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Hello everybody! Welcome back to my
channel that I haven’t uploaded in for a little while but here I am today, I saw a
movie that just inspired me in such a way that I knew I had to review it here
on my channel. So that’s what we’re doing today. I’m coming to you today from not
from my house obviously I’m in the studio
where I work one of the studios. I might be filming more from the studio just
because it’s a little bit more relaxed of an environment here on the weekends
then coming to you from my share house which gets very busy and loud and noisy
and distracting on the weekends. “Parasite.” When I first heard the name
parasite I assumed this was a horror film. Now this film does have
horrifying elements but it is not as such a horror film, no this is more of a
sort of slow burn family drama with a little bit of super black black black
comedy like sprinkled over the top. This is written and directed by Bong
Joon-Ho the brilliant the brilliant mastermind behind films like Snowpiercer
which I really loved, Okja which I didn’t so much love it
just wasn’t quite for me the the satirical tone of it was a little bit
too wacky for me but I did appreciate it and his other films like The Host and
Mother incredible. I’m truly a huge fan of a Bong Joon-Ho’s work so when he has a new film coming out regardless of whether or not people are calling it a
masterpiece all the way around and it’s winning prizes at the Cannes Film
Festival earlier this year which it did I of course was just holding my breath
with excitement to see it. The film is about this down-on-their-luck family
mother, father, daughter, son the four of them are you know yeah they’re not doing
so well in their day-to-day lives they’re not living in the nicest part of
town but when they come across an opportunity to work for a family in a
really nice neighborhood, a wealthy upper-class family of course they’re
going to seize this opportunity with both hands. So one of the family members begins working in the wealthy household then recommends their sibling, the
sibling recommends their parent and the parent recommends that other parent and
before you know the entire family is working within the household. The way I
described it is way to normal and mundane because this film has a lot of
twists and turns and kind of unfolds in a way that you wouldn’t expect, it’s kind
of one of those rides that you just have to hold on keep your arms and legs
inside the carriage and just hold on for dear life. As the story evolved and
the family have to do more and more in order to secure their placement within
the wealthy family’s home, yeah things just take a crazy crazy turn and I would
say this genre kinda takes a shift into the next gear and you have to be on
board for the ride because the story went in a way that I did not see coming.
What is so great about this film is first and foremost the characters each
of the characters every single family member of both the poorer family and the
family with more money, they’re all so incredibly human. It’s not just that
there is one family with less money and one family with more money and they’re
kind of polar opposites of each other. Each of them have personalities there’s
no stereotyping here, they all have so many layers they all are imperfect
in their own way, for example the rich father is kind of arrogant and aloof and
cold he’s easy to dislike but he does have his moments of vulnerability later
on and you do see that he is a good person. There’s a scene earlier on in the
film where the son that Kevin has some documents forged to say that he’s a
college-educated tutor when he’s not and the father is so impressed with the sons
like tenacity and the quality of these forged documents. He’s really genuinely
proud of his son in this moment and it’s really quite touching so even though the
family are all in on this sort of deceitful hoodwinking of the wealthy
family, they have you know they’re just looking out for each other and they’re
just trying to do the best that they can. And it’s moments like these squeezed
between that necessity of survival and having to put food on the table that make
the film like so touching and also really bleak and and sad as well. There you have a guys they are my thoughts on Bong Joon-Ho’s latest brilliant film
“Parasite” certainly right up there with one of the best things I’ve seen all
year. It is so beautifully done with such a light touch in the places that you
want a light hand and then it kind of goes really really super crazy and is
very like visceral as a film as we go later on and it yeah
leaves you just… I was probably like shaking my head a lot and doing this
face a lot yeah a lot. Don’t forget you can also subscribe to my channel and
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date with all things movies and TV as well I’ve been watching more TV lately
so maybe I’ll be doing some more TV series reviews coming up so yeah make
sure you’re staying tuned for that. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye.

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55 thoughts on “Parasite Movie Review | Foreign Film Friday

  1. perfect timing since we are in that period where we see different countries announce their submissions for next year's Oscars in the Best International Feature category. I will have to catch this one during its theatrical release since I won't be able to see it at a film festival. Looks like this is gonna help South Korea break through for the first time since they never got nominated at the Oscars.

  2. So glad to see you back here Adelle ❤️ I understand you've been busy, new job, new life, etc, and I'm so glad for you! But at the same time I can't deny that I really missed your videos 😜 Great review, very excited to see this one!

  3. No youtuber can replace adelle for me she is very special to me
    I follow her on instagram i am really happy for her on her creative venture's. My prayers and my well wishes r always with adelle.

  4. Please watch the Brazilian "Bacurau", it's set in a near future and it's basically about poverty, oppression and social fascism. It's been praised both nationally and internationally plus it has generated a lot of debate and backlash from conservative
    groups here in Brazil…

  5. I'm happy to see that you are doing well , I love this director , memories of a murder one of my fav movies ever , the host was very good too , I'm sure this is a great movie

  6. How do talk about Bong and not mention Memories of Murder which is his best BY FAR. It is literally a cinematic masterpiece and u don't mention it? Also Parasite was ok, not a slow burn but fast-paced compared to most Korean films.

  7. How do talk about Bong and not mention Memories of Murder which is his best BY FAR. It is literally a cinematic masterpiece and u don't mention it? Also Parasite was ok, not a slow burn but fast-paced compared to most Korean films.

  8. How do talk about Bong and not mention Memories of Murder which is his best BY FAR. It is literally a cinematic masterpiece and u don't mention it? Also Parasite was ok, not a slow burn but fast-paced compared to most Korean films.

  9. It's among my Top 3 Favorite Films of the Decade.

    It's nothing short of a masterpiece, and an incredibly entertaining one at that.

  10. I believe the rock represents the family's struggle to move to a higher station (become richer). The guy who gives it to him says it will bring you wealth. The boy uses it to kill the poor (husband and wife) or tries to kill them so his family can stay working for the wealthy family. (to keep their wealth).

  11. I watched this in a tiny art cafe in the neighborhood nearby where the film was shot. It blew me away. Felt so close and real, and yet applicable to most modern societies.

  12. It was definitely the best movie I've seen this year. I can't even describe it. Like I loved Avengers and Toy story and even the farewell. Joker was also up there to but man this movie. my goodness. 10000/10

  13. Caught up with his other films Memories of Murder, Mother before seeing Parasite. Worth watching to understand the tone and direction of his stories. Loved this one too.

  14. Love your perspective! Usually ppl who review Asian movies ONLY review Asian movies and tend to have very narrow views. I love your holistic approach and you obviously know your stuff 👏👏👏💪

  15. Hey, great review btw. I live in London so found this film really difficult to find, as even though everyone is loving/talking about the movie it hasn't got a UK release until Feb 2020 ha. But once i got the chance to see it I agree it's a fantastic film. Probably one of those the less you know about it… the better it is!

  16. It would be really interesting to compare this film to "The Favourite" which I liked even more. They are both fantastic, though.

  17. Even though I am not good at English as I am not a native speaker (Korean), Your pronounciation and accent is so nice so I can easily understand your review clearly! Your review was good and I think your video also might be good to learn English for me. Thank You 🙂

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