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Video Transcript for “Mouse & Rodent-Proofing
Your Camper | Pete’s RV Quick Tips” Randy: Hey folks, Randy with Pete’s RV TV
here today, another quick tip segment with Pete’s RV. Does your camper look like this
when you put it away for the winter or if you’re going to be gone out of it for a
long time? You got the fabric dryer sheets, 14 box of those, 100 mouse traps set up? I
tell you there’s a new product out there that will alleviate you having to do this
and it’s a great new product and I love to see it here at Pete’s RV Center.
It’s called Mouse Free. What this is, is actually something that we apply to the under
carriage of the coach. We apply it to the frame and the areas where the wires and the
gas lines may go up into the coach, where the mice tend to get in. What this stuff is,
is it’s a non-toxic, it’s a self-lubricating spray. It’s got a bunch of essential oils
in it. Now mice are nocturnal so they use their noses to get themselves around at night
where they can’t see in their search for food. So what this is it’s got a lot of
spearmints and peppermints, and things like that, things that mice do not like to smell.
They also don’t like to get this product on their feet.
Now with the bounce dryer sheets, you know the, the odor goes out of those fairly quickly.
I know when I open up rigs in the spring time you can’t smell them anymore. Well, this
is an essential oil, so the oil stays around a long time. It doesn’t dissipate very quickly
so it’s going to last a long time once we, we apply it to the underbelly of the coach.
Another great thing about the Mouse Free is it comes with its own applicator, so with
compressed air we would fill the cup and just spray it along our I-beam frame, put a nice
even coat on. Again, hit those parts where the devices come up through the floor. Now
there’s a lot more electronics in coaches nowadays. There’s a lot of control wiring
and things like that and if mice get in there they can really cause thousands of dollars
of damage very quickly, and when you go to hook up to use this on your first vacation
of the year, the last thing you want is to find out that a mouse got in there and destroyed
some of that wiring and you end up in the service department because the slides won’t
go out and the hot water heater doesn’t work.
Another real great place to use these is if you got pop ups or hybrids. Those tents, $1,500
[02:00], $2,000 dollars a pop, and I have seen many of them destroyed by mice. So by
using the Mouse Free here the mouse are not going to come in. It’s going to repel them
and they are going to stay away from your camper.
So once again the Mouse Free can be purchased at our Pete’s RV online store at
And also, come see us on our Facebook page. We’ve always got a lot of great bit of information
there, so I hope you learned something today, hope you check out the Mouse Free. Now, don’t
get caught in the trap and come to The video of this presentation by Pete’s
RV Center is available at:

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