be extremely nasty. A tick will bite you and a red rash will appear
3 to 30 days after being bitten. It can cause serious health problems later
in life. The bacteria from the disease can attack the
central nervous system. Things like the heart and joints can be affected. To make matters worse, Lyme disease extremely
difficult to diagnose. But if you notice a rash appear, make sure
you take a picture and seek medical attention ASAP. The earlier you treat it, the better. So what can you do to prevent the spread of
diseases? Well, of course use bug spray when you’re
outside. Use Environmental Protection Agency registered
insect repellent. Wear long shirts and long pants. Do what you can to control ticks and fleas
on your pets. Your Mom – Where’s Charlotte
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100 thoughts on “Mosquito Bites Will Be DEADLY This Summer

  1. The bees where I live this year will attack you for no reason! My mom and I both got attacked when we did not provoke the bee. I do have red hair though, so bees love me.

  2. So sorry, but in missouri, winter ended the other day, global warming is kinda hard to belive here

  3. Shit… the mosquitos where I live will bite through your clothes no matter how much you wear

  4. Back in the day, it would be cold during summer where I live. Thanks to global warming, it’s gonna be warm and well I’m gonna die

  5. Well I don't have to worry about this since I know the truth: we're all living in a computer simulation.

  6. I like to be outdoors and I have bites some on me and it swelling UPPP!!! I hate mosquitoes, I wore appropriate clothing and they still bit me because the clothing is not that thick.

  7. Currently in winter

    Hide. Find a way to cover your self. Long pants and long shirts won't work.they seek in

  8. Looks at bug bites everywhere
    Me:well shit

    Bugs:woop!woop!guys check out that girl let's go get her sick


  10. its summer in florida i've been bitten by sooooo many mosquitos im still alive so are all of my family and friends. also I HATE TICKS they are so gross and creepy.

  11. Who else started trying to hide them selfs from all bugs and started getting itchy…. just me. Ok

  12. I live in South San Francisco and whenever it’s summer I go to the Philippines. But I mostly go back to my normal home which is SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO whenever School days are near. I mostly get lots of mosquito bites in the Philippines I get dizzy when I have too much bites. They love biting me then anyone in my family. :///////

  13. I got sick from a bunch of mosquito and a few spider bites over the summer… turned out to be nothing, but still was scary

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