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Hello welcome back to my channel (giggles)
Hello my beautiful butterflies welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my
name is Beverley and is so lovely to see you today in this video we’re going to
be having a chit chat about my vintage style resolutions for this year [Vintage style music plays] this video was really inspired by vintage
weekly it’s one of my favourite Instagram accounts I just love it and
they post themes every week and from that you can you know take nice pictures
and tag them in it and they feature people it’s such a great way to find new
people to follow and to get new followers I really love that Instagram
so I’ll leave a link to them down below but I think it was last week they had
this as their theme and I really enjoyed just thinking about what I wanted to do
and so here we are because I have a bit more of a think about it and I was like
hmmm yeah this is a good question what do I want my look to be where do I want
to be in a year’s time you know in 2021 what sort of clothing do I want to be
wearing so this is really fun to think about so my number one resolution and
I’ve talked about it a few times here and on Instagram is to learn to sew I
really really want to learn to sew this year I’m setting up and filming myself
setting up a little sewing nook in one of our spare rooms because I really want
to be able to just sit and sew and I’m gonna be vlogging my journey as I try
different patterns and different things out I really love watching vlogs of
sewing especially by Rachel Maksy, Morgen Donner, Bernadette banner they have really
chill relaxing just watching them sew and I
really enjoy it so we need to bring that to this channel as well so while I’m
learning I am definitely gonna be vlogging the whole thing so if you enjoy
sewing content definitely go down there and subscribe
yeah I’m just excited to make my own clothes and to find my own style to find
a way of- because let’s be honest I’m gonna let’s be honest a lot of the
clothes that I look at on Instagram and stuff like that I look at and I just go
well look at that dress isn’t it fabulous and then I click on it and it’s
like £200 and I’m like I don’t even leave my house like I can’t justify
spending that amount of money on clothing and nobody sees me so it
doesn’t make a lot of sense so when I’m I was thinking about it and I was like
what am I gonna do I kind of thought well I could thrift and I love thrifting
I everything I’m wearing today is thrifted I’ve got a gorgeous new skirt
that you’ll see in my what I thrifted this month video which is coming up I
think next week but um I just love thrifting and supplementing my wardrobe
but I also want to be able to have really beautiful dresses and really nice
pieces in my wardrobe and the best way to go about that is making it myself
so that’s the plan so stay tuned if you want to see that sort of thing
the next thing I kind of want to do is over this year is play with more time
periods really I got kind of stuck in the 40s 50s which I love the fashion
from the 40s and 50s I really do a lot of the girls that I
follow on Instagram and here on YouTube dress in 40s and 50s but I find it’s
because those clothing items are very much reflected even now like you’ll buy a
shirt and it’ll be like from a modern day but you can see in the lines
that it’s- it comes from that time period like the idea does and so it’s easy to
thrift and find things even fast fashion you can make up a vintage style
wardrobe from fast fashion which I would love to try actually I
hadn’t ever thought of that if you’d like to see me try and do that then
definitely let me know down below because I’ll be up for trying that as a
little challenge but um yeah I kind of want to play around a bit more have a
bit more fun I did find that forties and fifties clothing is more affordable than
say if you going Victorian or medieval you’re talking a lot of money for
reproduction clothing in that style yeah I just got myself caught up in just one
time period but there is so much history so many pieces of clothing and like okay
if we’re just gonna go with period dramas like on TV films Pride and
Prejudice with Keira Knightley Little Women with Winona Ryder I mean if I
could just have their wardrobes I would be so happy but also things like
Outlander I mean Claire from Outlander her clothing her wardrobe is just
gorgeous I would love to incorporate pieces inspired by that into my wardrobe
as well as Downton Abbey you know the first part of this century not just the middle
had beautiful pieces you know if you’re looking at like Titanic and stuff like
that it’s there’s so much beautiful clothing to be had over the centuries
that we’ve had before us even going back to like medieval times I love all of
these things there’s so many like I have a whole folder on my Pinterest of like
style icons and they’re people like this and I’m gonna have been putting pictures
up here hopefully of all the different pictures that I love and their clothing
that I wish I had their wardrobes and I’ll often be watching something I’ll
turn to my husband and be like I want her wardrobe because I just love period
dramas if you’ll usually catch me watching period drama either that or a medical
drama like from the 90s hello ER! I yeah I just I love playing with history
I’ve always been into historical clothing and I want to play around a bit more with
that whole thing instead of just being caught
up in like 20 years of history I want to play around way more and that’s where
my sewing from number one will come into it because hopefully I can pick up patterns
that I can then turn into pieces of clothing that can- I can play dress-up in
my everyday because why wouldn’t I dress in full medieval garb to do the washing
up I’m that kind of extra person I just it I just don’t care I love it so um I
definitely want to do that in the coming year and lastly I just want to really
find my own style I want somebody to be able to look at my pictures with my head
chop- not literally with my head chopped up but chopped out of the picture and
say that’s Beverley not because of how I’ve styled it or what my background is
but because they look at my outfit and know like when I see an outfit by it’s a
charming life Lindsay or Jonas if I see who else is there
oh the eyre effect she has her own style and when I see these women I’m just like
oh my goodness I want to look like them but what I actually mean when I say that
is I want to have this style that’s mine and I want to stand out I don’t want to
be somebody who’s just copying other people which I have been doing yeah I
want to kind of find my own way and play around a bit more with different periods
different time periods mixing and matching thrifted items with items I’ve
sewn to really make a wardrobe that I really love and that I can just pick out
of a whole wardrobe of beautiful items that I just can love and really
take care of and that’s kind of where I am at the moment I just kind of want to
find my own style and you know your girl just I just love
learning new skills and you know teaching myself to sew is going to be so
much fun I’m also hoping to do crafting and stuff like that so to bring more of
that to the channel is something I’m really looking forward to so if all of
this together seems like something you’re interested in you can follow me
on Instagram right down there in the description um
I post daily what I’m wearing it’s usually thrifted it’s Lindy Bop that’s
that’s really the two choices that we have but I love picking out nice outfits
putting things together and I would love more people to follow me over there so
if you’re not yet following me and you want to see my progression with my style
go follow me on Instagram or on the gram as the kids say… so definitely
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you I hope you’re having a lovely day today when you’re watching this and I’ll see
you next time bye… yay xx

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