Moving Days: How to avoid bed bugs in your roadside treasures

ERIC — YOU DON’T NEED A CALENDAR TO TELL YOU WHAT DAY IT IS IN MADISON – THE CURBS WILL TELL YOU THAT. SUSAN — BUT BEFORE YOU PICK UP ANY OF THOSE UNWANTED ITEMS DURING MOVING DAYS — MAKE SURE YOU DON’T HAVE SOME EXTRA ROOMMATES COMING IN WITH THEM. SUSAN — LEAH LINSCHEID JOINS US WITH MORE FROM DOWNTOWN LEAH — JUST THE THOUGHT OF BED BUGS KIND OF MAKES YOU ITCHY, DOESN’T IT? SO A PILE OF UNWANTED MATTRESSES – PROBABLY NOT YOUR FIRST CHOICE WHEN YOU’RE HUNTING FOR NEW ITEMS DURING MOVING DAYS. BUT HERE’S THE THING – BED BUGS DON’T JUST HANG OUT IN UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE – YOU CAN FIND THEM ON SOMETHING AS FLAT AS WOOD – OR EVEN INSIDE THE SCREWS IN A FUTON. SO WE ASKED THE EXPERTS – HOW TO KEEP THE BEGBUGS AT BAY DURING YOUR MOVE-IN. Moving Days – 1 SOTW1 44 NAT – beginning of Christmas music 2 VO TRACK …is basically a Madison holiday. 2 SOTW3 43 Music: “…It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” 3 VO TRACK 3 SOTW5 43 Students – CLIP 0989 – “My desk I have right now, I’ve gotten from the side of thre street – the couch that’s in there I’ve gotten :08 4 VO TRACK For Jordan, Jason and Danny – it’s out with the old – and in with the – sometimes, older. 4 SOTW7 44 “It’s fun it’s fun what you can find – walk up and down oh that’s nice – comfy – no visible stains” :21 1 VO TRACK Not every curb find is a Christmas present come early, though. 1 SOTW9 44 BUG LAB CLIP 0891 – “So these are human bed bugs…” 2 VO TRACK PJ Leish, with UW’s Insect Diagnostics Lab – gets these kind of gifts all the time. He’s got some tips to distinguish streetside treasure – from bug-ridden trash. First – look for unwanted bedmates in side-seams and corners. 2 SOTW11 43 “They don’t like to be out in the open – they like to hide in cracks and crevices – so seams in mattresses and box springs :41 3 VO TRACK Another telltale sign – their droppings. 3 SOTW13 43 , CLIP 0890 — “The best analogy I can make, It looks like if you had a leaky ballpoint pen – if you took that and dabbed it onto fabric and you got those little black stains” :25 4 VO TRACK And – the smaller the item, the better. 4 SOTW15 46 If you see something small… cut out middle part if you can One thing you could do is take those and place them in a freezer for a week, 10 days… That would in theory kill bed bug eggs, juveniles, adults” :28 1 SOTW16 44 “That would be terrifying” :37 2 VO TRACK These three plan on doing a thorough check of any of their newfound possessions. But as for the gifts they’ll leave behind – and whether they’ll come with a surprise inside – 3 SOTW18 42 NAT – end with Christmas music? 2 SOTW19 43 ” Hopefully not – can’t make a promise on that one” LEAH– SO IF YOU *DO* HAVE FURNITURE THAT’S BEEN INFECT WITH BED BUGS – SPRAY IT DOWN WITH SPRAY-PAINT — SO THE NEXT PERSON KNOWS NOT TO TAKE IT. AND I KNOW SOME OF THESE PEICES CAN BE TEMPTING – BUT ALWAYS TAKE A LOOK FIRST.

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