‘Parasite’ director Bong Joon-ho says Oscar nominations were an unexpected joy

a few days after Paris I became the
first South Korean film to earn an astonishing six Oscar nominations the
movie’s director has been sharing his thoughts on the pictures worldwide
success our cultural correspondent evening Sun reports Panzano
who has been making history with his highly acclaimed a film parasite has
spoken out for the first time about the moment he realized the movie had won six
Oscar nominations becoming the first South Korean film to compete at the
Academy Awards in the process every time they announced a new nominations it was
so thrilling because we didn’t really anticipate this when we were making the
film we never knew it would lead to this moment so it was very exciting and
intensely pleasing among the categories it’s in parasite is up for Best Picture
Best Director and Best International Feature Film at next month’s Academy
Awards the black comedy is about the social disparity that exists in people’s
daily lives regardless of their cultural or social background it was that theme
that crossed borders and hit home with audiences around the world but boom says
there was something more I think the film felt friendly because class is
something we all experience in our daily lives but I think what’s really Neill is
how the narrative progresses and how the film explores these issues a lot of
American audience members have told us that parasite was very unpredictable and
I think that’s why people really enjoyed it porn has been sweeping International
Film Awards with parasite including the famed Pandora and the Best Foreign
Language Film Award at Golden Globes where he gave a speech encouraging
international audiences to adapt to subtitles so they can explore an
entirely new room of films perhaps the language barrier was you know broken
maybe my speech became a little too late the fact these nominations came while a
parasite is enjoying such great box-office success in the u.s. that’s
what’s really important and makes me happy
here at the Oscar nominations not only contributed to breaking down language
barriers but at the same time parasite benefited from the global trend of the
already lowered barriers between cultures thanks to the internet social
media and streaming services things are slowly changing I’m hopeful that through
the singular language of cinema we can overcome these barriers the Oscar
winners will be announced at the 92nd Academy Awards on February 9th in Los
Angeles Eamonn son Arirang news

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