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Hi there! It’s Dr. Candey from Kryder Veterinary
Clinic. I’m here to talk with you about heartworms a little bit. A lot of people are asking about
heartworms because it’s spring, which is a little bit of a misnomer anyway. Don’t get
me wrong. Heartworms happen year-round, and they should be protected year-round, but because
it’s coming up, we wanted to make a video to explain heartworms a little bit more. In
this area, heartworms are certainly prevalent. It’s not nearly as much as in the southeast,
but we see heartworms and heartworm-positive cases frequently enough here that we certainly
are talking about it often. When a dog or a cat gets infected with heartworms, as you
can see in this jar – this is a heartworm-infected pet’s heart – those worms will live in the
pulmonary arteries and in the vessels that will carry blood to and from the heart. That
can be really dangerous to pets. You would imagine that if you had worms in your heart,
you’d be feeling something. You’d be showing symptoms. The bad news about this is that
even though that’s definitely very serious and treatment can be many hundreds of dollars,
so we want to focus on prevention, a dog or cat with heartworms is not going to show us
symptoms. Sometimes for years after infected. Sometimes not at all! Especially in kitty
cats – they tend to potentially drop dead of heartworms, which is a scary and dangerous
thing. So, prevention is absolutely the way to go. We can test your pet to find out if
they have heartworms if they’re a dog annually, which is our recommendation by using a simple
blood test. It’s done table-side, about five minutes before we get our results, and we
want to see negatives obviously. We can make sure we get negatives by keeping your pet
on preventative monthly year-round because heartworms are spread by mosquitoes. So, every
pet owner who’s watching this, your pet is at risk all the time whether they live indoors
or not. We have lots of different options. Some of them are topical. Some of them are
tablets with a range of affordability that can make sure your pet stays protected. So,
if you’re watching this video, why don’t you get your pet protected right now from here
forward and make sure you talk to your veterinarian about heartworms for your pet.

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