Parasite Island Finale | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

‘Ma’am Daria’s really’
‘happy now, isn’t she?’ ‘All her wishes came true.’ ‘Her children have finally’
‘made peace with each other.’ ‘Your family’s whole again.’ ‘I bet Mommy would still be here’
‘with our whole family…’ ‘…if those things’
‘didn’t happen to her.’ ‘That Golden Leech made a’
‘victim out of so many people,’ ‘including Mommy and TJ.’ ‘Good thing the leech people were’
‘able to turn back into humans.’ ‘But those who died’
‘are gone forever.’ ‘Well, wherever TJ is right now,’ ‘I’m sure he’s with his dad.’ ‘And I bet they’ve already’
‘made amends there too.’ ‘And as for your mom…’ ‘I hope she can finally’
‘rest in peace.’ ‘Well, like what Grandma says,’
‘life goes on.’ ‘Why am I even crying?’ ‘We’re supposed to’
‘be celebrating today.’ ‘As they say, as long as’
‘you’re still breathing,’ ‘you should never stop hoping.’ ‘Besides, we’re all’
‘here for you.’ ‘Thank you, Lia.’ ‘The Salvacion Pharmaceutical’
‘Corporation is hereby assigned’ ‘to Mr. Gary Salvacion’
‘and Mr. Jessie Salvacion.’ ‘The Hacienda Salvacion shall’
‘be divided between two donees,’ ‘to wit, Mr. Warren Salvacion,’ ‘who shall be assigned’
‘its mansion and plantation;’ ‘and Ms. Melba Dimaano, who’
‘shall be assigned its rice mill.’ ‘Thank you, Attorney.’
‘You may go.’ ‘- Thank you, Attorney.’
‘- Thank you.’ ‘In case you’re wondering’
‘why I asked him’ ‘to reread my Last Will’
‘and Testament before you,’ ‘it’s because I wanted to’
‘change something in it.’ ‘Since you don’t agree with how’
‘I want to divide our properties,’ ‘I figured I should’
‘just ask you.’ ‘Warren and Gary…’ ‘Since you never gave me’
‘the change to explain’ ‘why I decided to divide’
‘your inheritance that way,’ ‘I’ll tell you my reason now.’ ‘You have your own strengths’
‘and fields of expertise.’ ‘And you each have your’
‘own weaknesses, too.’ ‘But if you work together,’ ‘the strength of one’
‘will benefit everyone.’ ‘Warren, the reason I decided’
‘to give you the estate’ ‘is because’
‘you’re a soldier.’ ‘You’re strict and disciplined.’ ‘I’m sure you’ll manage it’
‘excellently once you retire.’ ‘And since you’re used to’
‘being in the service of others,’ ‘I know you’ll be able to’
‘help more people in El Cuerpo.’ ‘Gary, you’re a’
‘gifted businessman.’ ‘But brains aren’t enough’
‘to run a business.’ ‘You’ll need compassion’ ‘in order to arrive at’
‘a balanced decision,’ ‘and that compassion’
‘will come from Jessie.’ ‘His personality will perfectly’
‘complement your ambitiousness.’ ‘With you two working together,’ ‘I’m sure you’ll propel’
‘our company to the top.’ ‘That’s why…’ ‘…I don’t want to see you three’
‘fighting over your inheritance.’ ‘You’re brothers.’ ‘That’s what matters’
‘more than’ ‘any material thing’
‘in this world.’ ‘So, I’m giving you the chance’
‘to discuss and decide’ ‘who should inherit what.’ ‘Mama…’ ‘You’re right,’
‘you do know us well.’ ‘But I’ll accept whatever’
‘you think I deserve.’ ‘- Thank you.’
‘- To be honest, Ma…’ ‘I just got upset’
‘at you and Jessie’ ‘because I felt like I always got’
‘the short end of the stick.’ ‘But I understand now.’ ‘I know you just wanted’
‘the best for all of us.’ ‘We love you, Ma.’ ‘We love you so much.’ ‘I don’t care about’
‘my inheritance.’ ‘What I care about is our family.’ ‘Oh gosh! Finally!’

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21 thoughts on “Parasite Island Finale | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

  1. Sana May PART 2 Itong PARASITE ISLAND Please ABS-CBN Gawan niyo ng PART 2 itong Fanta Serye Na'To Ang Ganda nitong Pelikula na ito

  2. galing talaga ni kaori.. maganda ang facial expression niya at maayos na rin ang pagbato niya ng lines.. congrats kaori waiting for your new project…

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