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from cold stone creamery. And also — PC past services gas what musky does a box spiders are everywhere but Lisa Fowler has the answer she is without out reaching she’s also account manager with all PC past services welcome back. On how you doing I’m doing well here’s my initial question right okay which one which passed. Is most bothersome is a mosquitoes or me which one Miskito straight okay [inaudible] Every night. This this is not new once again it seems like mosquitoes are already out here is up there Keren a seven so it the humidity is always going to get us with mosquitoes and we’ve had so much rain. So much standing water that’s gonna always has a was he does move in big time well there’s a reason you should call OPC past services first all you want to get rid of these guys right here that you see on the screen. Alarm is is flowing through the water you see the little little- De lolly sticking up there in the top that’s out breeds. Are you don’t get him in moving water standing water really have to be able to stick that little to book yet but I don’t know that yet what is the educational portion of the show that. Now some of these pictures give some folks that he be GBC dot if you have the four seasons program you’re comfortable with these pictures right because you’re not taking care of the force is is separate from the mosquitoes we can. Yeah well let’s just talk. So tell me about the mosquito special well it was skills right now you can get. Nineteen dollars off your first service songs you film hit finish out the year which is a from now the September will be running the program and its great I mean we go up underneath all of your foliage. Week we don’t get anywhere near either flowers we don’t want her near the pollinators the bees running around we want to get all underneath the foliage in the green bushes were all these females rest and they’re the ones that the do the biting they come out in the early. Morning and in the evening hours when you’re probably water your flowers are trying to roll out or something and you’ve got a Miskito trying to each other. I’m curious Lisa because we’re close to a river I would assume that every year is probably pretty. Pretty nasty in terms of mosquitoes but some years more than others honestly the moving water is not the issue it’s all the rain humidity that we have that that’s why we’ve got such an issue with the skills. You know when you’ve the day lose the we’ve had his left standing water people don’t think about like they’re tire if they got tire sitting around you get water pool to the bottom of that I’m seals going to find it. Your plot potted plants if you’ve got the the the trays underneath it with the whole water you’re gonna end up with mosquito larva in that as well. Mom was looking for some place to put a lot of and she’s going to find that that standing water nor that you guys will find it for we will. Hear all that stuff for you nineteen dollar mosquito program up to an extra right it’s it’s nineteen dollars off the initial circus the brochure yeah and it’s sixty dollars for regular service up to an acre. For those who like to spend a lot of time outdoors entertainment or something to me. This is a give and get out. And get it taken care by professionals yes definitely and you know anything that we treat like that will help with all types of books. The output get some fun in the yard that’s what it’s all about you know making summer memories and you can spend a lot of time outdoors again — PC past services okay let’s talk a little bit about spiders. We do that yeah your smile and about [inaudible] Hey. Rozier will get brown recluse that’s a brown recluse that’s the bad guys yeah so for those of us who aren’t who do not know spiders like you how you can how can you recognize those deadlines back. At the northern that’s a will spider the fiddle on its back that’s when your telltale signs the way it stands with his arms up like that you can kind of see how it. Folds itself under a lot of times you won’t see the smarter self but you’ll see the shed skin in a real we are looking where they don’t like a very pretty wet it’s kind of haphazard looking and they’re hanging out like they shed their skin and it stays in. There people see it like they have spot live spiders right there but these guys are reclusive that’s the whole. Purpose of learning they’re going to stay hidden most of the times where they so feared. Because the by June they can hurt you. Yeah I me I mean here about the brown recluse and wonder is it isn’t Bannon this is I mean. Yes and if they bite you they can that your skin can of Cropsey and fall out you wind up with a big hole when you’re like some folks — React. Very badly to an end up hospitalized and things like that — PC plus or so we’re gonna different variation admirers forty of here yeah Leicester little Black Widow see her read our glass on her rear end. And the underside of her. Yeah she’s a bad guy too but you typically don’t get those guys inside they’re going to be hunters they’re going to be outside we found a lot of times in our bait stations that we use for road control. Will open it up and should be looking at you. You know it’s a little. Let’s see being you know. A little bit. Is not gonna be the next — On the bachelorette. I don’t think so no one wants her she’s mean she’s me. I’m familiar with that that’s okay okay so tell me a little bit if you don’t mind about this four seasons program because he I would assume that if you can take care of the outside though you want to take care the endorsed to the kind of more work in. Tandem typically will come out and do the service on the exterior of the home will end up a dream the inside if you would like some folks don’t want him Colombians out or else. So doing the exterior putting a barrier between you and the bugs in the outside you’re gonna end up with — With quite a bit of of control and we can always come inside as part of the program if you see something in your uncomfortable with it just give us a holler will come back out it’s all guaranteed. And we’ll take care spires a chance silverfish all that kind of stuff yeah I to me the you guys are are definitely professional love all the pictures and I love the fact that when you talk about your company and I think any successful company. It’s about the culture. It’s about service it’s about solutions it’s about — I BM the employee take care of them as well because you guys employ a lot of people in is there we don’t everybody’s bonded and insured you don’t have to worry about someone coming in your home and doing something shouldn’t do. You can trust us warmer in your home for dinner I don’t think there’s any question. Okay now again if you’re only getting about all they have to do that’s gonna see not a spider don’t bother me. My skin my site what is it about those guys they jump. At one job in my shirt one really bad story a lot to get into that sometimes. You’re going to you’re missing one screenings are going up on a chair Josh. Stink bug that’s a stink bug out wow Marathi brown stink bug but we had a I had a barrage of those yeah there there it’s kind of like when everybody had a lady bugs a few years ago and now the stink bug is moved in — There’s there’s there’s control that you can do you have to do it in the fall typically before they get into the home but they’re looking. For the international area will be like a cliff something like that so they’re going to going to a home and look for the structure that’s high in and make their way in for the for the season. And then they’ll just live there for the winter and then come back out the spring that’s why you see him in the following a CM in the sport. Profit hung out in your house all all winter you must agree for a living here in for free. Okay get rid of those guys on the rent they pay they get out of there okay okay see past services again mosquito special it’s going on three September right yes. Right and then also the four seasons packaging like you said you can more containing a bundle it all together if you’re interested in doing something like that we have the gold silver and bronze packages and now [inaudible] May I my

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