Orion Rising /Part 1 – EBE OLie from the12th density on Orion Rising 2019-07-08

this is Orion Rising I propose to the
Leonard O’Neill good morning good afternoon good evening or good morrow
depending on where in the world you are tuning in to the show okay this is the
Monday show for those of you who listen to me on podcast you’ll know that last
year I did a couple of shows on my podcast talking about the
extraterrestrial biological entity called Olie from the 12th dimension
now I haven’t haven’t gotten back to that but I’ve been deluding to it for a
while that I was going to be doing that right there I am on the screen for those
of you who have video so if you don’t know and then I will I will explain to
you I have it up on the monitor over here which you guys can’t see I’ll be
reading that so instead of having like we did with the law of one where we put
it into the computer I’ll be reading this it’s translated by Ilona – two
girls over in the Czech Republic Ilona Podhrazska and Ivana and their last name is Podhrazska
I hope I’m saying that correct I see a shoe but I believe that’s what
it is and starting in 1993 like you know like the law of one with wrong
those guys Channel draw between 1981 and 1984 that was it now these girls were
Ivana channels only and has been doing it since 1993 and they’re currently
still doing this okay I’ve asked questions got answers I just
submitted some more questions last week and they got the answers but they don’t
have it translated yet for me but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go back and
start doing this I’m going to dedicate this Monday night show to only and the
girls Ivana and Ilana who have been working with now for the about a year I
guess it’s been and I’m learning Czech and Ivana or Ilona
she knows English machine needs to practice it so she’s not really good at
it and I’m going to learn enough Czech to where we can actually talk she
understands I could probably just talk to her in English because she was
understanding her friend Karin who was from the same village but she’s from Tok
and she left it was lives in Montreal and she came back you know for a visit
and they they you know filmed it she sent it to me so I got to see the
interaction with her and you know her friend Karen said no you know English
you just need to practice it so I’m trying to help Ilona to get her English
better because you’ll see when I read this this is she sent me from a year ago
and it’s actually a channeling session from August the 6th 2017 and there’s a
bunch I have a ton of stuff she sent me I don’t know hundreds and hundreds of
pages and some I compiled enough I’m gonna start helping her and she’s
feeding me more as well so she’s feeding me the new stuff but I’m not putting
that on air yet the reason being is they finally got some of their stuff
translated into a book in English what so I think it was an astronaut here in
the United States friends of theirs he actually took what they had and helped
you know translate it into English if he speaks Czech but he might have run it
through like you know a Google Translate or something or maybe he he did but he
got enough of it together to compile a book for them I haven’t read it yet so I
don’t know what material is covered in there so I don’t want my point is if
it’s really old stuff I might be covering this I’m going to check with
the Ilona today later on she gets up she should be getting up around the time
when I’m going to bed so we get to talk for a few minutes every day morning and
night I get up and I could talk to her and then I’m going to bed again talk to
her and see other way around with her so I so I find out that we are not covering
what they have so if it is some of the material that I have I will exclude that
so that you guys have an opportunity to to take a look at that book which you
can get on Amazon I think it’s also on Kindle right now I if you watch the
commercial that I have on my personal page and on Lauren rising that Ilona
made with the computer then you can see the
get the all the information and see the the in fact you saw the book if you have
if you’re not listening to some podcast and you’re actually watching the video
you saw the cover of the book running through the slideshow which I will run
some more as we go because while I’m reading this I’m going to be looking
over there it’s gonna be you know stupid for you guys be seeing me doing that so
I will have the camera off of me most of the time unless I feel the need to
direct you guys and those of you are listening to this a podcast you won’t
notice the difference because you don’t have video okay so this is really
exciting because you guys really loved it especially my podcasters I did it on
podcast only last time and it was my it’s still some of my favorite episodes
or some of your guys’s favorite so it gets a lot of air time so I’m going to
be doing the law of one on Friday and that will hit you know usually it’s
Saturday or so on the podcast and I’ll be doing this on Monday and the same
thing will happen I still have a Wednesday show then I’ll be doing I have
a show coming up this Wednesday with with a couple of the the creator and I
think he’s a researcher or editor or something like that of the magazine
if India’s first you know a magazine on astrology
it’s called Cosmos and I don’t miss that that’s a really good conversation we
have there we do an hour on Wednesday that’ll be coming up you’ll see that on
the calendar I’ll have it up probably later today I’ll have this one up you
know and then I’ll have the other one so by the tenth this is aired you’ll
already have the commercial for of the Wednesday or at least the ad okay so I’m
gonna I’m gonna hop right into this so now again Ivana has been channeling like
almost once a week every but like every I think you’re on Friday or Saturday
I think it’s Friday night because they’re off on the weekend because they
work okay so I think it’s Friday night they all get together and they go to
this local pub in Tilka and if you see the video here if you guys are watching
video you’ve seen shots of them in different places when they were doing
presentations and people taking pictures of them on filming them and that’s what
goes on so they’re gained popularity but most people over here haven’t heard
about it and they talk about cutting-edge stuff man even what I’m
gonna tell you right here which is from 2017
that you guys are gonna hear it’s gonna blow you away and the stuff that that
she keeps feeding me that I keep breeding is akin to the law of one only
it’s not where they’re just talking about the law of one this is talking
about actual things going on current events okay talking about deep state
stuff I mean crazy cool stuff okay so I’m gonna go ahead and turn the camera
back on to the slideshow I’m actually let’s put it on the on the on the
slideshow here from with the girls so I’ll leave it up there and you guys are
gonna see the book and those of you who are listening podcast you won’t you
don’t notice anything but on your screen there that’s Ilana
when she had her hair blonde Ivana is the the other girl with the dark hair a
few pictures here on the back of the book
Ilana is on the Left Ivana is on the right and Ivana is the one who she uses
in there you can see the two pictures on the right is Lana on the left is Ivana
and they’re sisters and Ivana on the left the girl there with those dark hair
she does the channeling through she has a Ouija board that she made and she uses
a shot glass and you can see her in this photo if you guys have visuals and
everybody filming them and taking pictures of the wall Ilona writes down
what Ivana spells out and they ask a question and different people like
myself have sent questions in astronaut’s people from the American
government a lot of people from the American government Believe It or Not or
sending them questions so this is legit a lot of astronauts X astronauts a lot
of people from around the world not just the American government she tells me who
it is that she gets questions from a lot and she’ll say you know senator
so-and-so or high-ranking military officials this guy
general so-and-so I mean these peoples that are sending questions in and none
of them have said these are classified answers so because of that we’re talking
about it okay now I don’t have any of that I might have some today I’m not
sure because to be honest with you this stuff I haven’t looked at in a while so
I’m not sure one of the questions are going to be in the end and I’ll tell you
they are from and some names you’re gonna recognize
some names you won’t but let me just go ahead and get right into that so August
6 this is this session I’m going to be bouncing around I’m gonna take this
whole session and then I’m gonna do another one and it may be another date
from before that or it could be in the 80s like I said it till I find out for
curve just exactly what they have in this book then from there I’ll exclude
things that will be in the book but until then you guys are gonna get a good
sneak peek okay so so the first thing here August 6th 2017 communication with
humanoid EBE Olie and EBE everybody keeps calling him ebe like it’s his
first name eb e means extraterrestrial biological
entity only from the 12th dimension now I might also add that that only is like
rah is a hive mind complex ok of an entire species because when you get that
high up in the dimensions you you pretty much have like we don’t we kind of do
here you just don’t know it we can communicate with each other through you
know telepathy and body language with you know and you’re ok with that but you
don’t think that that’s a form of ESP and it actually is but they can actually
hear each other’s thoughts ok so the first part is just them talking and I’ll
just read what’s here because the this is how it was introduced and I kind of
liked the way it was then it goes down to questions ok so after I read the
first page the first whole page is it’s just them talking and then it’s
questions start from there and I’ll read the question and I’ll read the answers
the reply ok just like just like it is with the loved one alright only it won’t
be an English computer it’ll be me ok so August 6th 2017 communication with
EBE only from the 12th dimension ok he says I’m not sure how to say the word
cuz it’s in his language it’s it’s Allah who which is kind of like you know like
we would say or you know greetings hello ok then he says there is a little oxygen
we investigate we investigated oxygen nitrogen in the atmosphere and plants
oil decreases in strength plants are not
enough to absorb nutrients through oxygen into this into the stock it’s
only in places where dry oxygen is we plan to record the content of both
America and Europe increasing the number of biological fibers which scanning from
human beings particles from the skin for analysis so they’ve actually were here
as well doing tests on and taking samples like we would do if we were
someplace else right so we have a task America and Europe are connected to the
information impulse of biological fibers on the human body in the skin now I’ve
heard of this in seen photos of these fibers that appear inside people and
they don’t know how they got there because we’re not fully fibrous and so
there’s there’s been an influx of that so I have seen this prior to reading
this now I have I think I might have read this but if I did it was back in in
2018 or 2017 however they cover that here you guys can look that up you can
look up fibers and there’s a little red and blue and I think green fibers that
people are finding fiber that’s a fun word to say fiber fiber okay so let’s
see so your your astronauts and scientists are sending biological
impulses from the ships to these parts so they’re actually sending information
light and we know that they kind of are alright so but the disease and
biological impulses sending them to these parts which means to where he is
wherever that area that he is residing in so that means that we are trying to
communicate obviously with other people our governments they have a mission to
he says there is chaos in the government and the underground facilities right now
we know about that that’s deep state he’s talking about darks dark state and
chaos which means that what we’re talking about is happening right here’s
more validation that there is a you know a split in the dark state
between those powers that should not be in the powers that should be and there’s
a war that’s going on he’s kind of talking about that right here okay and
it says principle development in bold okay
the reason the chaos America and Europe is because they’re located on the zones
of bipolar okay so so we relate where we’re on these zones that cause problems
as well so there’s an energy flux differential that because of the
location all right pulses yeah pulses are part of bio energy it’s
like a case of a capsule with a pulse coming from an information source fibers
transfer neo particles into the human skin they go over the skin quickly and
as sting needles and are able to absorb immediately this this population was
picked in advance for this purpose artificial insects are being developed
right now okay so this is back at 2017 and they’re already talking about our
government creating artificial bugs insects right what for what purpose well
obviously for to maybe get a you know like you have a mosquito and the
mosquito flies over and it’s not really lands on you know goes to sting you
right but instead it’s implanting nanites right that’s a very good
possibility what they’re saying right here okay so so they’re already Hope
side of the wrong Mouse here sorry about that
they are already eighty types of them out there so so there’s already eighty
types of faking biological insects that our government has created they were
released from the program and are already integrated in the future the
Bible will not be called the Bible anymore it will be referred to as the
law solely that’s right so now that almost suggests that people
here gonna start understanding the law of one right I mean that’s my opinion
that’s I’m taking from that and that eventually the the Bible itself is going
to be no longer called the Bible it’s just going to be called bull law because
basically the law of one is in the Bible it tells the whole story of the law of
one is in there at the Old Testament the New Testament was Jesus who was a
wanderer who is also preaching the law of one okay so it will be written it’ll
be written about it it says this is literally a sentence it’ll be written
about it schools and other learning resources
will no longer be needed will be will be little population of biological
individuals so so basically what’s can end up happening is if these insects
which are real and if they’re abiding us or stinging us or otherwise being
integrated into our insects society then they can be integrated into us then you
know looks like we’re all gonna be part machine as well and not need because
we’ll have it says right here is a it’ll be a multiplication of artificial
intelligence the modern law will be blemished by this I am NOT I am NOT
allowed to say anything more with respect to this law I see now that also
harkens back to and suggests the law of one because he’s talking about the first
law which is chaos right or actually the second law the first lost your mind
wiped in the second law is chaos either way because of the free will
because we have free will even on this level they can’t interfere that’s the
ultimate law of the universe and even we mediums tell people that when someone
will say you know you know what you want I just ask but you’re not telling me why
well there’s some things we can’t because you’re you have a choice and you
also have to experience things for yourself so some things that even though
we know it we actually will be stopped from saying it and right here he and he
actually admits that now I also know for a fact that Ilana and Ivana have not
read the law of one and this is prior to me doing my show in
the law of one and that’s how it was introduced to them so they’re talking
about the law right here and that was like in 2017 in fact I don’t think I
knew them then okay I might have but I don’t quote me on that on how far back
we go it’s been a while though so I might have known that but I didn’t know
anything about the law of one back then even though I was living it even though
I was living as a wanderer and I had the mission and knew everything it was awake
I didn’t know it was called the law of one but I had I had Inklings that and I
talk about that on my show that’s not what we’re talking about right now okay
so so let’s see where was I respect to the law okay if we did it would have
been counted as an offense committed by me against the law of the university and
so he says it right there back in 2017 so for a cross reference guys out there
this gives credence to either we have a mass a group of all of us that are
completely all delusional the exact same why wouldn’t we never even spoke to one
another and they didn’t know anything about they could have had access to a
loved one but living in Chechnya and a little teeny city called Teal’c and I’ve
seen it on video it’s actually really quaint and they kind of I want to visit
there and I can’t wait until I can but it’s a small little teeny community way
down in the west southwest of the Czech Republic okay they were under Russian
rule for a very long time and just got their freedom back you know in the in
the was that the 80s he had a lady a good soul to tear down that wall so they
could have had access to it but highly unlikely okay that they would know that
okay the other reason that I cannot this is back with Olie again the other reason
that I cannot talk about this development is long set up in the future
as you are not allowed to look into the future much so you see so again the law
the law of the universe it is not given for you to know the atmosphere and waves
from Mother Earth very descriptions will come in the future
however it will be on a different scale compared to what you might expect life
will not end but a shift in the age era will occur now we’re talking about that
right now with the law of one with what’s going on right now and so this
isn’t 2017 very relative to what’s happening and what has been happening
and what we’ve been talking about on my shows and what the guys Corey Goode and
David Wilcock and every Smith and all those guys are talking about okay so
yeah so so one little tidbit that just jumped into my head and I am gonna point
that out and this is stuff this was actually this was actually translated or
channeled Friday okay this past Friday and I talked to Ilona on my Friday her
Saturday and she gave me one tidbit that hasn’t aired yet and I’m gonna air it
right here for the first time Olie said the moon was in fact a
spaceship and I think she said that it was either the Andromeda’s or the blue
avians who brought it and put it into place when mel deck exploded which is
exactly the theory that I’ve talked about and Olimar have talked about and
it’s also what Corey Goode pointed out and because of him being in contact with
the blue avians he had said that okay now could that have influenced what they
said back in 2017 right but or what he said or what she
said Friday it’s possible but you know there’s too much piling on and the
stories never change usually when you have people piling on what happens is
the great point and if anybody knows anything about the grapevine you know
that every time somebody tells a story they exaggerate the story and because
they tell it their way and it changes the story from person to person to
person okay that’s the normal course of how things are
unless you read things verbatim and that’s why being a nerdy scientist
that’s why I read this stuff directly word forwarding and you know that if
you’ve listened to my loved one shows that I have two monitors up sometimes
three and I have everything cross-referenced and I point out any
discrepancy from the original because I have an original printout of the actual
audio tapes from and not from these guys yet but I’ll be getting that as well
okay so that that’s so think about that that’s actually some really cool
information right there okay so let’s see where was I
okay the other reason yeah I said that for the future much okay it’s not the
atmosphere in waves is mother earth very difficult okay sorry I’m just trying to
get back to where I was destruction will come in the future however it will it
will be and on a different scale compared to what you might expect life
will not end but a shift in the era will occur okay not area but era all things
everything and all are getting rid of the old cloak old shell sort of so to
speak and then it says Rock Koopa cha luta and I’m not sure what that means
and I looked that up before and I don’t remember what it means those are all on
capital letters I’ll look those up for you guys and I’ll
either put them in the in the chat or I’ll talk about it next week to give you
guys the information it says this is the name of the Stargate space gate through
which okay so that’s so that answers are right there through which navigation to
improve the inner position in the galaxy is now pouring out it’s incomprehensible
to you okay so that’s kind of crazy right so it’s called Koopa RAK u P is in
Paul a one word next word CH a L u ta okay so since we haven’t we have an aura
connected to our ship this is next next paragraph we have an or are connected to
our ship helps us determine a possible
maneuvering or a maneuver that might unexpectedly come from your atmosphere
atmosphere pressure or atmospheric pressure watch out for watch out for
people so I’m not sure what that means but apparently things are in flux here
and the atmospheric pressure and so they have they have an aura which helps them
probably to stabilize right a rubber in our logic now this is stuff that’s
translated I don’t know my checks not good enough because she gives me both so
I don’t know if it was a word that she made a mistake with or if it’s just the
way that Olie speaks as I get better with my check that will become more
clear and I’ll be able to help her translate these so they might make it a
little bit more sense come with it some of this is every now and then she’ll use
she’ll pick the wrong word not realizing it and it means kind of the same thing
but you know like she what she says I need to learn English and her friend
Karen said no you know English you just need to practice it she said practice
and she said yeah so that was literally on our video that they sent me so that’s
kind of stuff with with the Ilona she taught herself English and it’s taken
her a little over a year and she’s doing very well she just needs practice so she
can’t wait for me to get my check up a little bit so that way we can actually
communicate and I can speak to her and help her say the words so that she knows
how to say them better because she knows how to read them and write them but she
doesn’t know how to say them which is the same way with me I have a problem
with that with check but then that’s because no check is unlike any language
that is that I’m used to over in Europe or been exposed to okay so here we go
so a rubber in our logic and thinking means to to be resistant to the human
being do not trust anyone okay that’s kind of scary turn your energy into a
rubber so to speak it is easy just think more of yourself and resist the bad guys
okay so I understand what they’re saying now they’re referring see she’s
referring to rubber in the and the protection bouncing off energy from
other people okay and this I teach people as well because I’m also you know
a magic user you I kind of have to be and if you’re not
that that’s because that part of you was stifled because we talked about this
before on my other shows where they’ve taken away your religion and anything
that is that is abilities from the mind okay they’ve made that all that the
devil and evil and now they’re even saying that aliens don’t listen to their
demons because they don’t want you listening to them because that that’s
the that’s the fruit that was what happened in the Garden of Eden okay that
person is not a god here take this and it’ll rewrite your DNA and let you
actually see him for who he is and then they got cast out so if that story was
true then the the serpent was not the devil they want you to think that’s the
devil because that’s the person that gave you knowledge why would a
benevolent all-knowing all-loving God want to keep you stupid okay think about
that okay so now we’re going into the questions
all right so question from Brett callin Shepherd I have a real question for Olie
for a real physicist who built rocks who built Rockets partly for the secret
space program and worked with et technology David adder saw a huge engine
being big enough to fly an aircraft carrier boat this engine is described to
reach to touch of a human with emotions and color like the like a mood ring okay
so so saying like if you touched it it changes emotional like the mood ring
does and so literally this this engine it would basically be picking up your
emotions and you could affect that with your emotions okay now this is a person
who is talking about seeing this working for the federal government guys okay so
he’s saying that David adder saw this engine and told him about it
okay and he worked for the government in the skunk works obviously a building
secret okay and he said that he saw this okay so so this engine is described
to react of humans with emotions and color like a mood ring
and described as a metal alloy which is alive with memory and a consciousness
energy think about that now that would be a biological entity that they’re
using we’ve heard rumors that there are I have anyways I’ve been told that there
are spaceships out there that are basically biological and that you you
drive it by touching it and thinking it feels your emotions and what you’re
gonna read your mind basically and you communicate on a much deeper level with
the ship and the ship reacts to you now we’ve seen that if you watched like
Battlestar Galactica back in the 90s the new revised version which was superior
in every way to the first one loved it never got to see all of it though I’m
gonna buy it and watch it one of these days they they you know one you know
Starbuck went and got a ship and flew it back and it was she was inside of it it
was alive and she was tugging here squeeze in there and push in there to
get it to do what she wants now so we’ve already had these kind of concepts but
he’s saying literally our government has won and this guy who builds this
saw this okay so let’s see what the question is here okay so the question to
Olie is what was this used for and how does it interact with ET mines question
the question Berg the engine is currently in a underground base in
Nevada and another in New Mexico white sands I spoke with David at a conference
last week asked if it is possible for humans to use this engine okay reply
from Olie yes it is an alien technology it is a living plasma cell it will be
used in the future in connection to bio robots it will destroy humans if applied
to them it would it would destroy the DNA it’s actually live information
stored for use in the future it is hidden in the memory tunnel HAARP
eh-eh-eh our HAARP system was meant for the
future – but they wanted multiplication no they wanted manipulation earlier yes
there is or there are of your own groups as well as other groups operating in the
universe there are many technologies ready to be used in the future despite
the fact that past and the future is one at the same okay now there again here
this is where oles talking about like what raw is talking about that outside
our linear space time or we’re in time space right outside the the where we are
where it’s linear time with the past the present the future being separated from
us future already happening not not able to go back now is now and then or the
I’m sorry the past is done and you know we can’t go back now us now and the
future is uncertain because it’s because of our free will we can change that
however once you get out of here into the fourth dimension and on up from
there okay then there is there is no differential everything happens all at
once and that’s very foreign to us and that’s where the you know what people
have that quantum weirdness at that point when when I try to expand their
mind to understand that concept it’s just like if I told you we don’t need
money you’re gonna say what no we have to have money because everything has a
value no no well the only reason everything
has a value is because we have money without money there is no value value is
what you put on something because you want something for it if everybody gets
whatever and it’s all free but you can’t hoard stuff and say I want every
Maserati on the planet okay and not everybody’s gonna be you know I wanna
you know the most expensive car well it’s no longer expensive so you get
practical okay and and that that is a quantum weirdness that people have a
really hard time with understanding and this is just as crazy for people to
understand okay so he’s alluding here again to the law of one okay so let’s
see where we so okay so wait a minute see I scrolled
my screen I apologize for that I lost my place again I never have enough playing
with the screen and I didn’t I just lost my place because I did that despite the
fact that the past the present in the future all at the same time okay it is
one United era okay so he’s kind of trying to explain that here right is is
based on on mutually saying this is where the translation might be a little
off based on mutually this is nevertheless the universe works on the
principle of of pulsating rotation cycle the universe moves similar to a small
child throwing a ball and and the at the wall and the ball would return because
it would bounce off the wall now that’s a working theory that they have with the
universe where it’s expanding and it’s expanding out now now out and then they
think it might then collapse in on itself now according to Thoth and the
Emerald tablets and according to the law of one and Thoth was a chronicle of rah
they both talked about this is why I have the the sacred geometry on my show
which I don’t have one right now for you guys to see let me turn it on here find
the right one the the intro to for those of you who have video for those of you
who are on podcast you’ll have to go look at the video so the reason why I
have all this Egyptian stuff and the I of raw which is actually the Eye of
Horus but people call it a I’ve rather wrong and see I have Horus but it’s
become morphed into the I raw don’t know why that’s the third eye that’s your
pineal gland and and I show I think I showed that on well I saw the video like
I gave it to one of the girls but you can look that up so the sacred geometry
that I have has to do with the sacred spiral and the sacred spiral is the law
of everything it’s the law of the universe so the sacred spiral it was
explained by raw and explained by Thoth and now by mathematicians as the the
mathematical equation which is the literal
the building block of the entire universe everything spirals outward
outward outward until infinity but then it goes on spirals back in in in all the
way to the 1 all the way to the center and then it goes through like say the
black hole and then it spirals out and then it spirals back in so the universe
is breathing like that out and then back in so it’s expanding right now out out
out at some point it’s gonna stop expanding out and it’s gonna reverse and
start expanding in so you’ll have the exact same amount of time on the way out
as will have on the way in at least we don’t know maybe because it’s going in
it’ll collapse faster we have no idea because that’s beyond our understanding
so he’s talking about that right there so that’s very pointed and it’s also I’m
showing you the cross-reference to what we believe now in scientific realm so
just in this sort of covered right here it’s already crazy groundbreaking
because he talks about the change in the era right and that they’re talking about
that this you know something’s going to happen in the next few years where
things gonna change you guys can see the sacred geometry on the screen now if
you’re if you’re watching the video and then of course here the Egyptian Rho
cubit you should take a look at that pause that right there take a look at
that math that’s also the spiral by the way expanding out and back in and here
is the Fibonacci spiral for you to see you guys see right there and you can see
well this is you know I have many examples here on the thing of that in
nature with storms and like you can see now the ocean space plants those of you
who don’t have video you know we’re listening on the podcast you might want
to take a look at the video just so you can get a reference point there’s also
videos out there that you can look up look up the word fine not PI P I but pH
I you go to youtube and look up pi and then you’ll see there’s a couple of
really good videos with people when they talk about this mathematical equation
and what it represents and he’s alluding to that right here okay so that’s very
important that’s why I brought that up that’s why I went on to that little
tangent okay so so some scientists in America this is back only speaking in
this is not me this is Olie I should maybe I should point that out every time
I start reading again I will because that way you know that it’s my opinion
it’s not me saying that and then when I stop I’ll tell you this is me not Olie
and they sound pretty sure you know the difference
between my reading and me just blabbering on okay so some scientists
only again some scientists in America know everything there are scientists who
deal with us as well as entities from other worlds okay so that’s why they’re
when they’re asking questions some of these people already know that only
exists because they’re already sending information a to in talking to dealing
with them okay and even in the law of one ross says that when people get to a
certain time they won’t come back but you can channel them he said that about
jesus then he could be channeled okay so even though they’re up there the twelfth
they can still be channeled and they can within the bounds of the laws of the
universe still give information and some of this stuff is petty it’s trivial so
it’s not breaking the law and that’s why they’re able to do this
alright so let’s get back to Olli again okay these scientists who deal with us
as well as entities from other worlds they’re also our ordinary scientists
like me that’s me saying that now not only ordinary scientists who are
interested this is only again who are interested in old knowledge which
however is no longer necessary Ross are the same thing that that old knowledge
is no longer necessary because where we are in our development we need to start
looking within ourselves and moving forward with the transformation
everybody’s talking about this Cory goods talking about that David Wilcock
talking about that Emery Smith is talking about that I’m talking about
that okay all he’s talking about that Rawls talking about that all right
so think about that all right so let’s get back to Olie okay so let me see
where it was again here scientists who are trying to rely on their instincts
with respect to how the universe works know everything about secret bases and
us they possess secret information they know about they know about and cooperate
with various groups of extraterrestrial life beware of them as they will try to
test you so beware see so there’s a warning this is me again so there’s a
warning talking about how some of you know aliens are not exactly
is good and you might deal with the wrong people right and so you don’t want
to always need a lot of people are saying to me is only you know up or raw
what if they’re what if they’re bad well they’re still bound by the laws of the
universe those don’t change okay so even if they are their message is still going
to assist us because of the way the universe works okay so let’s get back to
Olie we are not thrilled by the fact that America built a small nuclear
particle now that is to see now this is something this is me again because of uh
known Pentium okay they’re now working with that and they’re using that to
create a small nuclear particle so he’s saying in 2017 that that was already
done and they’re saying now that they’re just now trying to do it which we know
is a lie if they tell you we have 100 million dollars in the bank they
probably have 100 billion dollars in the bank if they say we have 27 ships they
probably have 127 ships so if they say we developed this in 2015 they probably
developed it in in you know 1915 maybe not that far back but we know that Bob
Lazar in the 80s said that they already had Onoda Pentium and that he was
working on reverse engineering that and creating a small of nuclear particle
with that okay and that they had denied it and said all this it wasn’t even true
and the particle was made up and that was in the early 90s and then come
forward in time to 2015 and guess what they discovered a new particle and it
was called hoon doing Pentium just like while Bazar had said and now what he
said that particle was for is now what they’re claiming that particle is for
why is that relevant because that little particle is the power source that will
run the spaceships that’s the power source that the aliens use to run their
spaceships because of its unlimited power do you understand so now Oly
in 2017 is clearly admitting that our government already had that and i was
already doing it and then they’re not happy with it because we’re getting
ahead of ourselves and as you know the people that should not
be the powers that should not be that are in charge are about 15 years old
mentally okay and most people don’t go above the age of 18 and then people who
are who are power-hungry and greedy they’re they’re more mature because if
they were mature they would not be greedy and only self-serving because
that’s an immature thing that’s what children some children do okay so these
are the ones that are in charge and like the nuclear weapon when they develop
that they don’t have the freaking wherewithal not to use that for
evil purposes and hurting people and weaponize it because you know that’s the
first thing they’re gonna do probably already have right all right so
let’s move on so they’re not happy they’re not thrilled those are his words
okay so here’s only again we know it will destroy the population but not
entirely as operations of all groups in the galaxy we will be watching over it
see now I have said this before okay you hear what he just said they’re going to
be watching over it because they know that it can get away from them and they
can destroy the whole planet with it but they’re not gonna allow that okay now I
have been told and some of you know this because I’ve talked about it on my show
some of you heard this because you heard it from a David Wilcock and Corey Goode
that back in the 90s I think it was 97 don’t quote me on the exact year but
it’s back in the 90s when things were getting really crazy and they were going
– the plan was to nuke all of us and live underground but he leads were gonna
live underground just kill off the population because there was too many of
us and they were basically held us for ransom and told the aliens you know
because helium’s locked down our solar system and put us in quarantine and they
say get out of here we’re gonna kill all these people they used they were gonna
blow us all up to get to aliens to leave and aliens came down here and they
melted every nuclear weapon on the whole entire face of the earth and
rendered them all inert but the government’s wouldn’t tell you about
that that’s why you didn’t hear anything about enriched uranium or or nuclear war
for a long time right there it’s just ceased to went away because nobody could
do it so there was never a threat so they didn’t even talk about it
well now they’ve started up productions again because they had to to get their
arsenal back up the Russians are talking about how they got theirs and you guys
can’t even stop us America’s like we could do whatever and
then you got the people Korea and you got the people over in Iran and
everybody’s trying to make nuclear weapons again now it’s all in the news
again because now we have weapons again but they’re still watching so you guys
out there know that those can’t do it and if they try which they did try
they’re stopped so get that in your heads guys because that’s very important
the way you think is what the narrative is on this planet and they know that I
talk about this in all my shows ok so if you think we’re all slaves and enough
you believe that we will become slaves to the people they evil people from
Orion not the good ones but the evil people that who call themselves do Ryan
Crusaders ok so he just said that right there so there they’re watching there is
a war going on right now between scientists some groups other some yes
some groups from other spheres as well as scientists from the underground of
your planet okay so that means other spheres means other planets and only and
raw talks about that as well and it mentions that it says cost plan of
spheres other spheres of meaning other planets and for those of you who think
the earth is flat Sava ok Spears not plate or flat top
boxes whatever ok not a square not a circle a sphere it’s not flat
you idiots ok so those of you who get pissed off of me because of that you’re
a moron change the channel Flat Earth but you
think aliens are demons too right ok so there’s a war going on so just like my
book at the time I wrote it it was a what-if because of the stuff that I had
kind of learned you know what if all this is true and what if it’s really
happening and I wrote a Ryan rising but I didn’t
pay all the money to they wanted me to pay to have all the done too and I
edited it a bunch of times but you know you don’t find everything so it’s full
of grammatical errors you it’s science fiction and there’s a lot of
misspelled words sorry it takes a lot of money then whoever has aware was a
critic show me book that you wrote where you don’t have
anything wrong with it that you paid for yourself because you’re gonna find out
that it’s gonna cost you somewhere around $30,000 okay so I did it for a
lot less and I did it because of that there are some writers out there who are
very very you know big writers who do the same thing and they refuse to pay
people money to have them do that so they type it once and they don’t change
it and they still publish it alright so get that out of your head you you guys
think they do that all that bugs me man I’m reading this and you know come on
it’s not a scientific dissertation it’s not a goddamn paper that’s gonna go into
the you know the scientific community is a some investigation you know or at 150
to 51 we injected mouse number one with exactly one molecule and we studied that
mouse for 18 hours staring at the mouse to see if there was any change at the
end of 18 hours we noted that there wasn’t any change for 18 hours and went
on to Mouse number two we then at 22 51 35 injected two particles into Mouse –
okay come on it’s a story read it anyways getting
back to that as it turns out here’s another confirmation from somebody
outside of our planet saying that that is exactly what is going on here that
you have good aliens and bad aliens here helping you have good people and bad
people here helping okay so there’s a war between good people and good aliens
with the bad people and the bad aliens scientists who are evil from an evil
place and there’s a war right now for the it’s just like Batman and the Joker
it’s a war over the souls of the human race okay and that’s what that story was
about you had Batman on one side you had the Joker on the other side and it was
almost like Jesus and the devil okay and that was what the story was supposed to
be literally like that that was a dichotomy of that storyline okay so
let’s continue with what he’s saying here because this is really good juicy
guys right okay so there’s a war going on in scientist underground baba
the they throw papers at each other’s heads to speak not quite sure what that
means but I’m reading what Olli said and what Ilana translated so literally after
other spheres as well as scientists from underground on your planet literally
next sentences they throw papers at each other’s head to speak so I don’t
understand that exactly but we’ll leave that okay there are different maneuvers
in behaviors of these structures chaos among entities and the world on the left
the material backward system in which unfortunately you live is also at war
however this is a different kind of war there is a preacher with great and then
there’s an R there so I don’t know if I’m supposed to be greater this is great
and then space R and then who is pretty close to the world on the Left I am NOT
allowed to tell who okay so there’s a preacher with great something who is
pretty close to the world on the left and I am NOT allowed to tell who not
sure what that means but those cryptic think about that and if anybody has any
theories let me know next question author of Zen Kulik Evy ze n next word
Kulik or last name Kulik kul I see enquiries about his or inquires about
his friend who is suffering from cancer so you know these questions are taken by
many different people so they’re not always about the same topic guys and so
they kind of pop around but I’m still gonna answer these because this is all
I’m not gonna you know not talk about what they ask it’s just like I wouldn’t
do that with the loved one okay so I just wanted to make that clear okay so
so inquires about his friend who is suffering from cancer would it be able
to cure or would he be able to cure mark reply we do not know but that’s
life everyone must take care of themselves and go through their inner
organs with the help of their mental energy see so this is the same stuff
that they’re not even knowing about the law of one I was already preaching and
telling everybody you know that you need you know if you’re not feeding yourself
healthy food if you’re not thinking healthy then your body suffers from that
if you’re eating bad food your body suffers it’s a bad energy the same thing
with with your mental state if you’re not taking care of your mental state
your mental state becomes disrupted now he’s saying that right here this is
important this is coming you know is this is Alana trying to get everybody to
be good now he says he doesn’t know because the truth is the person has to
change what they did if you you know what you can do guys I mean eat good
food stop eating processed food eat fresh
cook for yourself don’t go to restaurants don’t go to especially fast
food places those places are I love them too I go there sometimes but primarily I
don’t primarily a fix my own food so make your own sandwiches go to the deli
to get to meet don’t get processed packaged food don’t get Brocket
processed packaged lettuce or a salad try to stay away from that stuff as much
as you can well make your own salad dressings guys it’s not hard don’t be
lazy you can get the stuff to make your own salad dressings all of this is in my
book how to get out of debt by the way okay and and it’s true how to get out of
debt living in the 21st century how to survive in the 21st century you need to
eat organic all that other stuff is killing you killing me and killing the
world there are people that don’t want American food no matter what it is they
get produce down there they throw it away they don’t want it you know why
because it’s all steroid infested it’s drug infested okay they don’t want that
it’s poison to them and you guys think that it’s good and I challenge anybody
and I do this all the time I say this all the time whether you like a banana
or you like apples or whatever oranges go to your store or your normal store
wherever you go grocery shopping go and get your favorite one that you
will be eating for a while that you think is the best one on the planet then
go and find the organic aisle and if that’s the organic section and find one
it’s gonna be smaller because it’s not steroid infested even apples are half
the but they’re not supposed to be that big
cuz that’s all water then buy one of each and literally take the bite of
yours the ones you like buy that probably that first chip this is real
Apple this is a real banana right here Kachina banana what is the good stuff
then eat that organic one take a pot of the organic one okay you’re never gonna
go back and do this with my mom she’s heating this crappy peanut butter that
most of you guys eat out there that’s made by all these companies right and I
go and I get there’s only one company that makes two brands Smuckers and and I
think it’s Laura Scudders but they’re both the same company and it’s some of
the other companies now is trying to pick up the ball because this 100% pure
peanut butter literally the the ingredients are peanuts and salt and
sometimes a little bit of peanut oil that’s it
three ingredients peanuts peanut oil salt you got a stir it’s an don’t be
lazy stir it up okay take your time so you
don’t splash all the oil and grease all over the place but I took her peanut
butter and said taste this is your peanut butter you love this right she
said yeah I sit here now and I gave her a little bit of that peanut butter on a
you know on a knife take that off of there and she was like oh my god I’m
like right my sister said no no that stuff no I’m and I said here come over
here you this is your peanut butter that you brought you brought this over to
give to me I said and it’s got sugar in it and I won’t it’s gotta come to crap
here taste it she goes yeah that’s peanut butter I say here taste this and
she went oh my god what is that I said that’s real peanut butter that’s all it
is peanuts ground down mixed up that’s it peanut butter I said what you’re
eating over here is monosodium glutamate all kinds of phosphates all kinds of
sugars look breed the ingredients guys I’m not trying to be a preacher here or
maybe I am I am a minister eat better and you’ll feel better you’ll have more
energy you’ll think clearer because you stop eating the stuff that’s dumbing you
down okay and then your mind will expand and then you know what you’ll start
understanding all this then pretty soon you’ll be telling me stuff like Oh Lee
okay so let’s move on for and listen to only sane here okay so cuz if you listen
to my shows I’m sure you’ve heard this for me before I’m just trying to
save you I’m trying to help okay oh yeah I’m trying to help you guys so okay so
let’s see where was I okay about cancer and he doesn’t know
because you know it yes some things you have to go through with your mental
energy you have to observe yourself the on the inside so to speak and by
stroking the organs amid energized or energized all cell particles in the
organs so you would do that through meditation obviously getting your chakra
points realigned you should learn what chakra points are and what chakras are
and it’ll help you realign your energy which also helps you to work with your
organs and you should also eat some probiotics take probiotics because that
helps your gut and your gut issue is the fuel system if it’s working properly
then your body is healthy also I was going to say and I got off on that
tangent about the food but also gonna say you have to keep your body alkaline
the alkalinity of the water in our eyes is is nine point nine point one or nine
point two nine four one five actually nine point one seven or nine point two
seven nine right in that range and I know this because I was a pool operator
for ten years and you have to be certified you have to go to a chemistry
class and learn math and chemistry to be able to take care of water and keep it
balanced so we try to get the pool water exactly the same as use the water in
your eyes st. pH and then it doesn’t burn your
eyes when you swim that’s why baby shampoo doesn’t burn in the eyes because
they got the shampoo to balance the pH as close to human water in our eyes so
that it’s it fits okay so you have to keep your body at that same level and to
do that you can either get these alkaline waters that they have that’s a
little expensive or you can get Ormus which is also kind of expensive you
could also make it look that up it’s actually we say Ormus but it’s actually
or mieze but we say Ormus it’s just somehow it got transferred into that
that means Auto atomic I can’t remember what it is put in in any case here it’s
um you can look it up by Cleopatra’s milk because the formula that I use is
the ancient Egyptian formula that Cleopatra made and you basically it does
look like milk of magnesia no magnesia in fact is another
that it is that so if you keep the pH in your body high you will not get cancer
because the cancer has to have an acidic body okay so if you keep the pH we’re
not above that though because then it becomes too aggressive but if you keep
it in that in that range okay you don’t want to go above you know nine point
three well you can take it a little bit higher some of it goes up to ninety
seven you can’t go you don’t want to go to ten or above so the lot of the
alkalinity water is a little bit higher because it’s trying to bring your pH to
that level okay so if you’re too acidic your body you have cancer cells in your
body all the time they’re there okay the ability to get cancer is in every
single human being so if you eat crap food and you and you you know drink crap
drinks you know drink water you’re not healthy that that changes your body
chemistry and it becomes very acidic and that is a fuel for cancer so if you keep
your body alkaline then a cancer won’t grow or spread and you can kill cancer
that way that’s why they say you know if you’re drinking the hot lemon water and
some people say oh there’s nothing to that they say there’s nothing to
everything guys get used to that if somebody said I have the cure for
anything there’s gonna be 50 guys in a go there’s no definitive proof for that
so there’s nothing in the world right now that doesn’t have a counter point
nothing there is not one single thing period that you could ever discuss that
doesn’t have a counter point that says that’s so you have to you have
to understand that that’s just the way life is now because there’s chaos okay
so because there’s chaos no matter what you say you’re gonna evil people that
are gonna go that’s not true there’s no definitive proof for that no
matter what you say no matter what you do okay so hot lemon water creates the
pH in your body that is hostile to cancer and it does not allow it to grow
kills it keeping your body alkaline keeps you from getting cancer but if you
eat like you don’t do anything else then you’re gonna you’re just gonna
counteract that so then it’s redundant you’re putting stuff in your body that
you’re putting back in your body that’s screwing up the good you’re putting
in your body so you have to live healthier
that would keep you from getting cancer if you’re afraid of that you don’t want
to get it change the way you eat eat healthy don’t have processed crap try
buying organic and fresh all right let’s move on let’s see what else Olli said
here ok ok Oh while stroking think of yourself so now he’s giving you kind of
some ideas well you you know you can literally put your hands where your
organs are and if you can look up the Anatomy know where they are that’s what
he’s talking about now I’m also a Reiki Master teacher so
with Reiki we do that a lot where we can energize your organs or my own you can
do that to some degree without being tuned because it’s your body you have
control over your body and if you think about a certain organ and you’re
touching the area where that organ is you can think about that organ and you
can and you can help yourself because of your because of who you are the strength
you have and everyone needs to learn that you guys know all understand that
you’re in charge you’re in charge of the narrative we drive here you’re in charge
of your own body you’re in charge of your own health no one else is going to
help you because there’s evil people out there that do not care they just want to
use you and abuse you and then when they’re done with you that someone slit
your throat and and get you and fillet you and ship you off her food to aliens
that’s the way the government works anyway all right so you want to you want
to while thinking of yourselves as only again of your life going all the way
back to when you were a fetus and your mother’s uterus imagine your own embryo
and transmit energy all the way back to the moment of life conception see so
think about that you can cure you can go backwards and fix your DNA he’s trying
to tell you that it’s very important to understand what kind of power you each
of us has as an individual all right Zoli again imagine being small in the
arms of your mother go through every moment from birth pass energy from your
brain to all parts of cells and organs and blood cells visualize the tissue as
well as all information inside the body then with the tips of the fingers as
well as toes through the throw the bad energy
of the disease away from your body okay now the Japanese and I have the you know
that stuff that they put on the bottom of their feet like a sticker and it
pulls all these nasty things out of the body and you know just pull it off in
the morning and it’s black and you put it on again each night you do that until
that all that’s often that literally pulls toxins out of your body
now here here Olli is saying that you can do that on your own now being a
Reiki Master teacher I also know that we do that we pulled that stuff out we
could pull it out through the top of your head
we’ll pull it out through your body as well and so that’s a practice that’s
normal it’s not crazy but those of you who don’t know anything about it you
think of it that’s the sane what are you saying but it’s you know okay so that’s
that’s only telling you all right so let’s back to Olie
the next thing you know the disease is gone during this process you have to
think with love of a healthy and joyful life so if we can heal ourselves you
just have to stop all the distraction of all the bad you know Corey Goode talked
about that Emery Smith talks about that they have a machine that does that that
he helped build and and people go and sit in it and you have a treatment and
it pulls all the toxins out of your body and your body will heal itself because
your body will then start repairing because your body’s fighting off with
all those toxins that are in there so when you get those out then your body
can heal itself all right let’s go back to – oh and that you can watch videos
where Emery Smith talks about that okay so this is only again material means
people possess are not able to heal your body from the inside means such as money
for those in imperfect and meaningless things such as the pharmaceutical
factories of says are of no help well see now this to me again
now the and we say that all the time the pharmaceutical drugs are making you sick
they’re just covering the symptom up they’re not curing the disease and they
don’t care because there’s no money in a cure they’re like you keeping you have
and the disease forever and you have you hooked on their drugs you know that we
all know that now you have only saying it okay
all right so let’s get back into this right so he says this is Olli again our
ships hang over these industries often ivana your problem is something else see
so she’s even back then she was having problems he’s got to go back to the
doctor coming up now and so does her sister they’ll both have blood clots
Alana’s getting better but Yvonne is not she’s got some her leg is messing with
her again because she works at a factory she doesn’t have any time I’m gonna try
and see if I can help but the cure for that I just gotta talk convince her
sister to help me convince Ivana to you know start getting more alkaline aiding
in her in her blood and hopefully that can help her but it’s a blood clot so
she has problems that clotting both of them do so they have to thin their
bloods they’re on coumadin right now but she’s still having issues which is not
cool I think she’s I think they’re trying to kill her and so I’m I’m gonna
put together a coalition of people to maybe give her some protection and
health because I think like they did with with what’s-her-name Carla they
tried to kill her eventually they did she ended up dying last year but she was
still all the way to the end she was still hurt even when she couldn’t walk
and she was being brought in on a wheelchair and Oh in the bed wheeling
her in they should still talk okay so so yvonne has been having problems for a
while your problem with something else the problem is you do not you a problem
is you did not do you were supposed to once so you didn’t do what you were
supposed to do do not worry all things will be good see
so that’s that’s good to know that even back then this shoes being told that and
I have to convince her of that now everyone has their own fate part of
which is an illness which comes along right so each one of us walks our own
path and maybe that might be something that is you know our afflictions are
something that we had designed like I have almost lost my legs back in 2015
they wanted to cut them off at the knees and I kept them but now I have really
poor circulation and my feet are I don’t know they’re pretty numb on the
bottoms so I have to wear compression socks and some of what I do is muscle
memory because and I gotta keep checking my feet to make sure I don’t cut them
because they’re almost like a leper I can’t feel them hardly at all so like
when I’m driving it’s all muscle memory I can kind of feel the gas pedal and I
can feel the brake just because I have to apply pressure so I can still feel
that I’m not completely numb because when that happens I won’t be able to
drive will have to drive by well the way they do for people who are you know
don’t have the limbs then you have hand controls that you do for the gas and
stuff so so I don’t know did I design that or did it just happen because of me
living your on the planet I don’t know right and that’s tough I don’t I don’t
really worry about I just try to look at longevity and do what I can while I’m
here to try and help and wake up and raise as many of the vibration of this
planet as much as I can for as many people as I can until I’m done you know
and then if I get recycled and I come back I’ll do the same thing it’s been my
mission that’s why I’m here okay so the problem is you didn’t do what you’re
supposed to do don’t worry all will be good everyone this is only again
everyone has their own fate which is part of an illness which comes along but
you can always suck it out of your body with the help of energy okay see so
issues you know we have stories of shamans who have done exactly that and
they would pull right out of your body
Aborigines shamans in Australia and shamans in America and shamans in South
America I’ve heard of shamans even in Europe and
they pull stuff right out of your body pull out these illnesses yeah all right
cancer pull it out so that’s kind of crazy but it it works okay so that’s
what’s really crazy all right so so still this is only again fate is cruel
okay so breakthrough will come human beings are mortal but they are not the
ones who possess soul which is precious so but they are not bold but they are I
apologize but they are the only ones who possess soul which is precious okay so
that would suggest what only saying right now is that there
our entities out here that are currently interacting with us that don’t possess a
soul someone asked me that once and brought that up wondering if there were
people you know like the gray is because they’re trying to figure out what the
what the spark is I think they’re trying to figure out how to and this is what
communion was about from a Whitney streamer Strieber where he talked about
what that that’s where they kind of explained to him they want that then we
all know they keep picking up our people and testing and taking samples and then
I just talked to a gentleman Dave Evans last week now or two weeks ago now it’ll
be – yeah that’s almost two weeks ago on Wednesday and though he was last
Wednesday I apologize he was last Monday and he’s in a multiple abductee multiple
time most of his life okay and he said the same thing they were doing things
different ways of getting sperm out of him including having him have sex with a
hybrid so I think what they’re trying to figure out is it that if we possess
something that it will allow them to get a soul because they want they don’t have
emotions I don’t have the the spark they don’t have the love that we have and I
think that comes from our soul I don’t think that’s a biological thing I don’t
think that that is a you know if you just take a human and have you know like
maybe if you clone someone when you clone them do they have a soul and whose
soul is it because if you’re cloning Adolf Hitler’s in his soul again what if
you’re cloning yourself is it really you is your soul in there or is it just your
memories that’s the question that a lot of people were having problems with
that’s why they did the movie the the fifth day with Arnold Schwarzenegger you
should see that that was done back in the thick 90s early 90s I think or mid
90s and it was that dichotomy of cloning it was right after the stem-cell
research started so of course was taken to the to weaponizing and having people
cloning themselves and if something bad happens to rich people there to have a
clone in there they just download the you know you just watch the movie was
really good so they just download upload from from the person or download from
the person into this device everything up to the second the person died and
then did they download it into the new body and the person just weak
up in there and it basically transfers their soul electronically supposedly and
then you had the same thing in Battlestar Galactica with with their bio
robots that they had they found out that they would have a ship that would be
hovering nearby and when there when the Cylons got killed there their essence
their aura their being would transfer to that ship and then they would be reborn
again and then they would wake up and they would get climb out of the VAT and
they would be the same age that they were and they were all you know in their
20s and they would wake up and be the same person again in a new body okay so
that’s kind of that right think about that now huh right okay so let’s see
even though this is only again even though some individuals run on a
negative soul every soul possesses its own charm the soul is learning too so we
know that I mean most of you know that we’re here for some reason and that
we’re here to learn stuff and almost everyone knows that we’re here to
experience and learn that’s the law of one that’s where the universe works but
your religions all of them say that – yes people cannot allow or could not
know all there are many things concealed from people and there’s a reason for
that and we talked about that a law of one all the time all right so this is
only again now this is in capital letters and I’m not quite sure why so
some of this is in capital letters so this is again it says Olli has secured
his location in the ship the source uses a computer on the base of vacuum
radiation we do not have keys like a keyboard we have only points of light
which are jelly-like sensitive and then it’s back in regular case letters if
someone touched our ship their body would emit a spark current and they
would feel as as if it’s touching a soft metal mass our ship possesses an
electric discharge so that’s basically what he was talking about that engine
the earlier on where it looked like that and it was if you touch it would kind of
interact that way this is Olie again the human is water-based and our ship emits
electrical discharge measuring sensitivity of
in the human body if one did not touch our ship and just walked straight in the
sparks would be produced again but without adverse affecting blood or
circulation it is because people wear shoes it’s like a protector also a
strong strong clothing such as a knight armor would be our knight’s armor would
be for help for use this is yes those technologies are ours and all documents
in papers in the underground and built in produced tunnels EBE Olie does not
want to have anything to do with it other individuals from our group
transferred our technology long ago to someone else that they underground also
have the records as well as direct structures with specific technology from
a number of groups the that’s all Olie will have to move off now and then he
ended the session ok so here’s here’s another question this is August 6 2017
communication with humanoid EBE Olie from the 12th dimension oh no I’m sorry
now it’s the it’s in check there so that was the end of that one let me see if
there’s any more know that now it’s just all in check and I mean I’m glad that
she gives them to me that way because as my check improves I’ll be able to help
her add it what she has so let me close this out here and go to actually let me
just do this and I’ll go to the next one here and we’ll open this up and this is
also August 16th or August 6 they think 2017 so let me open this guy and we’ll
continue so well that’s loading well then and we make sure it’s not the same
thing no I don’t think it is let me make sure
that I didn’t duplicate that I’m gonna start reading this a one
no this is different August 6 2017 only there’s no this is the same one that was
just duplicated in my files I apologize for that
so let me look at a different one here August 8th but no this one’s different
so let’s look at this one I have tons of them and it’s hard for me to tell
sometimes I have downloaded more than once cuz I confused and wasn’t sure what
I had okay so this is 8th October 2017 ok
again this is Olie right so EBE and then it says ok question 2 EBE from I guess
it’s Yosef it’s Jozef next word middle initial K or maybe these didn’t want to
give the last name of the Czech Republic has the following question how to change
matrix and how to undo the grid of ignorance that’s the question and then
it says matrix is a sci-fi grid of ignorance in this thinking suggesting
and suggestive thinking the matrix is where world in the sci-fi there is other
programs that that govern your system of the universe so so yeah he’s basically
saying that but ok so there’s other things there’s other things as well so
it’s but but he kind of acknowledged that yeah that what you’re considering
in the matrix is kind of what you live in but it’s not exactly the way it was
from the movie because there’s no when I’ve talked about this there’s no you
know bad guy aliens who are robots that are keeping us as batteries ok so
question question from super soldier James Rink last name
and then it says and then it says nice ask for instructions how to build a a
Hana – H a n ato are can talk to the dead with one I want schematics because
one no one knows about it either other than me
and another person who was told by aliens to build one he asked me to help
and I don’t know how to do it what can it be
ok so then it says no idea but maybe you can find out if we had a building which
could bring back some one spirit so that we could talk to talk to it it would
change the world death would have little and no meaning
and people will find answers to crimes and riddles and something about Nikola
Tesla and then it says yes this is physics I don’t know if this is the
answer cuz it doesn’t say doesn’t actually they don’t actually say you
know I am wrong your liking that stuff so I don’t know but it is the next
paragraph so this might be the answer yes this is physics the these thus gamma
I guess I was trying to say schematics gamma the scam is Chem is in Mary a
does not work properly physical rap WR a PP Hannah tur this is in capital letters
is the physical condition module in form similar cube and it says shaped like a
block a cube we can see we can not say more it could smash another technology
between the Galactic procedure it if we told about this this scheme so probably
saying schematic from the equation Nikola Tesla and had very full diagrams
and physical and physics between space-time flights Nikola Tesla studied
physics on a gravity and teleportation physics was needed and consulted with
the higher beings we cannot interfere with it I tell you that Nikola Tesla
this energy is in the flow of time he knew how to travel between the worlds he
his cologne is currently in between in the interspace he left his body
and at the expense of his experiment and his soul remains in between in the inner
space but he has a clone he knew how to transfer traveling time yes this handle
this handle it be done by every intelligence that deals with this and
that just might be a translational problem right there from what she was
translating into English like I said again that once I get better at this
I’ll be able to read the check and just translate it then it says but that’s
some good right there all right think about what what Olie just said
right there okay so Tesla didn’t really die he checked out before they killed
him basically I mean there’s theories that he was murdered but he left and so
his clone was here right or the other way around he went with his clone and
left his body here and that’s why probably why he degraded but I think he
kind of knew that they were coming after him but he was working on this now and
every Smith said that they took his information and that they are you know
building this stuff so that would suggest that they already have they’re
already working on this stuff if he had a clone back then that means you know
that they have clones now and you know that’s a little bit more of I’m not
gonna go into that part cuz I already did the moon I’m not going to give the
other reveal that I just got from last week okay that covers that a little bit
more okay so it says med metric physics nikola tesla he was this is only again
he was in touch with the civilizations are civilized intelligence from the
planet Valu ma v as in victor al as in lima u M as in Mary a voluma or voluma
in the whole universe is a system planets there does not exist number
exists there’s only letter and numeral number eight is letter a it is a 8 a 8
is known as your earth you on earth material mathematics okay so in the
universe the designations are letters and numbers and they don’t have
names like we call ourselves you know earth or Tara right Earthlings know
terrestrials you know we’re Terrans but they give they give number and letter
designations so it says the number eight is letter A it is a 8 a 8 is known to
you on earth so I’ll have to look at that and see if they meant that it
literally as that’s our designation or a 8 is a equation that we know material
mathematics I’ll have to look into that I don’t remember seeing that before
maybe I have not read this I may have just downloaded it and then it says uh
next page writing and extent exercise book question from Peter Anthony Flynn
asked if EBE knows anything about the planet
sir po s as in Sam e as in Edward R P as in Paul oh and 12 astronauts they
visited the planet sir po in 1965 and then it says 1978 so maybe they did it
twice and then it says this is only again we know about secret programs this
secret program is not the only one we do not know every name and surname but
within our limits it’s only a resolution of identification that our chief
commander approves for people like Ivana medium and Alana astronauts do not live
as they should it was dangerous research as many researches Sephiroth super sir
po oh and I remember someone talking about that now ok so I’m not gonna go
into that because I just don’t want to go into that ok it’s a research planet
sepra or super serpo they call name it scientists it is desolate planet where
it could where it is cold and not not favorite there are covers for research
there is no leak it is an in Hospice planet okay so I heard rumors about that
from insiders and I’m not gonna get into that right now
only because I don’t want to yeah I can’t discuss that because of the the
secrecy of who told me that and what I know but I also heard that from a source
okay and well and there’s no there’s no way these people know that source okay
so I’ll also have to look into that and see if Emery Smith and Corey Goode and
David Wilcock have mentioned that before but I don’t believe so
okay next question question what about astronaut Ken Johnson he has contact
with civilization but with a different one than we are he must not about it
telling he said that’s that’s the way she’s translating that’s just her right
there I can tell that because of the way check is spoken and the way that I did
that that’s just a translation problem that wasn’t the way only word out and
I’m almost positive of that although actually he is the way he worded it
because he in fact was going through her mind into check and she’s writing check
okay so I apologize for that in a sense that’s literally the translation because
that’s what Olie is translating in their head but for us in English it’s
backwards right he must not talk about her he must did
not tell about it about it telling just a translation into English issue
everyone has a task with you on earth cosmic rules he can Johnson knows about
himself and about others the energy in him in in vegan I think is the vga and
vegan feeling heavy oxygen we do not like the suits of your astronauts the
body wilt ages under the clothing little oxygen our civilization has met in space
a few times with your rockets yes the identification of Ken Johnson he knows
his time unit your astronauts are exploring planets that are not needed to
be explored okay so that right there is very telling that we’re out there
exploring planets already it’s literally saying we ran into some
of your spaceships going out there even Rockets and you guys are exploring
planets that you don’t need but but we’re but astronauts not not your
technology right so it’s not like well we sent a probe to Mars that’s not what
he’s saying he’s saying that we have met your astronauts in space and that you
guys are going and checking out on looking at planets that you don’t really
need to be explored but we don’t know that they know that because they’ve
already explored them so they’re like well what do you want to go there for
there’s nothing there well we don’t know that until we go there right it’s so
funny how sometimes they don’t see how simple we are and our thinking because
somebody can tell me well don’t go there there’s nothing there well how do I know
that you could just be telling me that I’m gonna go there and see for myself
and you go there right but we have to go and explore it otherwise we won’t know
right so I mean yeah he’s probably right we are but who cares we have to find
that out for ourselves we’re growing species all right back to Olie your
astronauts are not afraid to risk with their new technology see with their new
technology what does that imply guys in laboratories everything is connected
with this is only again in laboratories everything is connected with technology
with other races Ilona you are like a puppet to America see and in Hearne I’ve
been talking about that she knows that that they’re trying to trying to you
know use her in ways that’s why I keep trying to I want to get her help her get
a word out but I’m not trying to use her in any way and that’s I’m not you know
doing this for them and and but there’s people from our government that are
asking questions so they’re trying to use her and I’m trying to get her a
little more savvy street-smart in in that and helping her out with that
because she’s very smart but she doesn’t know the conniving ways of this
government and I do okay we do not like the hypocrisy yeah we either with you
they’re only okay back to Olie I Olie I would like to corral for cooperate in
connection and in harmony and and lovefool of tuning people are setting by
the computer monitors like flies glued flies on flypaper not all of our
communications must be the same the same perfect yet not all so he just said not
all of our communications must be the same the same perfect that does not
work there are various discharging of energy spirals back to the sacred spiral
again energy spirals and various fragments that do not go so fast so fast
people between people can talk all day and much but we are not human and our
communication is unique on your earth yes we’re aware of that Olli Ivana and
Ilana you tell the whole world what we do not want everyone to try us
somebody examined and this is that was in brackets and bracketed somebody
examined our dealings our our dear colleague of our dimension turned out
badly in 1944 when he fell into the hands of the chief of the underground
underground shell the underground cave they asked him very much he was very
much asked they were interrogating him he could not stand it anymore and his
energy faded away now that was a gray who was here and I know that story and
eventually he died he was in exchange he was in exchange and they were
interrogating him interrogating and I’ve seen some of the footage of the
interrogation the real actual footage of the real interrogation by the way and
then eventually he just lost his will to live and he just died he just faded away
and they didn’t know why well that’s why because I treated him like and they
were interrogating all the time all right so back to Olie many scientists
they asked and our fragile beings limited limit it in our normal life
chaos was in America yet still is back to Olie in whole America there are many
underground caves connected is upper and I’m not sure what she’s trying to say
here Oh upper continent it just didn’t look right and the inner bottom that
just a sentence structure for interpretation I apologize for that
is upper content continent and inner bottom your earth is spread
over multi-layers just because of the artificial intelligence which is in
operating in big underground channels serve for all cosmic and mysterious for
different activities members of our know members and various hierarchies
researchers and everything there is more active underground on your earth HAARP
system aja RP system this is in capital letters bold capital letters HAARP
system area and all conspire to spiral on one point the earth and this is back
in regular case letters the earth and everything is result your earth on the
surface looks like matrix Nibiru and others are Nibiru and everything comes
at one moment as it once was but it was another evolution of mankind okay so so
that he’s suggesting there that when Nibiru was here and we have all these
monuments all around the world that was a different that was a different
evolution of the human race that one’s gone and we’re here that
transformed into us where they died out whichever okay so that was that was a
that was before that was the time before so that’s not here so no beru those
people didn’t come and create us okay if they did come and create someone they’re
gone now and we’re here okay so that was a different civilization a different
evolution of mankind now we know there’s been several several side won’t know how
many but I know what that it’s been here for a long time okay
underground components where the Zoli again underground components were not
previously activated and associated with other civilizations so fervently you’re
saying time you’re saying time you you are saying time but it’s not matron
that’s just a blunt part of existence works only universe okay so yeah so
basically what he’s saying is that’s how the universe works and that was just a
translation problem that’s just how the universe works okay so it’s not a matrix
in that like we’re saying like the word when you say matrix it brings up this is
me talking again I’m sure you know that because I talk faster than I read that’s
because I need to wear reading glasses and right now I’m sitting in a zone
where one eye sees that okay and the other at doesn’t so I can actually kind
of read it but I don’t want to because something on the monitor
I’d have to squint over to the other monitor to put my glasses on so I
apologize that my reading isn’t as fast and when I speak so what he’s saying is
that when you the the idea that comes up to people’s minds when you say the word
matrix it’s just like I said earlier it makes it sound like or you get the idea
that at somebody who has control of us and they’re using us like in that movie
has batteries so it’s not but what it is it is kind of like that to where we all
create this world we our minds and the way we think it was what drives the
narrative that’s why the powers that should not be have talked about this
many many hundreds of times on my shows that’s why they want to keep you angry
and afraid of each other and racial tension because if you stay there that
keeps your vibration low so they’re doing that’s control the people of this
population that’s what it enslaves you as that mindset okay that’s why anybody
who talks love and peace that they get rid of anybody who tries to bring the
love to the world and starts making a big difference they get rid of Martin
Luther King Jesus Christ Mohammed right okay Steven Biko will see you people
don’t even know his name right that was the guy that was actually in charge of
the of the South African freedom movement they miraculously he went to
his jail cell and two days later hung himself and he died committed
suicide the man wouldn’t have committed suicide he was murdered and then Nelson
Mandela who was his right-hand man took up the mantle to continue fighting for
what he fought for Friedman became the president and then his wife carried on
that ok so Steven Biko was the person who was the head of that just like
Martin Luther King jr. was here in the United States and they killed those
people because they were freeing halation of people they were doing good
they were bringing about peace through peace Mahatma Gandhi they killed him for
the same reason okay Mahatma Gandhi took on the British
government basically won back the freedom of India so they killed him for
it he ran Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was
freeing the slaves he was an abolitionist this entire agenda was to
stop slavery in the United States you should look that up but I brought that
up my other show the other day last week because people think that the only
reason he freed the slaves was because he had to he had no choice that’s not
true that is a lie and anyone who says that doesn’t know anything about Abraham
Lincoln look it up read about his life you’ll find out that they didn’t want
him to become the president because he was an abolitionist look up that word
and find out what that means okay the war started was an over slavery yes
absolutely because in the new states they were putting into law trying to put
into law that any other territory that was that would become a state in the
United States of America slavery would automatically become illegal in those
new states that’s why the South started the war so was it over slavery
absolutely yes okay it was but Abraham Lincoln that was what he set out to do
he was trying to free the slaves okay they started before he was the president
and the guy who was in charge was weak and the people in the South were able to
get him to because he was weak do what they wanted him to do so they got rid of
him they hired a Abraham Lincoln who was a wanderer by the way and they killed
him for it because he signed the proclamation that freed the slaves the
executive order and so they they immediately went after him and killed
him but it was too late he already freed them and now they are free and I’m happy
that you guys are all free and now we just need to love each other get along
okay so right so that’s the matrix gives you the idea that we’re under someone
else’s control we kind of are but we’re not the truth is they’re driving the
narrative this is getting back to the matrix they’re driving the narrative to
keep you under their thumb by not allowing you to know that we we can just
say no the reason that they don’t they don’t have us enslaved right now
taking away our guns because they can’t we refuse and we’ll fight okay and we
are fighting and we’re winning the psychological war and that’s why they’re
in their death throes now trying to go through so we talked about this on the
other show I’m gonna keep going with this I just wanted to get over that
clarify that McCain in case you listen to this show you don’t listen to the law
of one you should listen to that my show there and if you’re on the law one you
should be listen to this one two on Mondays alright so this is back to Olli
now okay this is a cosmic science yes we people do not believe much for you in
America we know it we do not have to see them we have the energy that knows it we
can now the this is how it’s translated we can no I’m sorry we can know the
identification of some people we have access it tell for us our chief I’m not
sure what that meant that’s probably bad translation right there and then it says
Michael Melton yeah Michael Melton M e LT Owen is a human who has a rich
structure he has a radio talk show he know we know we are – we are tuned into
the same frequency at the same broadcast the radio in America so I don’t know me
that person is yes people like to listen now the energy
weaken next paragraphs we know the people we are in invisible or that us
not audible but it’s important to contact through ivana okay so that was
just a translation error there but you get what they were saying her biological
computer it is necessary but our ship our ships you are saw already several
times until the chief gives us a task then we will show up the you people must
always hurry at all people are afraid of the end of the world but the end does
not happen yet there must first arrive be changes in developmental and
biological technology then we’ll decide whether will not we
will but we’ll then we’ll decide whether your earth is needed for future life if
will your whole planet will inhabit artificial intelligent it is examined
for Earth people should not and then it says hurtness should not hurry at any
time everything will go alone suddenly it is it as it should be yes and then he
ended the conversation with his ok so so right there in 2017 now a lot of people
are talking about this now being concerned with so much technology that
we’re gonna end up you know bio robots and transferring or ourselves our spirit
into a robots and he’s saying that that will become a possibility later but that
the human race needs to not do that ok so people should not you know so let me
reread that if will your whole planet will inhabit artificial intelligence it
is a you know it’s a examine for Earth people should not so basically what he’s
saying is that is something that we shouldn’t should not try to do but you
know that our government’s gonna try and do that crap if they’re not already
doing it right we know that because that’s just the way they are and then if
they can like turn us all into bio robots so they can control us of course
they’re gonna want to do that because that’ll be the last thing they have over
us right is to be in control okay so that’s that was the end of that session
that she gave me no it’s just all in check and we’re coming up on the almost
two hours anyway so maybe we’ll just call it here for the day
but that was some good juicy stuff and that’s from back in 2017 guys there’s
more stuff like that that is intense intense stuff that I’m gonna be covering
and I’m gonna do it even if I only have to do a on our night I will be on
Monday but as I get more material from her and I correlate the ones that I have
I gotta look up the other stuff that I had printed out then I have
talked about on area because I did two shows about this two or three shows
about this just in the podcast so if those of you that’s on my podcast you
already know some of this you already know about only those of you who are
just now going to be hearing about that you know today this might be the first
time that you’ve heard about this but I’ve done shows when I was doing shows
for the paranormal parallax Allah Network I had to Ryan rising was being
sponsored by them I did three or four shows I don’t remember how many I did
but they are on my podcast so you can go back and you can see where it was EBE
Olie and what I talked about there and I also talked about them in comparison and
mentioning you know Corey Goode and and David Wilcock like I did here because
they they do talk about some of this but they don’t talk about Olie although I do
know that Emery Smith knows about Olie because Emery Smith has sent questions
to you ivana or Ilona they’re friends because I saw she actually took a
screenshot of linking my show to him for him to watch he and I aren’t friends but
he’s friends with a couple of my staff members that I have for ancient aliens
worldwide they’re a couple you know he’s friends
with a couple of them are their friends you know he’s he usually collects women
as friends a lot more than he does men so you know he likes the girls I guess
so he’s got you know he does I didn’t accept my friendship but he did
everybody else’s and and there is conversations that have been with you
know Alana she’s told me about that showed to me
where they were talking so so I know he but he never mentioned it in public in
that I’m aware of I don’t know if Corey good or David
Wilcock or even familiar with or know about Olie or not I don’t know them
personally so I haven’t had a conversation to have no no but I do know
that David of course lived with Carla from what I understand I don’t know that
for sure that was I haven’t vetted that but I’ve been told that a lot of people
are saying that so but he knows about the law of one and he’s a reason second
reason that I started looking into it because my staff member a friend of mine
Josie she said one of my show she’s at Leo that’s just like the law of one I
was talking about my life and and and describing how things worked in the
university and I said what’s the law one this is on air she was typing it to me
and she said you need to look that up you don’t know what that is I said no so
she told me look it up you need to read this and then that night I didn’t look
it up yet and I was watching a show that had aired that
day with you know David Wilcock talking and he mentioned the law of one I said
that said up looking it up so I looked it up and I started reading it and then
I was hooked and I read it it took me about a month to read all five books and
then I said I got to get this on the air what was the same thing with Holi when
she sent me this stuff I started reading and I said I got to get this stuff on
the air right so that’s where I ended up doing there’s me back on the screen here
for those of you who have who have visual if not you’re still just
listening to me in the podcast so you know so I did the same thing with Olli
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you can go to youtube to look at that and if you don’t like YouTube you can go
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don’t like you know Facebook you won’t so listen to my podcast I like it
subscribe to it give it to your friends if you if you think that you have
somebody in your family or friends that might be interested share it same thing
go to youtube like my page click on the subscribe button click on the little
bell so that you get notifications when a premier video same thing on
go to Orion Rising the page on Facebook and subscribe to it or like it and then
hit the little bell C get notifications so when I do go with a premiere I don’t
go live anymore you see go live and take questions but I started getting shadow
banned I say them on just about every show so you guys are aware of that my
podcast was never live I always record it and then pop it up there on the each
episode so now I’m filming just like television programming I was filming
prior to the date or the time that the video premieres and I’m putting it up
for you guys to see and if I can and most the time I do I watch it live when
it premieres and once I mess up like I did on Friday and I premiered my show at
5 a.m. I said of 5 p.m. don’t know that but then again I really premiered it at
5 p.m. and then let it go and I haven’t looked but it had a ton of you know
views I don’t know why that show that I’m so doubled in views but it did so
that was kind of cool and one day I had almost 7000 views in 24 hours so that’s
pretty good I don’t know what it’s up to now last time I looked it was almost at
8,000 so that’s kind of cool so remember guys Wednesday I’ll have a
show all my shows start at 5 p.m. Eastern America time West Coast time so
I have a Monday show which is gonna be now all about EBE Olli Wednesday show is
about everything else last Wednesday I had a multiple abductee this from a UFO
abductees this this week I have a really interesting conversation with the owners
or the owner and editor of of the astrology magazine a first India
astrology magazine in the country of India they’re young kids with a really
good cutting edge we talked about some really good stuff we talked about some
articles and on some you know some they have some good insider stuff and
knowledge about space and aliens and stuff and they got that in their
magazine as well so that’s really exciting you should take a look at that
we did an hour and then on next Friday of course was the law of one all shows
are 5:00 p.m. West Coast 8:00 p.m. East Coast time and they’re all dedicated to
those three days Monday Wednesday Friday okay and those are the only shows that
I’m gonna do I’m not going to pick up anymore on that’s three is enough from I
stopped a live my life and I have to take care of my mom and I don’t like to
you know do enough research here and filming schedules to film is you know I
have to schedule window film when to air right so that’s become a
little more complicated I picked up the third day because Olie right here
okay so I’ve compiled a lot of evidence and I’ll be reading more of it and we’ll
be getting into that next week so tune in guys right okay great show
have a good night people thank you for listening like I said i’ma stay thank
you for listening guys if you you know if you think I’m a crazy kook lunatic
and think this is all nuts and I’m a nut bomb change channel this isn’t for you
I’m looking for those people who are partially if not awoke and I’m gonna
help you guys to wake up so that you guys can help the other people to wake
up so we can eventually get everybody on this planet woke or awake one mind at a
time guys one mind at a time all right great show have a good night and thank
you again I’ll see you guys next show

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