So, check in day is off to a good start.. we’re already late for Tuesday’s
appointment at 10 because we just go out of the hotel late, and then I
forgot my phone in the uber and so I’m going to be late for my check in as well
because i’m waiting for him to come back to bring me my phone. So we’re off to a good start today. yeah proof that our life here is not
going to be boring, cuz we’re checked in so that’s good yeah, and now we’re
headed to security to see if my uber driver dropped my phone off there,
because he didn’t show up to where he dropped me off. So that’s what we’re doing also we found out that we are… so here i’ll show you this is where security is where we have
to go through to get to chatham this is where we’re living (laughter) away from everything! The farthest one away, but we’re great we’re happy and we’re on the third day!
There is laundry by us, so we’re excited about that so it’s been
a great day, we got my phone we’re fine. Stellar guy, great guy
his name is Saul so if you ever get Saul from UBER give him five
stars that he’s a guy a great guy not just because he’s a guy, he’s a great guy we gave him five stars. Ok now we are
picking up our butt load of luggage, and marching across the apartment complex
and we’re so excited to get into our apartment it’s a great day it’s a great day to be
DCP er. So here’s my set up this, this, and then we push the baby suitcase and this
is my view the entire time. Tuesday’s like a mile ahead of me we’re
taking a break because we’re sweating so bad so remember how we told you that our
apartment complex is like the farthest one way. Well pushing three suitcases is
really hard so I think we might just pack some of it. -I think she’s got it oh wait now I need to catch up.I’m actually
surprised about how well that worked. looks like you’re it looks like you are struggling! Alright update we finally
made it to the complex alive, and now I just gotta go all the way up there. whoo hoo we made it third floor that’s our room! Tuesday this is our life now wow I love them so stylish so modern so
hip. Choice of the bed? -No I don’t care. okay can we admire this closet because
if there’s one redeeming thing about the DCP program it’s the closet space. cool
lets just sleep in here (laughter) let’s have a sleepover in our closet. ok so we’re heading to the bus stop to
go to walmart to pick up some groceries and a few things that we need to finish
unpacking or to start because we haven’t started yeah, I met our roommates they’re so cute
we’re so excited! We haven’t met Helene yet because she’s at casting. Helene is at casting so we haven’t met
her yet and she got magic kingdom we’re so excited for her we made it to walmart and we’re not sure
which pillows we use, so we’re kinda testing them out I need a squishier one How’s that feel? I don’t know! (The worker
just came and like moved the suitcase so she could put her head down.) As i suspected this walmart is extremely picked
over. This is the one that like the bus stops take you to. they don’t even have laundry baskets.
thankfully rachel has a car so we’re going to go to target later and
hopefully that one is not as picked over cause it’s kinda ridiculous. yeah we’re gonna have to come back for
food because we have to ride a bus. there’s an issue with bedbugs we found
out that we can’t use any vacuums because they’ve been invested. So that’s
fun so we bought these plastic sheets to protect against bed bugs so the don’t
get into your body today when I was unpacking, I found this cute thing that my mom left me. So whenever we go back to school, we come back home on first day of school, and my mom always leaves us our favorite candy bar and a note for us on
our pillow so when we come home from school we have that and she said “I
didn’t forget” on the back, so, she loves me, she’s the best. Love you mom! we made a half way give us a ride please I’m literally already dripping sweat I love the DCP life i’m not even complaining cause i love this.

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