Most Clergy and Pastors are Lazy Parasites

Most clergy are lazy parasites, who have never
done an honest day’s work in their lives. To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is hard work.
It is not about sitting in a parsonage and thinking up some theory and thinking up ways
of getting money out of people. Dear friends, to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, means that
you deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and you follow Jesus Christ, that is hard
work. If you follow people who themselves do not know anything about work. If they are
your leaders, if they are your coaches, where do you want to end up? Jesus Himself was a
Carpenter, He worked hard. His disciples were normal hardworking men. They were not parasites
who sat around, they were working men. A child of God is not a parasite. A child of God is
a person who works hard. To be a child of God does not mean that you’ve got a vacation
and that you are sitting around, lazy around all the time, thinking up nice things to tell
other people to do, it means you deny yourself, you pick up your cross every day and you follow
Jesus Christ. And you go where He has called you. The job He has called you in, you do
that in a proper way, you work hard every day. You are faithful in that which He has
called you but there is no space for any lazy people in the Kingdom of God. A child of God
works hard and He earns enough for His own keep and also to supply to those who do not
have. It is not the life of a parasite, lazy around in some parsonage, sitting around doing
nothing and thinking up nice brilliant plans to extort money so that he can build his own
little Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is not clay and mortar and buildings. It is the souls
and the hearts of people. Following Jesus Christ is hard work, every day of your life,
being a normal man, doing a normal job, while you living as a child of God amongst a wicked
and crooked society and you let your light shine. You excel at that which others do,
but you do it better because you are doing it for Jesus. You are IN this world but you
are not OFF this world. If you want to be a life coach you need to know what it means
to work hard. You need to know what it means to earn your keep. You cannot just sit and
be an adviser because you have been reading a book. You need to deny yourself, pick up
your cross every day and follow Jesus and then you will know how to teach others to
be responsible citizens of this world and of the Kingdom of God. May Jesus bless you.

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11 thoughts on “Most Clergy and Pastors are Lazy Parasites

  1. Amen brother, true message.
    Lord told me once that the harlot "church" system is a parasitic organism.
    Jesus bless you.

  2. I couldnt disagree more with you in what your stating here. Many I would agree with but all then no for there is and has always been good and faithful pastors working within the body of Christ even unto today. This is slandering the good and faithful shepards working in the Lord's fields and we musnt group all together throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Pastor David Wilkersen comes to mind who was recently called home by the Lord and there are others bro so becareful in what you say plz

  3. we should all be encouraging and building each other up for the time is late and the laborers are truly few dont you agree? It does sadden me with so many having gone astray working for money and lots of it with the health wealth prosperity false gospel which has taken hold of so many with their lies. God see's the heart so lets pray for the body asking the Holy Spirit to bring into the fields more men an women whose hearts are sold out for Jesus and willing to lay down their lives 4 the gospel

  4. Is spending money bad?
    Is helping the economy.
    Thus a spoilt child spending money is doing something good for the world
    compare to someone who puts money in the banks

  5. I believe in a different church model, not a pastor driven church model. I have described it below.
    I welcome your feedback.

    I feel that especially in countries where Christians are persecuted, the pastor driven church model is weak and vulnerable. If the shepherd is struck, the sheep will scatter. It is better to have an elder driven model where there is no single point of authority, but a many-fold cord. So if one leader is taken out, there are other leaders remaining in the church.

    1. Structure: the structure of My Dream Church is based on the New Testament 'Body Of Christ' model and not on the Old Testament hierarchical model.
    2. Anointing: Every believer is a priest in the new covenant.
    3. Biblical: submission to the Word in My Dream Church will be at a higher level than submission to leaders
    4. Leaders should have secular jobs:
    5. Finances: Giving not Tithing. Transparency in finances.
    6. Praise and Worship is congregational:
    7. Looking sideways (practical love)

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