(upbeat guitar and piano music, clapping) – [Dad] Wait a minute! We just hit one millions subscribers! (upbeat techno music) – One million subscribers! – A million scribers? – One millions subscribers! – What? My god! What’s that!? – A million subscribers! (upbeat techno music) – So how do you guys want
to celebrate getting to a million subscribers? – Let’s go to the trampoline park. – No, let’s go to (mumbles) – Or we can go get ice cream. – I’ve got an idea, why
don’t we just do all of them? – Really? – You better believe it kiddo. Okay, everybody get your shoes
on and let’s make a day that we will never forget. (upbeat guitar and piano music, clapping) – [Dad] Hon, where’s the baby? (upbeat guitar and piano music, clapping) – [Dad] Okay guys, now
let’s go have some fun. (electric guitar rock music) – Okay guys, please be good
for Mimi and Papa, okay? – Okay. – Okay guys, who’s ready to
go to the trampoline park? – Me! (electric guitar rock music) – So did you guys have
enough fun for one day? – No way, I’m ready for
that huge ice cream sundae. – Oh yeah, that’s right. You guys don’t want ice cream, do you? – I love ice cream a
lot, I like chocolate. – I like life. (electric guitar rock music) – Well guys, I’d say we really
did a lot to celebrate our one million subscriber milestone. – Yeah, I’m beat. – Well I’m glad you guys had
a lot of fun, but there’s one more surprise I have for
you guys when we get home. – What is it? – I’m not telling you, that’s
the definition of a surprise. – I hate when he says that. (electric guitar rock music) (upbeat music) (suspenseful synthesizer music) – Guys, we need to get out
now, we’re sitting ducks. (slow, suspenseful synthesizer music) (slow, suspenseful synthesizer music) – Dad, is this the surprise? – It sure is Eli, but not
the kind you’re gonna like. – What’s this all about? – We’re sick and tired of you
destroying our neighborhood. – How are we destroying it? – Do you know how many darts
I’ve gotta pick out of my yard everyday? – Or the loud noises from the
drone and the ATV we have to hear every weekend? – Josh what are you doing here? – Are you still upset from the summer? – No I’m over that. You know parents pushing us
to do things that we don’t want to do. – [Girl] And just wait for
the next time I have to babysit you guys. – Okay guys, no problem, I’ll
just have recording sessions during the day when you’re all at work. – I wish it was that easy. You see, we want to make
sure you never make another video again – How do you plan on doing that? – Don’t you remember? I hunt for a living. – Kids, go get Eli and Liam. Everybody else, follow me! – Okay, we’ve got to split
up, go find a hun and protect yourself. (fast paced techno music) – Oh my, they could have
just sent a text message if there was a problem. I hope the kids are okay. – Dude, we need to get some huns – Let’s head to the arsenal. – C’mon, hurry Liam. C’mon dude, what’s taking so long? – I don’t know, the code doesn’t work. – Then run! – C’mon, I know I left
a hun in here somewhere. – Oh, finally. – Just give it up man,
there’s no escaping this. – Try escaping this. – He’s upstairs, let’s go! (Suspenseful music) – Did I forget my hun? – Hey guys, I’ve got an idea. Step back. – Oh man, how am I supposed
to defend myself against a stinkin’ hainsaw? – I was gonna show the kids
this later, but I need this now more than ever. – Get ready to meet your maker. (heavy electric guitar techno music) – Look what Mama found. (electric guitar techno music) – Time to call in the
rest of the neighbors. (telephone ring) – [Josh] Bubba. Yeah, Mary Poppins has flown the coop. Yeah, we’re gonna start Foxtrot Charlie. Alright, see you in a little bit, bye. – Hon, what are you doing? – Shh, hon, you’re gonna
give away my location. – Sorry, but what did you find out? – Okay, so I find out Josh
is calling in reinforcements. We need to radio in to Eli
and Liam to tell them to take everybody out, but we take care of Josh. Eli and Liam, do you copy? Is everything okay? – Yup, just finished
taking care of business. – Sweet, but just a heads
up, I think there’s more neighbors coming your way. You think you can handle ’em? – No problem. (suspenseful music) (rock and roll music) – Eli, I’m gonna have them chase me. – Eli, turn around! (suspenseful music) (quacking ringtone) – Nice knowing you, twin toys. (dramatic orchestra music) – [Girl] Well that didn’t
go according to planned. I have a bad feeling
we’re gonna regret this.

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