Nothing Really Happens (Feature Film) – OFFICIAL TRAILER

I’m Dr. Lorane Dubbard
and welcome back This is Taking Control A three part
encouragement series Aimed at assisting loved ones Who may have drifted
from their predetermined path Using Subconscious
Coercion Therapy [high tension music builds] [shower water running] [electronic music] They closed the store down… The health department said we
had bed bugs. Interesting… And I don’t think Carl cares
for me much these days. Well, he probably has his
reasons. Our mattresses don’t have bugs It all depends on your
perception. I can’t tell what’s real
anymore. You’re a difficult person to
connect to. I have a lot of questions… Please. Have a seat. What’s wrong with your face?! Your face is stupid! He’s right David You do have a stupid face. Did you have sex with my wife? I think you know the answer
to that. Have you ever walked into
a place and felt like everybody there
knows something that you don’t like, something just happened
and you missed it? No. [High tension music] My self awareness has
become so distracting That I can’t focus on anything
around me. [urinal flushing] So were you pissing directly into my consciousness? Let’s take things one step
at a time, okay? [heavy electronic music] So if nothing is real… then how can anything
be fixed? I think I’m gonna start smoking
today. Ohhh… You’re at a crossroads. Maybe just go. [droning electronic music] My wife bake you some cookies. She thinks they maybe cheer
you up.

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