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pest control do you have a k9? How do you get them certified? Well let us jump into
that interview and find out. Pest Posse, so we are here with Robert Gallo
from around-the-clock pest control we’re going to be talking to him about his k9
dogs and his NESDCA seminar to certification summon alright it’s a
workshop to train with your dogs and there’s an NESDCA certification
available at the end of the workshop all right great
so let’s get started so Robert when did you start round-the-clock pest control
it’s going to be 15 years in March that we started 2003 mm-hmm all right so
that’s a good good long time got some good experience under your belt a little
bit we’ve learned a few things a lot of them in the last few years about things
work and when you start using the k9 for bed bug detection the dogs we the bed
bug dogs we brought in the first one in 2009 alright great so so 9 years almost
you’re just about yeah we’ve expanded that bed bug program from one in 2009 to
where we have 6 bed bug dogs now working throughout California that’s
awesome that’s that’s a good growth and where did you train your canines for the
bedbug inspections all of our bedbug dogs are trained at J&K Academy and now
Gainesville Florida ok Pepe Peruyero from Pepe dogs the
same place but they’ve been training they’ve been training for a long time
even before we got into it so but that after our research and everything we
decided that was that was the but to go for us with the bedbug dogs
there’s a lot of trainers out there but we chose that route that was the best
one for us okay good and are you and your dogs certified by any agency for
the bedbug inspections and if so what is that agency all of our handlers are
licensed through the structural pest control board and then all of our k9
teams are certified through in this NESDCA okay and so like you just said
it’s a canine team that’s certified it’s not just a dog or a handler it’s a it’s
both right then sona’s deca doesn’t certify companies individuals or dogs
they certify working teams human and dog so if you’re working multiple dogs that
human handle er needs to certify with each dog that they’re handling out of
the field to claim NESDCA certification okay and why did you
specifically choose NESDCA for your certification organization we did our
research with the associations that were out there and NESDCA just seemed to
like the association that really had all the rules and regs in place the
standards you know we we push for quality and even in our certifications
we’re always looking for the best that’s out that’s out there in the field good
alright and you thought obviously that NESDCA was one that was gonna give
that to you yeah do this great and why did you get involved in this deca on the
leadership level um for me with the canine industry brings a fairly new and
us being one of the first companies in California to to have the canines out
here that would one that was very difficult to get a certification out
here so one of the reasons we got involved with NESDCA was to help
promote his deck out here in the West Coast to push that standard of
certification out here in the West Coast as well this is one of the reasons why
we do the workshop and we invite companies from all over the country I
have people that come from Seattle Vegas Northern California Southern California
have a few people that come out from Canada to come out to do the
certification this year will be our seventh year I believe that we’re doing
this this workshops great and every year it’s grown a little bit more we get some
new people some people drop off some people at
muses you know we get some new people but oh it’s a good workshop I have two
trainers which in the canine world is almost unheard of to get two different
trainers to work together so we did get a Pepe Peruyero to come out for the
workshop and we also have Andy Falco that’s locally here in California he
comes out and you know it’s a different training style but pretty much the same
concept and how you want the dogs working and the drive of the dog and
these two guys have worked well together the last seven years so you know it’s a
good it’s a good good feedback for everybody to get to different
perspectives from two trainers two different styles even though I run my
program the way Pepe has taught us to run the program
I’ve learned some some great things from Andy as well throughout the year so
great I just got to be open-minded to a lot of different things yeah so I agree
I would agree is there anything else just like to share about in NESDCA I
mean pretty much in NESDCA is it’s another not for profit organization
everyone that’s involved in with NESDCA including myself I mean we’re all
volunteers we don’t we don’t get paid to do the things that we do with NESDCA
the workshops that I put on and the workshops that some of the other guys
put on out in Maryland you know we don’t make money off the workshops right you
know it’s kind of like like what you’re doing here you know right this is this
is we get involved to better the industry well I really love what we do
the people that I’ve surrounded myself with you know you know like Scott and
Pepe and a lot of other other people that I’ve met throughout the years you
know on a national level you know I have friends out in Long Island you
know Jim Skinner with ANC pest management is good friend of mine has
helped me tremendously with with teaching me a lot of the things that we
run here you know our bedbug programs even our Heat programs that’s all East
Coast based you know before that even was an issue in California we prepared
from the outbreak of bedbugs here right which took me to New York you know
to train with dogs out on the field right then when we decided to go into
the heat treatments you know we went out and trained you know them out and doing
the heat treatments you know to you know more of I got to see it to believe it
right I got to be out on the field to see that it’s a that’s the best way
I do to and when we did the same thing with out here with the rat dogs you know
it gets expensive to travel to the house but you know if you if you want to go at
something and be the best at something no you got to go to the people that have
already done it it’s right that it’s successful and it’s working and that’s
kind of what I’ve done you know I’ve had that I’ve had the great opportunity of
meeting some great people that were willing to help me and teach me and you
know I feel that that I give that back now to some of the newer people that
come in right I think it’s important that we we passed down that knowledge as
we get older at the end of the day that’s all we can do is pass down that
knowledge yeah the work ethic that comes behind it you know if you want to be the
best you got to work to be the best that’s right and that’s kind of what
we’ve tried to do the last 15 years is just really push push push and I said
you know 15 years later I was a one-man show in my garage and I got 20
employees and nine working dogs in the company so yeah it just became a thing
of its own throughout year so yeah it’s been interesting that’s good no we
appreciate it so Robert give us some dates to the seminar and how do people
get involved in that the seminar is on April 17th through the 19th there’s a
flyer that I usually send out but if you like I can get your link I can even give
you a copy of the flyer if you want to put that out I know at some point in
NESDCA probably be sending out some emails as
well to the members will probably posting something on NESDCA Facebook
and stickers Instagram of the certifications that are coming up as
well yeah and then even on the website if you go on NESDCA website there
is a calendar that tells you all the upcoming certificates I did check that
the other day I didn’t see it on there yet yeah I don’t think it’s been put on
write up yet so well we’ll just have the link here in the bottom of the screen
people can write it down and then we’ll have it in the show notes so they can
just click on it and that’ll get them to where they need to go so thanks again
for having us on the show or being on the show no I appreciate it as let me
come down here and see your organization and how you take care of the dogs and
everything and that’s fun we’ll get you out and we’ll get you out to reading at
some point that’s right it’ll be good all I’ll enjoy it believe me that’s
gonna be a good time we’ll have fun hey thanks Robert for taking time out of
your busy schedule to educate us on NESDCA anyone wanting to attend the
certification conference the link is down in the show notes so check that out
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