Organic White Fly Control : How to get rid of Whiteflies

hello friends in today’s episode it will see how to
control white flies white flies are white colored insects that feed on your plants and are really a menace in your garden
because they carry diseases the first method will see it to get rid
of white lies is to just use water this hibiscus
plant was infested with white flies and all I did was just uses a water
hose and just hosed it down made sure all
the white flies from the plant were removed and the underside of
the leaves were the most affected so make sure that when you’re using this
method make sure you check all the underside of the leaves
and then use a hose and water to just spray down and remove all the whitefly
larvae eggs as well as the white flies themselves this method works great when you have a large area that’s infected for example this
hibiscus plant was pretty much all infested with white
flies now sometimes you might have leaves
that are very infested with white flies eggs as well as larvae as well as
the white flies themselves so its easiest to just toss them out and
throw them the second method that will see today to
control white flies is to use a yellow sticky trap now
this method works really well because white flies get attracted to
the yellow color and the go towards it and get stuck and it works great for all your vegetable crops and it does
really a good job because it not only captures whiteflies but can
also capture aphids so as you can see here I’ve tied this yellow sticky traps next to my tomato
plants and by making sure that white flies are
not around you can ensure healthy vegetables that
are growing on your plants without any diseases Now the problem with
the white flies is that they carry diseases from one plant to the
other and really infest your garden very quickly so this yellow sticky trap works really
well for this purpose And the final method we will be seeing today is
by using a product called Castile soap this product is made by
dr bronners and is available for a pretty cheap
price to use the Castile soap, you first need the
product itself which is natural and organic very safe to use in your garden and you
also need to use a sprayer like this and which you
will be mixing the soap so what you basically do is open up your
sprayer and then add about a tablespoon of this Castile soap you don’t need to be
very perfect with it just an iron to a bar a tablespoon and then add some water very slowly you do not
want to create a lot of froth in the your sprayer before you spray see some aphids that have infested
this kohlrabi plant and this method is the same whether
you’re using it for white lies or aphids the castile soap works very well and as you can see we are spraying all
over this plant using the Castile oil soap
spray its pretty easy you spray thoroughly and this
takes care of most of the soft-bodied insects like whiteflies and
aphids so I hope you liked this episode and I’d
like to know from your YouTubers how you control your insects in your
garden how do you control white flies, aphids
or maybe other soft-bodied insects do let me know and I’ll see you again
soon happy gardening!

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100 thoughts on “Organic White Fly Control : How to get rid of Whiteflies

  1. My hibiscus is doing beautifully; most whiteflies gone. I made solution of jalapeños and garlic. I spray ones a week now. Thanks again. 😊

  2. I use baking soda, olive oil, Soap Nut Soap and spray the solution all over the plants regularly. Many time I use Neem oil mostly when I spray in the evening. As Neem oil damages the plant in case used in morning e.g. Tomato plant is very susceptible to neem.

  3. Hi, I guess I checked this video so late.. very nice video thanks a lot for it..
    I am going for the straight fight.. my kale is getting infested with white bugs and I spraying water everyday is taking too much time for me.. So I'm thinking about to buy the "Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap Organic Peppermint Oil Pure Castile Soap Liquid"… Do you think this is going to work?

  4. I am staying in Malaysia. I could not find any pure Castile soap. ARE there any alternatives? Can I use any soap to replaced?

  5. I am staying in Malaysia. I could not find any pure Castile soap. ARE there any alternatives? Can I use any soap to replaced? Thanks Sir

  6. one more organic formula gomutra that is cow urine ,neem powder or juice,tobaco take in 1:1:1 ratio soak in water for few hours filter it and spray it on the affected plant, has good results

  7. will the castile spray work on mealybugs… or do you have a different method for those. My eggplant vis infested and the okra… and I have ants all over the place 😖…

  8. hi!im Sheetal..i have quite a number of container plants.when my plants get infected by any of the above mentioned infestation.. I make a solution of neem oil and dish washing liquid with water n spray the plants.but if its if they are too badly infected than I simply prune the leaves and toss them of.
    thank you

  9. The white flies DECIMATED my pepper plant before watching this video… thanks for this video, i shall stop the next white fly attack :3

  10. It takes a bit of effort but yields a great byproduct. This method was given to me by a San Clemente Garden store just a bit off of Del Mar. Make a earthworm composter. He mentioned than then enzyme produced by the earthworms when applied to the plants gets taken up and systemically repels the whiteflies. Sure enough it works! Spectacularly. I grew a whole variety of plants in my deck and if you have any experience with whiteflies they attack everything including rosemary bushes. One I started using earthworm compost, my own fresh brewing, they became nonexistent. Even with with neighboring bushes growing only a three feet away covered all summer with them. Only once in a while a small population would take a foothold, but only rarely. Just double down on the earthworm compost and it was a done deal. Worked well small scale for a long time. Used an old cooler with holes drilled in it and worms gathered from the backyard

  11. Those white flies are very irritating, I use the smoke from the mosquitoes repellant to chase them away but they will come back when the smoke are gone..

  12. White flies and aphids are easily defeated when you promote or introduce their natural predator. Like earwigs and the ladybug. The ladybug larvae you can buy online but for a nightcrawler like the earwig you should construct something where he can hide in during the day.

    Its a dutch site but if you let google translate the site into your language you will get the idea.

  13. OMG the stickytraps! As I turned over the giant leaves of pervian groundcherry plants to check the progress of lacewing larvae hatching, and remove any harmful 3-lined potato beetles, I was amazed to see how many white flies would fly straight off the leaves and onto the paper. Great if your plants are in a state of crisis!
    I didn't leave the trap out over night, because common green lacewings fly around in the evening pollinating plants and laying their eggs. Don't want any to get stuck!

  14. simple way to get rid of them is take one or 2 table spoons of turmeric into one liter of water and just spray them on the plant's. period!! they will be gone.

  15. Paul Praveen has the right method. I use 5ml neem oil, 5ml liquid soap (Dawn) and I add 5 ml of alcohol (Isopropyl) to 1 liter of water in a sprayer for instant and lasting control. Multiple applications will sometimes be needed. Apply in the evening so the leaves do not get scorched from the hot rays of the sun. I use this for mealy bugs on citrus and white fly, aphid as well. Be careful using this around beneficial insects as it is an indiscriminate killer.

  16. can you get the yellow sticky traps wet? thinking of both the soap and sticky traps–are the traps available on Amazon?

  17. I seem to have to spray a neem oil and water mix, or a spinosad and water mix, or an organic insecticidal soap and water mix on my plants frequently – like every few days lately. The aphids, ants, whiteflies, cabbage worms and whatever else seem to
    be very hardy. I'm going to try the castile peppermint soap solution you recommended too. Thank you.

  18. do white flies eat the leaves or otherwise damage them directly? or only by spreading disease to other plants?

  19. Thank you so much for this information. Yes, Dr. Bronner's liquid soap is awesome for cleaning off the bugs and helping to control ongoing infestation!

  20. I planted Tansy in differant corners and places in my garden it is a perennial it attracts ladybugs tremendously that eat aphids and other bugs it also keeps ants away that herd aphids, farm aphids that damage our crops plus since I had tansy in my garden 99%of the squash bugs disappeared cause they hate tansy!I use to have 1000s of squash bugs and aphids in my garden since I planted my tansy I am now almost !00% bug free of those nasty plant killers!Sure beats nasty pestcide no poison!Plus since we have a very bad blight problem here in New England and the Atlantic east coast I refuse to use water to spray these bugs off my plants cause the extra water on the plants does and will cause serious blight deseases early and late blight and leave spot like humid damp plants and weather to survive so I will use my tansy to keep most of the bugs away and attract the ladybugs and other friendly insects that eat and destroy the bad insects!Start Tiny tansy seed in house atleast 3 monther before planting time so it get a good start plus shallow seed it seeds are tiny and I think they need light to germinate!Patience and you will be impressed with the resuly good the first year and fantastic all the following years its a perennial I had in my garden fow about 8 years now!You can plant it anywhere but I put them near all my squash hills ans I notices when I put them near my cucumber almost all cucumber but went away!I grow cucumber up a 7 foot 4 foot wide box fence that eliminate almost all fungus and mildew type problems aswell aswell as thruly mulched entire squash beds works wonder to keep them healthy !

  21. just dust your plants with diatomaceous earth, the fumes rip tiny holes into the flys eventually killing them, and it is actually benefical for plants when applied to this soil, which can kill any ground critter.

  22. Neam Oil is not available in Canada but its very expansive in small bottles at natural products store. Whar else we can use which is not making holes in pocket.

  23. i use neem water. boiled neem leaves for 15 minutes. prepare dilute solution as per your gut feelings as per need of the plant. use sprayer which forces the white bug to fall. remove it till by force spray if required. clean the plant completely with all leaves and stems. it worked for me.

  24. Vedio was informative.. With good tip from viewers.. Can u suggest a good organic pesticide for rose.. When ever I buy a rose plant it's infected with thrips. Thank you

  25. Neem oil and soap is the best solution and only water is worst coz white flies spreads to others plants also… I hve experienced it.

  26. They are outside my house on the ground and they are doing something with the red ants it's disgusting

  27. I use Ashe's water to control insects , I just burn some leaves and collect the a she's I then mix the a she's in some water I then strain it trough a piece of cloth then put it in my spray pan and spray my plants.

  28. My garden has been infested with white flies. I will use the Castile soap and let you know.Thank you for the tip

  29. Hello good morning, I used this medicine for my garden white flies pests chlorpyrifos "termiticide. And I sprayed all my plants with this those with and those without. So happy gardening.


  31. Hi great video thank you. I have castile soap but it is scented with citrus¬orange is that OK?

  32. I started a mix of 30oz h2o and 2 cap full of mouthwash by melaluca—also has tea tree oil and cetylpridinium-

  33. Is it possible to check the under side of the leaves of plants like hibiscus? Please advise some other effective methods.

  34. I was buying plants that are mean't to ward off insects but they don't do shit against Whiteflies but in saying that Whiteflies are the only pest I suffer from. Oh an sparrows.

  35. My recipe is 1ltr water+ 10ml neem oil+ 5 ml liquid soap+2clove garlic crushed+ 2 hot chillies.
    If infestation is high, add some coffee powder and clove oil/ crushed cloves, strain and mix with above solution. Definitely works for white flies, aphids and mealybugs.

  36. Thanks for sharing. My guava tree is also infested with white flies and ants. I uses water neem oil and liquid soap spray and panchgavya diluted water.
    I am to task just yesterday yet to see visible outcome will post findings

  37. I am having a very unusual problem with these "White Flies/Aphids", that have recently become an insidious scourge on my life. We have removed both philodendron plants in the house and they are still after Me. They must like my blood, as most insects always have. My Doctor has told me that I must have sweet blood. I also have very thick hair. Which they have chosen to infest. My hair is colored & always clean. I have had to stop using regular shampoo, that usually has sweet botanical's in them. And I am now washing my hair with Celsum Blue and Dawn Dish Detergent. I am on the verge of losing my mind and have never in my life heard of this insect, much less had a problem like this before. I can feel them crawling all over me. And I do not see any information on people who have had a similar problem with this insidious insect. I have tried everything. They are capable of adapting and overcoming most everything I have used to get rid of them, short of shaving my head. I want to thank you for your video. I am going to purchase as many of the strips as possible, along with the "Castile Soap". I pray this will be the solution because needless to say, my Doctor etc. was of no help whatsoever. They are after my eyes, nose and mouth when I am sleeping. My hair and eyes do not feel or look normal, as a result. I pray this is the solution, because I am quickly running out of options and have never had this problem before. I do not want to have to move out of our home we have been in for over thirty years. Which we can ill afford to do. Thank you again for making this video.

  38. Hi…very informative video…thank u…
    I use WDC waste decomposer…
    which is used as spray for pest control as well as applied in soil for growth…every week.
    ..very effective…stopped neem oil…and sprays…
    My garden is 90% pest free…

  39. awesome thank you for sharing this to YouTube this is very helpful now we can get rid of them we had this for 2 years now this will stop

  40. Removing all the lower branches at least one foot above ground. Thinning out the remaining branches and leaves to have good air circulation and 🌞 sun exposure. Feeding the plant well so is not in stress. A lot of pruning works for me.

  41. I like your gardening videos very much  for your sweet Indian accent, your use of organic methods for fertilising ( often from the kitchen ! Like banana skins rice , onions etc.) and your organic methods of eliminating pests like white flies. I will definitely try castile soap. So far I have been using a mix of rubbing alcohol, dishwashing soap and water. But I have to keep on spraying it almost daily or the infestation returns.

  42. Good ideas–except for the STICKY TRAPs which harm/kill many beneficial critters like lizards, birds and snakes..and all the beneficial insects as well like butterflies, bees and lady bugs.

  43. I don't have a garden but have managed to Finally keep two poinsettias growing tall in a planter pot on my porch. They are beautiful and today I see a few whiteflies flying around, it's early no infestation yet. I'm SOOO Angry :-(… I'm going to try the wash down and sticky tape method as you suggested. I tried the wash down & dish soap another person stated he used…that didn't work for my plants last year. Thanks again.

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