Motion Picture Orientation Certification in Kamloops, BC

The motion picture industry in British
Columbia is growing at a rapid rate and with it the number of high-paying
creative and challenging jobs and careers. Vancouver is booming and not
only is it close by it’s almost at capacity for productions and this is
causing the industry to overflow into Kamloops in the interior.
What does this mean for you? It means there’s job opportunities near and
far throughout the industry just looking for people to fill them. Kamloops and the
province need hair and makeup specialists, tradespeople, production
assistants, drivers, office staff, wardrobe stylist, set constructors, art designers,
and even security to service the industry. That’s just the tip of the
iceberg. Whether you have the necessary skills or not there’s one thing that
everyone needs first, and that’s the proper orientation training to certify
you to be on a union set. Luckily for you the Thompson Nicola Film Commission and
Mastermind Studios have got you covered We are hosting the motion picture
industry orientation course and we’re doing it in an extremely affordable cost.
Register today for this one and a half-day program and get the advice and
certification you need to start on your path to a new and exciting opportunity.
But don’t just take my word for it It’s totally worth it like learning
about the industry because you learn so much so many little things in that
course that you would have never have thought of . You see all aspects of the
film industry. It definitely went into details of pretty much every job that was on set. A little bit of what you need to know to be on set. Who you talk to to
be on set how to get into the industry in the first place and where the pecking
order is and who you answer to who answers to you oh yeah for sure. If you want to get on set if you want to get serious about working in the film
industry then you need to take this course . It’s inexpensive you can learn if
you are interested you know in the field it’s going to give you a ton of
information and I would yeah definitely just just jump in and try it it’s great. And any further questions you have you ask Mastermind Studios because they’ve been
nothing but helpful after trying to get you on where to pursue your career after

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