Origami 3D BEETLE – Tutorial by Niki Lubomirov

15 x 15 cm copy paper is recommended. Start with the color side up.
Fold along the diagonals and unfold. Fold and unfold from side-to-side
both ways. Fold all edges to the center. Make the square base. Fold along dotted lines and return. Lift the top layer up on the valley
crease and change the diagonal
valley creases to mountains. Fold down. Repeat in the other side Get out the top layers in this two
sides and repeat behind. Fold up. Fold all corners to the lower
point of the model. Make the same in the other side. Make inside reverse fold on
the all 8 places. Make squash fold. Repeat on the left side. Fold all without rearmost
layer strongly to the highier point. Return two layers. Squash fold on the right side. Fold up and repeat on
the all other five legs. Unfold the paper
to the first leg. Fold to the center. Fold up the leg and
repeat on the other 5 legs. Go to the first leg again. Lift the leg and repeat
5 times ot the other legs. Inside reverse
fold on all legs. Fold down. Fold some reverse folds
to make rabbit ear. Make outside reverse fold. Now fold inside reverse fold
to make the horn. Turn the paper over. Fold the top corner down and the
other two corners reverse. Turn the paper over. Make 3D. The model is finished!

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