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– Good day team, Neil from
Fitness Enhancement here. Now one of the reoccurring
themes that keeps coming up in conversation between
my clients and myself is my personal nutrition, what do I eat and the reasons that I eat it. So what we’re gonna be doing
today, I’m gonna be taking you through a sneak peek inside my kitchen, inside my fridge and my cupboard and basically talking about
some of the nutritional choices that I make, and the reasons
that I make those choices. Now the big caveat here
is I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a dietician, this
is not dietary advice. This is purely what I
eat and the reasons that I choose to eat them. However, my good friend
Terrianne Preston is a registered and accredited dietician,
and I’ll be tagging her in all these videos, so
if you have any questions above and beyond the information
that I give you here, something else that you want to know about that goes outside my own
personal scope of practise, by all means, whack it in
the comments section below, we’ll tag Terrianne and
we’ll get her to answer any questions that’s outside
my scope of practise. Alright, now team, just
as importantly as what’s on the inside of my fridge, is what’s on the outside of my fridge. So let’s have a quick look. Righty-O so keep me honest,
I’ve got Arnold on my fridge. There he is, which one do you want more? Good choice is entirely
yours, I’m not gonna lie I like junk food, I don’t
keep it in the house, but if it is here for the
kids or for anybody else, this is my gentle reminder. And last but not least,
I’ve got my own macros or macronutrient ratio, so what do I eat in terms of calories,
carbs, fats and proteins. Alright, let’s have a
look inside the fridge. Righty-o, so in terms of health, high in protein, high in good
fats, one of the few foods that actually contains all
nine essential amino acids. And they’re actually
reasonably low in calories, I think from memory, 77
calories per large egg. They’re not really dense
in calorie, meaning you get away with eating a few of them. On that note, one of my
biggest bug bears is when people ask me should I take
the yolk out of my egg. I answer that question
with a series of questions. Number one, why would you
want to take the yolk out? Number two, what type
of fat is in the egg? Is it good fat or is it bad fat? Number three, how much fat
should you be eating in a day? Number four, how much fat
are you eating in a day? Number five, how many of
those egg yolks can you eat to fit your macronutrients? If you can’t answer any of them, then you shouldn’t be asking, do I need to take my
egg yolks out of my egg? Coffee, lots of it. My drug of choice. You don’t need pre-workout,
you don’t need supplements, just have black coffee before a workout. Cottage cheese, high in protein, about mid-level good fats, low in carbs. The type of protein that
you find in cottage cheese is called Casein Protein and
it’s a slow digesting protein. So what this means is if
you’ve had a big work out during the day, the time that
your body is gonna recover, generally, is while you’re sleeping. So by adding some cottage
cheese before bed, it’s a slow digesting and
a slow release protein, which means throughout the
night, you’re gonna get a constant feed of protein
repairing your muscles while you’re sleeping. So slow release protein is
the key, with cottage cheese. The only draw back to cottage
cheese, it is reasonably high in sodium so you need to
watch your salt intake. But if you’re having it in
moderation, it’s not a big issue. Chocolate Rabbit, easter’s coming. Righty-o, low-fat greek yoghourt. Now because I’m a reasonably
boring individual, this is just the no name Aldi’s brand, it’s not too flashy in flavour. Greek yoghourt generally
speaking, has twice the protein of regular yoghourt, but it
has about half the sugars, half the lactose so it’s lower
in sugar, higher in protein. You generally find as
well, it’s a bit thicker and a bit creamier, the reason being they, during the manufacturing
of the greek yoghourt, they drain the liquid out which leaves it with that thicker creamier texture. If you need a little bit of flavour, look at your I think it’s
called the Jonah greek yoghourt, you can get them from
Cole’s, they are amazing. They are up there with Ice Cream. Little bit higher sugar content, because it is sweetened,
but still a much better option than your regular ski flavoured yoghourt or ice cream of course. So this is generally my go to dessert, is a bit of greek yoghourt. Righty-O team, salads. Lots of them, green
red, it doesn’t matter. Salad is the key. So if you’re in a calorie control diet, or you’re in a calorie
deficit one of the issues you’re gonna face is that
you’re probably gonna get a little bit hungry. This is a solution to overcoming hunger, while losing weight. Reason being, apart from the
fact that obviously salad is high is all your minerals
and vitamins you need, you can pretty much eat salad until your eyes fall out of your head. And you’re not gonna come anywhere near your calorie
content for the day. Okay, it’s very very low calorie, meaning you can eat a high quantity of it, without it affecting your
calorie count too much. Chuck a little bit of olive oil on there, or a little bit of balsamic
vinegar, about a tablespoon of each, to give it a bit of
flavour, and it’s good fat, so it’s not gonna blow your
calorie count out for the day. Okay, the other thing about
salad is it’s high in fibre. People talk about fibre but they don’t actually know
the role of fibre in a diet. So essentially, I like to think
of fibre as nature’s broom. It is the non-digestible part of a food. It goes in, it can’t be
digested and it comes out and it takes a lot of the waste with it. So it is important to make sure you’re getting the right
amount of fibre in your diet to help clean you out
and keep you regular. Ice cold Vodka from the freezer. Why? ♫ Cause I’m on human after all, ♫ You’re only human after all,
don’t put the blame on me. Alrighty so, olive oil and coconut oil. Both very high in good fat, so again used in moderation as a
part of a balanced diet an essential part of getting
those macronutrients. I’ve droned on a bit about
fat, but the thing is that what people don’t realise
is that those good fats are responsible for hormone production. Now I’m not going to go too much into it, because it’s a little bit
outside of my scope of practise but if you want to know a
little bit more about the role of good fats in hormone
production, chuck a question in the comments below and
we will get Terrianne to go a little bit
further in depth for you. Alrighty, so what we have
here is frozen white fish this is whole Cod fillets,
and chicken breast. I generally get about a kilo
and a half of chicken breast cook it up in the oven, bake it up, at the beginning of the week, and I have it chopped
into 300 gramme portions so it’s ready to go, I
can chuck it into a salad chuck it on a sandwich,
have it as is, boom. Why 300 grammes? That works out to what I need for my personal protein
requirements for the day, it just makes it convenient. Where people tend to
fall over with their diet is when things become difficult and they have to start
cooking and preparing food. It’s an easier option to just
open a packet of something. With the fish I got a microwave steamer, four minutes in the steamer in there I’ve got fish ready to go. Zero carb in both, good fats
in both, and high in protein. Should be a staple in any diet. White fish and chicken breast. Righty-O, so in line with
the salads, green veggies. I get all my frozen rather than fresh, it’s just more convenient that way. I can bang my freezer up with them. These cost .99 at Aldi per bag. I don’t have to think about the macro because they’re written on the bag for me. I can just bust a bag out, cook it up. This is spinach I’ve got here, high in protein, high
in iron, low in carbs. You can throw it in a
curry, throw it in a salad. You can do pretty much anything with it. It doesn’t taste like anything so you can mix it with anything
to give it a bit of flavour. .99, can’t be beat. Skim milk. So generally I get most of my
calcium from the greek yoghourt and the cottage cheese. The only time I really have milk is in my coffee after midday I drink back coffee up until midday after that I put a couple
of tablespoons of skim milk. Why Skim Milk? Lower in fat, higher in protein, and I’ve been drinking it for so long it doesn’t taste like anything
to me, it’s just milk. If I were to drink full
cream milk it would taste like I’m drinking a cup of cream. It’s one of those things
you get used to it. Righty-O, so for the kids I generally keep a whole
pile of fresh fruit, apples, pears, oranges,
strawberries, bananas, you name it. The more savoury snacks
are for taking to school, what we have here is
light air popped popcorn. It’s got next to nothing in it, you might as well be eating air. That one little bag there makes enough to make 3 morning teas. I also do get little fruit
cups, these are 100% fruit. There is no preservatives,
nothing added, it’s essentially just blended apple and water. So that is 100% apple puree. So they can take it to school
without worrying about finding a squashed bruised apple
in the bottom of their bag when they come home. Anybody out there who is a parent knows exactly what I’m talking about. Also for the kids, in lieu
of chips and cream biscuits and all that sort of stuff. Some Vita Grain biccys
chop up some tomato, the kids love it. Same thing, we’ve got the rice wheel, or the flavoured rice cakes. Again, a little bit high in salt, but when you compare it to say, eating a whole pile Onix cream biscuits or getting pack of chips it doesn’t even register on the scale. So this is what I use. Wack some cream cheese, or some tomato on it and it’s good to go, for a snack for the
kids, nice and healthy. Righty-O team! And that’s it, so that is pretty much a sneak peak inside my kitchen. There’s a few other bits and
pieces that really aren’t worth going over but that’s
the nuts and guts of it. If you’ve got any questions about anything that we’ve covered today by all means wack them in the comments below. If I can answer it, I
will, if it is a little bit out of my scope of practise
we tag Terrianne in it and she’s more than happy to
answer any questions and go a little further in depth. Guys thanks for watching and I look forward to
seeing you next time. Have a great day!

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