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I love living on campus because you’re right in the heart of the college environment. You’re where everything’s happening, where everything is going on. It’s so much fun to get to know people and it’s so close to my classes. I can wake up 5 minutes before my class and still make it on time and I can study late at the library and still feel safe to like walk back to residence. Specifically what res has to offer, a lot of services within the building itself. You have the residence advisors, community advisors, the managers. They offer services like housekeeping which helps you keep your room tidy when you don’t have time to like sweep the floors and do extra things like that. There’s also laundry right on campus In each building there’s different like rooms that we have, so we have study lounges on every floor, we have a games room, we have a tv lounge, we have a dance studio. The residence in both buildings is staffed 24/7, there will always be a customer service representative at the desk. So the application process, the way that’ll work is you will apply online, we’re working to develop a new software program that’ll allow students to fill out a personality profile that will hopefully help roommate matching process even smoother than it is now. RAs are kind of like the big brothers and sisters of residence, we’re here for if any like students are feeling like down or they’re stressed out of they’re having like any problems across the board, we’re here to help and just kind of like help them through like that transition from high school to college or university or just living away from home. A good experience that I’ve had about residence is that I’ve been able to meet a lot of people that I’ll probably know for the rest of my life. I think what we do here is that we try to make sure that residence is a safe environment. You get to meet so many different people from all over the world, international students as well as students that have come from your high school. Being aware of all of the different cultures and communities that are in one building at one time is really really amazing. I like the fact that it’s a structured environment where there’s school and social life all put into one place. That there’s always people to look after you and your parents have the peace of mind knowing that there’s people here to look after you. I believe residence can be a safe environment for them to learn about themselves, learn about society, have a structured environment where they can pursue their goals in life and we play a really small part in that by trying to make their stay here as comfortable as possible.

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