Parasite Movie Review ‘기생충’ 속의 10가지 키워드 (ENG SUB)

This video contains a lot of spoilers. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please do not watch this video. Please see if you do not care if it contains spoilers. Hello guys, here’s “The Strangers KEIG” The most curious film in this Cannes film festival was ‘Parasite’ Because I have an expectation that Bong Joon-ho director will be different again Each section of this movie works like a joint, so a small clue can be a big spoiler you would wonder how ‘Parasite’ won the award at the Cannes festival Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, the president of the board of examiners, said The film is such a unique experience, it’s an unexpected film. It took all of us. There’s an unexpected way that the film takes us through different genres, and spoke in a funny way about something so relevant and urgent and global in such a local film with efficiency.” The Cannes Film Festival intends to award a prize for a film with a strong artistic value, with the most urgent and important political and social messages. According to the local reaction, it was absolutely well received. Unfortunately, the date of the screening time of the ‘Parasite’ and ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ were at the same time But, all the reporters in local were talking about ‘Parasite’ only along with a tremendous rating In English-speaking country, it has the highest rating In France, it has the second highest rating after Almodovar’s ‘Pain and Glory’ It is unusual for a movie with high ratings from critics won Palme d’Or as well The reasons why these people from overseas are crazy about this movie are Despite describing the unique and local situation in Korea the polarization and the disparity between the rich and the poor are global issues and so they feel emphathy about it Then let’s look into the movie The first keyword that penetrates this movie is 1. “Family” Director Bong Joon-ho often uses the way of developing stories through group or family rather than an individual. Most of the characters in the film were ordinary people There are lots of conflictive situation between symmetrical groups In the “Memories Of Murder” movie, there’s a conflict between the rational city detective and country detective who works as a rule of thumb In the “Host” movie, through the story of the family who tries to save their family There’s a conflict between the family and not only the monster, but also public power In the “Mother” film, the mother character became like almost devil to save her son and conflict with the public that accused her son as the criminal In the “Okja” film, Okja and Mija as being friend or family each other, conflict with a huge multinational operation despite the clear opposing relation, the boundary between the good and evil become ambiguous in his film Each has its own beliefs and reasons The initial title for this film was “Decalcomania” originally This is because the two families in the movie are completely symmetrical Many factors are symmetrical, such as two families’ houses, the view from the window, passage and alley to the house One difference that “Parasite” has between his other films there is one more axis ‘housekeeper named Moon-gwang’ At this point, I can not help but tell you one big thing This film looks like two families’ stories, but it’s actually a story of three families There are the ‘host’ family and two different parasitic families As soon as the story of the two families we knew was broken the story of the movie starts to be rampage His family in the movie seems so ordinary When unexpected events occurred, they had the special ability to solve them In ‘The Host’ film, Park Hae-il character had a background in political activism Bae Doo-na appeared as an archery player These abilities are used to save the family or to defeat the monster It’s the same for this movie all members of the family have no job, but each of them has special abilities the mother used to be a hammer thrower the father was the best driver the son was English tutor the daughter was a genius of photoshop The detailed setting of the director who knows how to use an ordinary family supernormally is the main point of the Bong Joon-Ho family expression one interesting thing from here It’s a fact that ‘Gi Taek’s family is absolutely more capable than the wife (‘Yeon Gyo’) of the CEO ‘Park’ Then what made this family’s life worse than her? Also, why we could understand what Gi Taek said: “Plans in life are all meaningless”? The second keyword is ‘Hierarchy’ Let’s talk about the previous films by Bong Joon Ho the latter half of ‘Dog of Flanders’, it demonstrated the social class differences the woman become a professor and the man who was fired at work In the ‘Snowpiercer’ film, it demonstrated the combat of the passenger from the back part to go to front part through the horizontal structure In movie parasites, the vertical structure of the top and bottom often appears to show the hierarchy clearly Gi-Taek’s house is Semi-underground and concrete house with factors of a drunken guy who takes a piss in front of the house, full of camel cricket, disinfectant They live lower than the toilet and in order to use Wi-Fi they have to climb up to that toilet On the other hand, Park CEO’s house was built on the hill and there’s a fascinating garden after climbing up the stairs Gi-Woo who came to teach climb up the stairs again in the house Ki-Jeong who came as an art tutor, finds out the Park’s family while going up and down of the house Long and low roads where three people walked in the rainstorm after barely
escaping You can feel the distant between two groups’ social class differences When they arrived, the house is totally flooded The scene Gi-Jeong smokes on the toilet where the sewage spurts and is the highlight Park’s cellar of the house is a forbidden space for his family The cellar is a space where only housekeepers Moon-gwang in and out frequently

Therefore, the lower floor could not be exposed Also, Gi-taek’s family is the only people who drink in this film They had drunk the FiLite firstly, and then when they have some money, they drank Sapporo, and then they finally drank hard liquor at the Park’s house When Gi-taek and Gi-woo drank Sapporo, their mother and father still drank the Fi-Lite This indicates that there’s a social class difference as well Min-hyuk who came to offer a tutoring job to his friend does not drink alcohol at all (same for Park) Gi-teak’s house is flooded with filths Park did not even get raindrops and came back from the camping safely Park’s family rarely goes down in the movie Just twice Yeon-gyo went down to the cellar to order Japanese apricot and birthday party When she ordered about the birthday party, she even came down to only half the stairs as you can see the way to describe the social class in this film is very intelligent The third keyword is ‘line’ Park is basically a good and gentle person He is not that much of a difficult person Park treated well to Gi-taek when he came for driver interview He organized the camping event with his children despite his buy work But he always emphasizes the ‘line’ in speech The line means probably his privacy area but his warning of “do not cross the line” means if you keep it, he will not concern and care So when Gi-taek asks Park about his intention and when he touched his wife’s hand he frequently crossed the line and this makes an audience feel nervous Park said that Gi-taek never crossed the line narrowly But Gi-taek’s family already crossed the line too much, so they could come in the Park’s house And Park never realize about it But the thing that crosses the line gradually is a smell of the Gi-taek’s family Bong Jun ho director said, “smells are not easy to talk about when they are even close” “It’s aggressive and rude” Especially when Da-song said they have all the same smell was the most dangerous scene before Mun-kwang came back to the house Park said that in the conversation with the wife, the other things are fine, but he smells bad He belittled usual things in normal life for us like a smell from a train or old people He hates just daily things from people in the lower class With regard to the smell, the Gi-jeong stated that their smell is made from the damp basement No one in the family couldn’t deny In this film, discomfort is made by resistless thing, is represented as the theme of smell only The smell is spreading and does not keep the line. no matter of efforts by Gi-teak When he finally crossed the line, who was repressed throughout the movie Gi-taek was also invaded by Park on the line of dignity I think the perspective of Park’s death and Gi-taek’s murder may be different from each viewer Would you give an indulgence to Gi-taek? Do you think Park deserve to die? What if Park didn’t show a frowning face to the guy from the cellar before he was murdered? Opinions may differ depending on which side you are empathizing in At the same time, this is the question this movie is asking to you Can we give a wish to them when Gi-woo buy the house and bring out his father again like his imagination? the destroyed family, Park’s widow and his children are not reflected in this movie brutally the fifth keyword is space In this film, realistic mise-en-scène is delicately drawn It is possible to draw in head Gi-teak’s house as it is oppressively narrow and small There is no space to hide On the other hand, There are blind spots everywhere at the Park’s house and therefore they can hide from somewhere Those two houses are all open set, not an actual house According to the Lee-ha Joon art director of the film Director Bong Joon-ho ordered a set with a corner and a blind spot where one cannot see other characters There is a narrow path when coming out of Gi-teak’s house But there is an uninterrupted view of the gardens and long block at the Park’s house There is a wide window at the Gi-teak’s house Something that can see from that Something that can see from window of Park’s house are completely different Park couple were aroused when they are sleeping on the couch as it is bizarre event for them Da-song slept in the tent in the yard instead of the large house These can show extreme contrast of space Da-song comfortably slept in the American-made tent that blocks water completely At the same time, Gi-woo who walks down to house that is flooded with water and dirts on the most bottom part In the scene when Gi-woo stopped walking and seemed like he pulled a trigger of decision for something It also demonstrates the contrasts between two groups This film can amazingly control the feeling of an audience On the rainy day, when Gi-teak’s family were celebrating to be parasitic As the former housekeeper ‘Mun-kwang’ came, the direction of the film changes completely. Mun-kwang’s family was the parasite who was deeply ingrained since a long time ago As soon as, the secret of Gi-teak that was supposed to be hidden from Park became a secret for Mun-kwang as well this makes extreme anxiety to all audience Mun-kwang said to Chungsuk as “sister” to offer symbiosis But it is never possible As soon as Gi-teak’s family realized that they can survive if they killed Mun-kwang’s family The bunker that is parasitic space for surviving became a space that decides living or death Let me ask you one thing from here Who is a true owner for this house which is built by a famous architect? Gi-teak’s family who understands the value of the house, wishes and are happy even when they imagine for the future? Or Park couple? Or foreign couple? Of course, the owner is someone who purchased the house no matter of the desperate attitude or something.. but later in the film, when Gi-woo owned the house in the imagination if you can agree that they are right to be house owner you might have a similar and ambiguous opinion with me Like a difficulty to define whether the owners of American land are indigenous Indians or immigrant Europeans On the birthday party, Gi-taek and Park’s Indian costume made more irony regarding this “Son, you always have the plan” Giwoo has the plan When he got the complaints for the pizza box, he even offered a hiring and made Gi-jeong as Jessica and introduced her to Yeon-gyo He made an relationship with Da-hye Gi-jeong hided her underwear under the backseat of the Park’s car to fire the driver Through the peach, they took a picture of Mun-kwang at the hospital through a peach allergy and made Yeon-gyo to believe Mun-kwang got tuberculosis Gi-taek’s whole family, through Gi-woo’s plan worked well like a flawless cogwheel However, father Gi-taek has no plan at all In the film, Gi-woo fell into a panic when his plan got a wrong way ‘being planless’ is an another major factor of Bong Jun ho’s movie world In the ‘Memories Of Murder’ film, the way how detectives track the case In ‘Host’ film, the way how the family fight desperately And in the ‘Okja’ film, the way how ‘Mija’ fights with the huge enterprise in order to find Okja back All of them had no plan at all They just ram into it without any plan But those unexpected events can be virtue or art of the Bong’s movies The seventh keyword is a multiplex genre Bong’s previous films didn’t adhere to eac customs of each genre He is like a maestro of multiplex genre In the first part of the movie, it is like a black comedy movie Without any information of this movie, you cannot expect anything for the later part Memorizing the fake information in a rhythm of the “Dokdo is our territory” song mimicking the Lee chun hee on the North Korean Central News Agency are humor that absolutely only Korean understand when the former housekeeper Mun-kwang came back to the house, the genre of the movie totally became a suspense thriller Park couple’s sexual scene is making us feeling ashamed much more than any other bed scene even without any revealing Through Mun-kwang and her husband, it directs a grotesque horror in the later part, a slasher with brandishing a knife simple romance between Giwoo and Dahye This movie constantly plays a variation This movie probably is the one that has the most dialogue in all the Bong’s movie Also, there is a variation in the rhythm in the dialogue In the first half, it feels like more drama As it went on, the dialogue became loose like real talking This movie is not difficult There is no metaphor Like being parasite to each genre, it changes its form the eigth keyword is reference Bong said that ‘Parasite’ film is influenced by director Kim Ki-young Hitchcock Clouzot, Henri Georges Claude Chabrol Shohei Imamura At the Cannes Film Festival, he thanked to Clouzot, Henri Georges, Clouzot and Henri Georges for the inspiration In ‘Le femme infidele’ film by Claude Chabrol There is a situation in which an intruder comes into the marital life of a couple and charges the main characters as a murderer. In the ‘Les diaboliques’ film by Clouzot, Henri George The power relationship between a man and a woman is clearly defined as the strong and the weak, and pushes weak into a desperate situation Espeically, ‘The housemaid’ by Kim Ki-young is a well-known movie until today In the DVD of this movie contains the exposition by Bong Jun Ho The main character here ‘Dong-sik’ is a music teacher at the textile factory Dong-sik received a love letter by female factory worker ‘Sun-young’ And he notified this to a superintendent of a dormitory, so Sun-young was fired Kyung-hee who was the roommate of Sun-young, came to Dong-sik’s house to learn piano Dong-sik is introduced a housemade by Kyung-hee for the wife who became ill through overwork Dong-sik received a confession by Kyung-hee but he resolutely rejected After Kyung-hee went out, the housemade changed abruptly with unusual behaviors to seduce him This movie also concentrates on conflicts, blind love and murder The housemade came to the house like a parasite And she destroyed the family Personally, it reminds me ‘the Handmaiden’ by Park Chan-wook There is a story of an earl and maid who are trying to take an inheritance of a rich heiress, went into the house with a full of cheats and frauds All the movies mentioned so far, apart from the purpose of the characters, it draws about the topic of intruder and hierarchy basically The ninth keyword is symbols ‘Landscape stone’ is a representative prop of a rich family This was the gift by Min-hyuk When he came to Gi-woo as he expected that Gi-woo and Da-hye will never fall in love with each other He just gave it without any reason This one is the most mismatched thing in the Gi-taek’s house Through those foreignness you can guess the current situation of the Gi-taek’s family When the house is flooded, Gi-taek took other than that landscape stone and when Gi-taek asked him why did he bring that He said that it is sticked to himself It is heterogeneity and a strange point What he said about the landscape stone, it would be open to interperation The landscape stone would be complexed and intricate emotions of Gi-woo, such as guilty and anger It would be plans that only Gi-woo has Gi-woo went down to the cellar with those stone after saying that he has to do something The things that he had to do was killing the Mun-gwang’s family but he actually nearly died through those stone In the later part of the movie, when the stone was put into the water in the valley, it seemed like nothing but a just stone And then Gi-woo again made another plan to save his father the second symbol is ‘the Scouts’ Da-hye said that Da-song became a maniac for an Indian stuff after he joined the Cub Scouts but he was just pretending compeletly As Da-song learned about Morse code, so he could write down the “Help Me” sentence by Gyeun-sae who stayed at the cellar Even though, he fell into sleep while analysing Throughout the movie, Yeon-gyo never gave a hug or any skinship to Da-song But Da-song keeps touch with Mun-gwang (who could be considered as a real mom) He had a skinship with Mun-gwang or Ki-jeong so we were all apprehensive that it might happen something because of Da-song the third symbol is lanugage Morse code is a language for survival without this language, Geun-sae or Gi-taek cannot come out Morse code is secretential, not many people know about, slow It is used in case of crisis or distress desperately and exigently Even when Geun-sae shouted “Respect!” to Park while hitting his forehead onto the switch no one cannot hear that Park’s family does not know about that language Through Youn-gyo who doesn’t speak politely no matter of opponent’s age This movie indicates a lot Gi-taek’s family should follow strictly what Yeon-gyo said roughly or carelessly Going grocery, cooking Ramdong and participating birthday party after being flood sufferers Thus, the film shows different powers of language from a hierarchy the tenth keyword is birtdhday party In order to show the sequence before the birthday party with a vicious snaggle of contingency and intentionality this movie ran 2 hours faithfully 3 people are dead at the birthday party but Gi-jeong’s death had an intention to make an audience’s plans all meaningless as well Gi-jeong and Park are the most talented person in each family the other members of each family were living like a parasite of them Gi-woo, Gi-taek and Chung-sook took the position by eliminating the other who originally had the position But Gi-jeong pretends to be Jessica through her ability only You should listen to the soundtrack after the movie finish Until that part, it is true ending of this movie “It is truely opportune” From now on, let’s talk about a few more things There are various opinions and expectations regarding this poster However, according to Bong director and Choi Si-woo actor said that they do not know actual meaning Regarding to hidden meaning of white and black line that hides that eyes When you see the poster of the overseas edition All the members of Gi-teak’s family are bare feet, but Park’s family are wearing shoes Kim Sang-man designer who made this strange and frightening poster is also movie director We are all waiting for his interview for the true meaning of the poster When you see the logo of the “Parasite” It reminds an infested parasite through its round and twisted font design This spiral shape remind the animation ‘Whirlpool’ by Junji Ito’ This movie is made by the collaboration of Bong Jun-ho and Hong Kyung-pyo camera diretor Hong kyeong-pyo’s skill can be proven by his filmography ‘Burning’, ‘The Wailing’, ‘Haemoo’, ‘Snowpiercer’ and ‘the mother’ were his previous works The camera used is ‘arri alexa65’ It is filmed with 65mm frame DNA series lens Bong compromised to film as at least over original 4k There are lots of scenes that are shoot in the small space However, the ‘arri alexa65 series lens’ make the character looks bigger and is easy to film in a small space Hong Kyong-pyo camera director said that he was said because there is no telescope in this lens group This movie used only one camera and this is Bong’s style when filming the movie His house was filmed before sunrise by calculating the timing when sunlight coming into the basement The picture ratio of this movie is 2.35:1 The reason for choosing this wide screen to capture multiple people in one frame The name of Gi-taek and Chung-sook is made from each word of “Parasite” in Korean Lee Jeong-eun who plays Mun-gwang in the film, has played the voice of Okja in the Okja film And also in terms of ‘Ramdong with Korean beef sirloin’ Udong + Ramen + Beef and this means 3 families in the movie According to the Bong’s circulation, in order to purchase the house by Gi-woo It would take over 500 years For the rainy day scene of Gi-taek’s family, it is filmed from various places The scene, where the house was flooded, is actually made by pouring water into the filming set Bong asked the marketing team to show until the fraud tutoring scene by Gi-jeong and Gi-woo in the trailer Bong said that housekeeper, tutor and driver were set as the job of the characters because they are the jobs that could meet wealth and poverty in one space And finally let me tell you the general review of the movie This movie has a running time of 132 minutes In the first 60 mins, it is crazily fun and ingenious From the middle part, as soon as Mun-gwang visited to the house, I could not track of time completely It’s hard to criticize this movie in one word As Bong said, all kinds of thoughts would run through your head There would be lots of arguments about this movie I think Personally, it is the best film by Bong Jun-ho definitely and is one of the best one in the Korean movie history for me In a mystery inside of modern world that is full of irony contradiction the monster that is tried to be expressed by this movie is probably Human Ramdong is how well you mix the soup of those two noodles The ‘Parasite’ movie is the one that mixes all the factors mentioned so far If you enjoyed this review, please press ‘subscribe’ ‘like’ ‘comment’ and ‘alarm’ please! So far it was ‘KEIG the Stranger’

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    가족영화이지만 오히려 가족애가 없고, 우리는 어렵지만 너네는 많이 가졋다는 이유하나만으로 온가족이 사기를 치고, 아들은 친구가 좋아하는 여자인걸 알면서도 썸을타고,
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    그래서 '박사장'네가 이 사회에서의 기득권층이며 좋은 영양분(돈)을 빨아먹고 잘 큰 '기생충' 이라는 생각을 해봤어요.

  11. 기정이 팬티땜에 운전기사가 짤렸는데 박사장부부는 그 팬티가 기정이팬티로 알고있나요?딴여자꺼로 알고있냐요?기정이팬티로 인식했으면 둘다 짤려야 되지만 아닌것으로봐선 딴년팬티로 인식했다는건데 그 근거는 뭔가요?

  12. 이 영화는 계층간 구조에 대한 비판하는 영화같으면서도 최하층의 극빈자들을 기생충이라고 모욕하는 영화같은 느낌이 드는 불쾌한 영화였음

  13. 기우가 수석을 들고 내려갈때
    살해의 목적이냐 또는 본인이 믿고있는 수석의기운을 전달하기 위함이냐의 해석은 관객의 몫입니다.

  14. 객관적으로 기생충 가족 일원이 연교보다 못할것도 없는데 그들의 입장에서 연교의 삶은 넘사벽이란게 현실이다.

  15. 내가 가장 소름돋는건 현실 박사장부부가 이 영화를 관람하고 소름끼쳐하고있을 상상.
    그리고 믿지못해 혹은 믿기싫어 진짜 설마 이럴까 하고 영화후기 정도를 찾아봤는데.
    대부분의 서민들이 기우의 가족에게 동감내지 감정이입 하고있다는것에 경악하고있을거란 상상

  16. 근데 삿포로와 필라이트는 충숙이 인터뷰에서 냉장고에 남은게 필라이트라 그걸 집은것뿐 감독의 지시는 없었다고 했는데 우연이지만 그럴듯 하네요

  17. 지금 핸폰으로 보앗는데..아쉽다 영화관에서 볼껄~
    영화보고 나오면서 꼭 한마디씩햇는데
    이 영화는 무슨말을 해야할지 모르겟다

  18. 12:02 이쯤에서 문광이 이랬다고 하는데 그게 영화 무슨부분에서 나왔죠?? 봤는데도 기억이 잘 안나서ㅠㅠ

  19. 박사장 부부가 관계를 가지며 더러운 팬티와 마약을 언급하는 장면도 상류사회의 모순을 나타내며 인상적이었습니다. 온갓 고상한 척하며 전 운전기사의 변태적 성욕과 마약 투약을 의심하더니 결국 그게 부부 자신들의 모습이었습니다. 또 술마시다 박사장 가족이 들어올때 바퀴벌래에 비유한 자신들의 모습이 현실화 되었을때도 인상적이었습니다.

  20. 일부러 케이지님꺼 떠도 영화를 안봐서 안보고 있다가 영화 어제 보고 다시 들어와서 봤어요 대박…정말 잘 봤습니다 케이지님~

  21. 난 기우네집에 감정이입이 안되고 내가 박사장님 집이였으면 어땠을까 하면서 소름끼치던데

  22. 결국 계급간의 싸움은 존재하지 않고 오직 하위계층간에 싸움만 있을 뿐이다 영화에서서로 축하해주는 행복한 모습의 고위계급 파티에서 결국 서로 죽이는 상황은 하위계층의 몫이라는 거 슬픈 현실

  23. 미국 동부에서는 10월 중순부터 개봉이 됐는데요, 메릴랜드주에서 살고 있지만 버지니아주에 있는 상영관이 더 가까워 지난 일요일에 보고왔습니다! 그이후 5일이 지났는데도, 아직까지도 그영화에 대해서 생각하고 있답니다! 집근처에서 상영한다면 기꺼이 또 보러 갈예정인데요…! 같은 AMC 영화관이지만 버지니아주애 있는곳은 상영하고 집하고 가까운 극장에서는 상영하지 않는다는게 뭐 좀 그렇네요…! 앞으로 인기가 더 많아지면, 이곳에서도 상영할라나…! 차타고 한 30 분 걸려서 또다시 간다는것도 그렇고… 어쨌든지, 많은 관람객들이 있었고요, 블랙코미디에 웃음이 끊이지 않다가… 나중엔 쇼크…! 아뭏튼 참으로 걸작입니다!
    리뷰 잘봤습니다! 미국인들이 하는 리뷰 도 봤는데 너도나도 극찬 일색입니다! 정말 한국영화가 이정도로 뜬다는것은 대단하다고 생각합니다! 화이팅 🇰🇷 👍

  24. 나는 박사장이 기택에게 죽을 만큼 잘못한 것은 없다고 본다.. 다 정신이 나가게 만들기 위해 문광과 기정이 죽는 설정이 필요했다고 본다…. 산수경석은 개인적으로 가장 잘 이해되는 소품이었고 나중에 계곡으로 돌아갈때 마음이 좋았다. 그게 아름답다.

  25. 눈을 가린 이유는 아마 부자의 전 재산을 빼앗아서 사람들이 나누어 가지는 사회혁명을 할때 익명성을 보장받고 싶어하는 사람들의 심리를 표현한것 같습니다. 아마 이 생각이 사실일 겁니다.

  26. 이제야 세상에 공개되엇다
    내리까고발라까는지 우리끼리
    Social segregation 머슴과갑질

  27. jessica Jingle
    jessica, only child, from Illinois, Chicago.
    I'm a classmate of your cousin.
    제시카 외동딸 일리노이 시카고 과선배는 김진모 그는 네사촌
    울릉도 동남쪽 뱃길따라 칠백리 외로운 섬하나 새들의 고향 독도는 우리 땅
    JeySyKa OyDongDdar YrRyNoY SyKaGo GoaSenBayNwn GymJynMo GwNwn NeySaChon
    UrRwngDo DongNamJjog BaysGyrDdaRa ChyrBaygRy OyRoUn SemHaNa SayDwrWy GoHyang DogDoNwn URy Ddang.

  28. 이 영화를 관통하는 또 하나의 큰 맥은 바로 한국 근대사인 것 같습니다. 단적인 예를 들자면, 부자집 아들이 인디언을 좋아하는 것은 미국이 얼마나 한국의 기득권층 및 자녀세대에 영향을 끼친 것인지를 보여주고, 홍수가 나는 것은 IMF라고 볼 수 있습니다. 그 홍수에 서민은 개박살 나지만, 돈 있는 집은 안락하게 보냅니다. 그리고 홍수가 끝난 후, 부자집 저택은 주인이 외국인 여럿으로 바뀌죠. 바로 한국 자본의 주인이 IMF 후 바뀌는 것을 내비칩니다.

  29. 봉준호 감독의 영화는, 힘없는 서민이 매우 가난 하면서도 악해 질 수 있음을 꼭 보여 준다. 그러 인해 있는 것들은 없는 사람을 이제 무서워 하기 까지 만든다. 계급이 더 멀어 저 가게 하는 묘한 의도가 들어 난다. 설국 열차도 제일 위에 있어서 계급이 있어야 하는 이유를 설명 하고 끝내며, 엄마, 등 힘없는 서민도 악해 질수 있음을 보여준다.

  30. 대중성,예술성,메세지 동시에 잡는 영화를 만드는 감독으로서 놀란,봉준호감독을 많이 좋아하는데
    평단평점도 높은데 황금종려상까지 받을수 있는것도 납득이 갑니다.
    안에 담은 메세지도 어렵지 않게 풀지만 굳이 찾아보지 않아도 그자체만으로도 좋은 영화였으니깐요..

  31. 집의 주인이 누구냐는말이 무슨말씀인지 모르겠어요 , 교수님 인디언은 땅을 소유하지않을텐데요

  32. 기택네에서 기정이 죽고, 박사장네에서 박사장이 죽은것은.. 각 가정의 희망적이지만 누구보다도 서로 닮은 둘이기에 죽었다고 생각되네요. 어찌보면 그런부분에서 균형을 맞춘것일지도..
    그나저나 문광은 어디서 그렇게 얼굴이 피멍이 들어 나타난 것일까요?

  33. 너무나 극단적 대칭구조. 열심히 노력해서 성공하는 사람들의 신화적인 이야기가 보편적이진 않지만 실제 존재하는것도 사실인데 다양성의 상실. 교육은 무엇이 목표인가. 인간의 정체성은 과연 물질적인것들에 둘러쌓인 그자체로 평가되고 말것인가?

  34. 볼수록 기묘하고 매력있는 영화네요 기생충을 보면 한국영화가 많이 발전하고 있다는걸 느끼게 됩니다

  35. 기생충 보고 잠 잤는데 ㅈㄴ 이상한 꿈을 꿈 살면서 ㅈㄴ 색다른 꿈 이랄까

  36. 아 정말 대단하네요. 이렇게 미친듯이 본 리뷰도 처음입니다. 말이 너무 빠른데 그것이 다 쏙쏙 들어오네요. 감사합니다.

  37. 기우와 다혜의 관계가 로맨스라고 하기에는 조금 잘못된 부분이 있다고 생각합니다… 기우/기우의 친구가 한 행동은 미자인 다혜를 자신의 환상과 계획을 위해 착취한것으로 보는 것이 더 맞는 해석이지 않을까요?

  38. 오늘 구독 결정 했는데요 뭐좀 여쭈어볼게요 감독들이나 배우들은 한번만 보고 말씀 하신 10가지를 catch 하고보겠죠 ^^
    ㅋ 걍 궁금해서요
    저도 기생충을 부끄럽지만 휴대폰으로 다운받아 봤는데 먼가 분위기는 럭셔리한데 챙피하지만 좀 실망ᆢ10000원이나주고봤는데ᆢㅋ
    그래서 다시 보려구요 ㅋ

  39. Thank you for this! I didn't realize the udon-ramen-surloin mix could be an analogy for the three families: two "poor" ingredients and one "rich" one, all in the same pot.

  40. 기정 : 이미 결정되어 있음
    기우 : 앞일에 대해 쓸데없는 걱정을 함

    이름에도 이런 의미가 있다는걸 영화 끝나고 나서 소름 돋은 순간

  41. 전문가 수준의 (아니 전문가 이신가?) 총평 잘보고갑니다. 저도 한마디….이렇게 많은 담론을 양산하는 영화에 대한 고민은 없고, 그저 아카데미 타니 마니 하면서 호들갑만 떠는 언론이 더 웃긴 요즘 상황입니다. 현실의 빈부격차에 대한 고민을 담은 기사는 어디를 찾아봐도 없더군요 언론에.

  42. 그건 마치~
    인류역사에 피의 전쟁이 끊이질 않는것과 같은 이유 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    가진걸 지키고 보존할려는 자와 그걸 뺏어서 쟁취하면 그만~이라는것?..이 가능한 상황에선 갈등은 무한히 반복될듯
    끝은 새로운 시작에 불과한것처럼~
    인류가 멸망할때까진 계속 반복될듯;

  43. 쫌 책 일겼으면 … 16세기 부터 ㅜㅜ 특기 영곡 소설이나 쫌 일그세 할 애기 있지만 증거가 있어야죠

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