Origami Butterfly by Yoshizawa – tutorial

start by folding the paper in half the coloured side up turn the sheet then fold diagonally in both directions and unfold make those creases very precise so take your time and aline the edges and crease carefully repeat this in the other direction now colapse your sheet [see diagram] this is the waterbomb base make sure that the open part points toward yourself fold the upper 2 of the 4 flaps upwards in a 45° angle, so the tips touch the upper corner turn the model pull the lower corner above the edge, so a triangle stands over you’ll notice the curved paper fold it down in an triagle shape try to do both wings the same way then flaten everything fold the top-triangle in a zig-zack line first down, then up again fold the butterfly in half then fold the wings down in an angle [see diagram] and that is your butterfly!

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43 thoughts on “Origami Butterfly by Yoshizawa – tutorial

  1. for all of you that cannot do it start with ones like water balloons and cranes until you get the basic folds. after you do that you will have a much easier time doing these designs. taven you are doing a great job keep it up.

  2. @tavin15 I mean you put them in the title so beginners can easily search through all your videos, like me, i want the easiest one first but i first need to watch all videos before i know if they are good or not for me
    but very great and handy video man

  3. lol that is easy! XD of course, I've had some practice in origami before, so this doesn't look that hard. :3

  4. ok ok, please i speak spanish
    see my video
    please at the 10 000 i come to TV i'm from peru thanks 😀

  5. I am sorry but I just think its to hard for beginers and your crane video was hard too.
    Tip] T to make easier videos so everyone can make what you make.

  6. I'm a beginner too and I had no problem following this tutorial, so thank you 🙂 . The problem is probably that most of the people complaining either aren't patient and expect to get it perfect from take one, or don't know what a square looks like :/ .

  7. Оригами, что ты делаешь? Вся комната в бабочках.

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