My father is a parasite! Part.2 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.04.29]

I wanted to go to college like all my friends. I told her to go to college. (What was that?) But she couldn’t afford it. (Frozen) – You talk without thinking. / – You’re so simple. She couldn’t go to college just like you can’t buy a car. (You can’t get through to this guy) Her little sister is here too. I bet she’s a great older sister to her. Of course, you guys must be close. Is there a reason why she’s so special? My little sister has a speech impediment. Speech development… Her speech development is a bit slow. So you might not be able to understand her. All right. We’ll keep that in mind. Let’s meet the little sister. Hi there! Hello. How cute. (Just looking at her makes her smile) How do you feel about your older sister? That her life must be hard. She worked all these part-time jobs, so she often came home injured. (Gosh) She either fell at work or cut her hand. Prepping chickens is very hard work, and you have to work with a knife. What kind of older sister is she to you? She’s like a mother. Of course. She’s like a mother. (Her older sister is like a mother to her) (Feels guilty) And during menses… Right. When I first got that, my sister was there for me. That’s not easy. That’s something only a big sister can do. She’s always been looking after you. (Sir, did you hear that?) Let me ask you this. Has your dad ever done something to upset you? Of course. He could smile at us or greet us when he sees us, but he isn’t like that at all. I don’t even know if he loves us. That’s what I wonder. (The girls want their father to be affectionate) What was your happiest moment then? Last summer, I went to the beach with my dad and sister for the first time. Oh, you took a trip. I remember that was a really nice day. Your dad was a part of your best day? Yes, we had fun. (I like being with my dad) Sir, I bet you feel terrible. Your daughters always want you around. Yes, you should lower your head, sir. Take it more seriously. Were you aware that your oldest daughter started working in 11th grade? I never told her to get a job. I never forced her to do that. I’m sure she got a job because she needed one. I’m sure she needed living expenses. She had to work to survive, sir. Why would you say things like that? “I’m sure she got a job because she needed one”? I don’t think he means what he says. I bet he’s said a lot of things that were hurtful. My dad doesn’t even call me “daughter.” It’s always just “that girl.” – That’s it? / – That’s not right. That’s his pet name for you girls? – We hear it all the time. / – I see. That’s a pretty rough pet name. That’s what I like, so that’s that. Yet you borrow money whenever you want? How frustrating. That’s what you like, sir? You seem like a gruff person. You could try to be nicer. I’m sure I’ll feel bad about it. (Huh? Future tense?) But I can’t seem to express myself that way. That was totally unexpected. I thought he’d say, “Yes, I feel bad about that.” But he didn’t, which makes me so sad. You don’t seem to understand how she feels. (He can’t defend himself) Aside from helping financially, what else would you like your dad to do? When do you need him? It would be nice if he could come to special occasions like birthdays or graduations with a cake and maybe a gift. But that’s never happened. When I had pneumonia, a friend helped me with the hospitalization process. Thank goodness for that person. My dad wasn’t well-off then due to loans. He didn’t even show up. He didn’t even call. (Doesn’t he worry about his daughter?) She told me about her graduation 6 months before. I could get busy with work and forget. But you never forget to call when she gets paid. Do you have an alarm for that? (He deserved that) Did you set an alarm? You should know your children’s birthdays. Let me ask. When is her birthday? (He should know) Your oldest. I believe it’s in May. May what? The 15th or the 14th. – Is that right? / – No. – It’s May 7. / – It’s May 7, sir. He was off by a few days. Just a week off. Your younger daughter’s birthday. January… January something. I’m not sure. (He’s hopeless) You should know those dates. Seriously. – When’s your birthday? / – January 23. You were wrong, sir. At least he got the months right. Sheesh. Do you know when your dad’s birthday is? October 17. October 17. Is that right, sir? – Yes, it is. / – Bingo! Of course she knows. (I’m not happy about this at all) Let me ask something important. Your mother, sir. He must’ve been there when your grandma got sick. I got a call at work from my sister one day. “Grandma said she has a headache and nausea. And now she won’t pick up when I call.” I was worried, so I told my dad to check on her. He said, “I’m working now. What do you want me to do?” He got angry at me. I was at work, and she called me during my lunch break. It’s not like I could leave. But it was your mother. My job is a promise with my coworkers. (He sure is good at keeping promises with others) Think about it. Your daughters are looking after your mother. You should be doing that though. You should be thankful. And your mother is taking care of your daughters. You should be doing that. You’ve left all the responsibilities on them and just living on your own. Yes, that’s right. Maybe he’s trying to work hard for you girls. Maybe his job is really hard and he’s really busy. I don’t think he’s busy. (Why?) He’s involved in five clubs. – Clubs? / – For what? For leisure. Soccer, baseball, and hiking. He’s on two or three soccer teams. Those clubs don’t take up that much time. I play soccer early on Sunday mornings. Then I go straight to the baseball field and play a game there. I do the neighborhood watch on Wednesdays. I meet with my hiking club every two weeks. So I’m a part of those five organizations. Doesn’t it cost money to be part of those clubs? I spend around $1,000 a month. – You must spend money on special events too. / – Yes. Now that it’s the season for those, I spend around $300 a month. (He cares more about his clubs than us) Why do you go to all those clubs? Spend that time with your daughters. I don’t exercise for myself. Then why? I exercise for my kids. (Disbelief) (We don’t even want to understand him anymore) (This is only making things worse for them) I couldn’t give my father a proper funeral. I deeply regret not having enough friends to carry his casket. That’s why you’re in all these clubs? Even if I’m not financially successful, I want to be successful with having friends, so I’m very active in those clubs. Your way of thinking is so different. Why do you make money? Why do you work? At first, I tried to make money for my children, but I had a few failed ventures. I can barely support myself now. I’ll be a proper father to them eventually. I just hope they can give me some time. What’s the easiest change he could make to be a better father? What would you like him to change first? We’re doing okay on our own. We’re growing up. But our grandma… You’re worried about your grandmother. – Your grandmother… / – She’s worried about her. (She wants to look after her grandmother…) I’m not worried about her meeting her last days. I want her to have nice memories before she passes. That’s important. (Such a sweet and thoughtful girl) I just listened to this concern, and it’s breaking my heart. How do you feel, sir? I have mixed emotions. I do feel bad. Thank you for listening. Thank you for saying that. Sir, your daughter isn’t asking for anything. They’re making money to make ends meet, but you keep asking her for money and a credit card. You shouldn’t be asking her for things like that. But I need it to go out and make money. It’s just a small favor. (Are you really going to be like this?) (Such a mess) (A laugh of disbelief) He doesn’t care about his mother or daughters. He just claims he does. All he cares about are the people in his clubs. Ask your club members for money. Don’t be embarrassed. Then you’ll see if they’re true friends or not. It’s okay if you don’t make money. Some people fall on hard times. But you should know that your daughters just want you to be a warm and loving father. (Time to vote) This is a concern. I want you to love your daughters. I also say it’s a concern. You haven’t given your daughters much affection, yet you want them to do things for you. That’s incredibly selfish in my opinion. Being a parent doesn’t mean you’re entitled. You have no right to ask your daughter for favors. You have to show them some love first. I really hope you can make some changes starting today, sir. – Well said. / – Yeah. It’s definitely a concern, no questions. You are not being a father to these girls, and that really breaks my heart. – It breaks your heart? / – Yes. Can you give them financial support then? Gosh… For their family. I think it’s a concern too. I had a lot to think about. You’re very similar to my father. (There’s someone else like me…) But I’m really proud of my father now. I used to wake up in the morning, and all the windows at home were smashed. That’s how bad he used to be. It’s very simple. Just tell her often that you love her. And if you can’t do that, you’ve lost all credibility to your daughter. So I say it’s a concern. (Hweseung thinks it’s a concern!) These young men are quite admirable. They’re righteous guys. So for that credit card… What do you say about that now, sir? (Slightly gets her hopes up) (Silent pressure) I won’t get one. Thank you! (We hope things change for the better starting today) If you think this is a concern for the daughter, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time’s up! Let’s see the results. “Will I Ever Be Happy?” I sure hope it happens soon. Let’s see. Triple digits? 167 votes! (167 votes)

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54 thoughts on “My father is a parasite! Part.2 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.04.29]

  1. He doesn’t need a $1500 credit limit in his daughters name. He spends $1000 some months for clubs. His mother is living off welfare. Can’t they dock him?

  2. Girl get grandma to take him off the family registry. Get your name away from you and your sister so you aren’t stuck with his debts.

  3. srsly..he just wants to be their father now bc his eldest daughter is making money..what he wants is her money..i don't think he'll change..selfish psycho..psh

  4. I want to smash the head of this foolish and irresponsible man….he don't deserve to be called as father…

  5. Wow he’s trash. You can’t teach empathy and he for sure doesn’t have any. Cut him out from ur life, girls. He’s toxic and he won’t change. It’ll only get worse 😔

  6. Barely supports my ass😂 if he isnt one of those clubs paying $1000 he would be able to support himself and even give back to his daughters

  7. Its not like he doesnt affection to his daughters but he really doesnt give any of that and what i really can say is he is the most selfish n cold hearted person. Seriously, your mother is sick n the promise that you make with your coworker is more important..He is really crazy

  8. Thats why having a child is not for everyone,, especially such a moron like him,, a child that never ask to be born have to face such a hard life with un responsible parents like him,, poor girl

  9. “She did the part time job because she needed living expenses”
    I can’t believe any father would say that.

  10. My dad is not perfect but THANK GOD THIS MAN IS NOT MY FATHER. I wonder what happened to their mom? Or well I guess we can’t blame their mom for leaving a man like him. Gaaaaaah. I’m teary and mad!!! I wanna slap this man so bad!! Even to his own mom?? Like wth. What can your friends do??? Retard. 😒

  11. Cut ties with him. Because if he can't even hold a job, but wants to give people other money when he can't even pay her back the money that He owes Her then he's a deadbeat. When he said "I never told her to get a job" or doesn't even call her his daughter, he's a shit person.

  12. A lot of people are not qualified to be parents. If there was a test, a lot of parents would fail for sure. It is so sad.

  13. I just wanna ask the father, are you talking s***?
    What is because i need living expenses so i want to find a job??
    At this age(11grade) shouldnt the responsibility fall on the father's?
    All rubbish talk.😐
    And what, "i need credit card because of work. I need car for work. "
    But seriously, it should be "I need money for myself and my children is obliged to give me".
    Since the father like money like credit card, and since the father is not willing to earn himself, please make them out of paper by yourself. then you will have tons.
    Just be in your own world then.bye.😐

  14. My grandpa just like this man. He abandoned my father and his sister since they were child. He even took my father to orphanage, tell them that he found a lost child, and my father stay there for couple years. So grandpa's brother took him and raise both my father and hister. He gave them an acre land so when they grow up, they can use it, but my grandpa sold it. They never had a good relationship until now. He is old now, and always said to my father, I'm your father, I'm old, so its your responsibility to take care of me. If you won't, I'll be a trouble maker (well, he is). I just, wow..

    And girl, you'll be a successful woman cz this man who called himself a father only when he need money. Why, bcz of his attitude, you become a strong and tough woman. People come to your life, one, to be with you, two, to make you learn. And this one guy make you learn. Hope you'll find a true happiness in your life soon.

  15. guilt tripping his daughter for that $70? what fking hell? this is so maddening. if i were the girl i would have long cut him out from my life and let him die on his own. but i feel that the girls still badly want affection and love from their dad, and they do love him too. but the dad is just utterly disgusting. u dont own your kids just becos u provided two sperms!

  16. I feel like he needed a son and because he didn't get one he started to remorse his daughters. My opinion though.

  17. Love can't be forced and this man doesn't love her daughthers at all. Even doesn't feel any guilty for his own mother that raised his own daughters with a lot of effort and mosr important thing:love.
    This man can't feel any emotions, no empathy, not even a bit of embarrasment. What a shame of human being. I feel so sorry for both sisters, cuz they are good girls and deserves the best in this world.

  18. Sorry I actually found this funny. The Dad is a typical native man. Maybe he wished his daughters were boys. I was beginning to think he was an actor cause his excuses are unbelievable

  19. 0:11 me right now im really mad because i can relate.He is shameless, i hate how he kept repeting that he didn't tell her to get a job Fuck man she got a job to survive and fucking help you but you take advantage of her and she is hurt because of that but she's not gonna stop helping you because she is a good daughter.Everyone remember if you can't take care of a child don't have them.

  20. What a a piece of shit, everyone was being way too polite and dancing around the issue. Thank you lady in green for keeping it real and calling him out!!!

  21. "Ask the money from your friends in your club and lets see if they are your true friends"


  22. "I never told her to not go to college"
    "I never forced her to work"

    Exactly what an emotional abuser says!! They will push you to your limits to try EVERYTHING and sacrifice EVERYTHING then they simply say they never actually told you to do it.

    I hope both amazing girls cut him off completely he obviously doesn't deserve them.

  23. Imagine not rushing to get to your mother if you knew that she could be dead or in need of hospitalization. This man doesn't feel anything towards his family and they shouldn't feel for him.

  24. This man is such a disgusting selfish piece of shit he reminds me of my brother and it is just making me so angry watching this these girls need to cut all ties with him ASAP he’s not going to change.

  25. This makes me want to cry with her. I was that guy in red cardigans at the end. This remind me of my father, yet this makes me thankful for my father.

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