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100 thoughts on “Parasite REVIEW

  1. Watched it a few weeks back and have been trying to get as many friends and workmates to watch it as I can, seriously just such a brilliant movie.

  2. Is this spoiler review? I decide to go see it blind. Please, let us know in the title if spoiler or spoiler free.

  3. crazy fact is that 80% of this entire movie was shoot in a set. including Park’s and Kim’s both house. it deserves Best Production Design!!

  4. Hello guys! Not because I'm from korea
    I just think parasite was so good
    I hope this movie can wins a oscar!

  5. Who would have thought that it would be a film review (who's content I watch everday and thoroughly enjoy) who came out and spoke about an elephant in the room, which no politician, senator, mp whatever,doesn't dare address. You have my respect Ms. Randolph. Hopefully those that weild the power have the balls to point out we are living on a powder keg. Thanks for your content it's my go to for trailer breakdowns

  6. Loved this review. If you haven't seen "Barking dogs never bite", I urge you strongly to watch it; talk about darkly funny!

  7. LOVE this film, best of 2019, Joker is my second and lighthouse third. Bong joon ho has an almost perfect CV, all his films are gerat almost like Denis Villeneuve, love his movies, i'm still reeling fromt he end of memories of murder. 2019 was blah in term of ilms but October has started to bring in the good movies so cheers to that!

  8. Joker stuck a nerve if you see in a very shallow and superficial way, the Joker have the same issue that the game The Outer Worlds, never go beyond a superficial critic of the class divide and the corruption of corporations, basically they are corporate friendly and use the usual corporate message of "both sides are the same" bullshit, and "the guilt is in the individual" and not a systemic problem.

  9. I watched the movie and it is illogical, mediocre con movie garbage. Is everyone tripping on acid nowadays? To think this movie is even oscar worthy shows how far quality has lowered and how much people have lost their minds. The same people who believed (Get Out) was good too. Idiocracy was not just a 2006 comedy, it's now a prophecy.

  10. About the architect who moved away – it’s not a “loss” to his country. People don’t owe their country anything. Everyone is allowed to live how they want. Just because he is talented and benefits a place by being there, that doesn’t mean his country has a claim on him.

  11. Bong Joon Ho's best films are Memories of Murder, Mother and now Parasite. You can get by without watching Okja, The Host and Snowpiercer, the latter a forgettable one.

  12. the scene where they run down the stairs was haunting. symbolizing they going back to their own lives, which is now flooded meanwhile the rich are ok. The poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer. In the end, he is back at the bottom and his son is also the same.

  13. I just love movies that make me think about stuff. This one is toe to toe with Joker on my favorite films of this year. Gotta see the lighthouse

  14. I beg to differ with you that this was his best work. I think his best film is "memory of murder" if you've never seen it pls check it out and let me know!!!!

  15. С огромным удовольствием смотрю Ваши видео в Краснодаре:) Спасибо большое за Вашу работу! "Паразиты" – один из лучших фильмов года, по-моему.
    With great pleasure I watch Your videos in Krasnodar:) Thank you very much for Your work! "Parasites", in my opinion , is one of the best films of the year.

  16. What's crazy is that it's not even his best-directed film. Memories of Murder is one of, if not, the best Korean movie ever made.

  17. sadly i watched your joker comparison video before the actual parasite movie, so i knew the ending. but i didn't expect the movie to be so incredibly hilarious

  18. Just saw this and loved it, if you liked this movie another Korean Movie that is similar and you should check out Grace is Park Chan-wook's 2016 film "The Handmaiden"

  19. Hi, have you watched "Memories of Murder" and "Mother" by Bong? If you haven't, worth checking them out. It is earlier work of his but it is also stricking.

  20. Enjoyed the twists between both families the ups and downs. A Korean Film maker BOON JOO HO has made another good movie. Check this gem out!!!

  21. Something a bit obscene about comparing 'Parasite' to that other film that a BBC article referred to as 'cartoon nihilist trash', I think was the phrase.

  22. The Joker wished it was as clever and smart as Parasite. Don't even try comparing a masterpiece like Parasite to nonsense like the Joker movie.

  23. just came back from watching this movie … so good. beautifully shot. incredible acting and very cutting in its critique of society.

  24. The hype surrounding this film is too much, hearing people rave about it, calling it a masterpiece, movie of the year, even film of the decade. With all that praise, I expected it to be on par with films (in terms of storytelling & acting) like The Godfather, Pulp Fiction or Park Chan-wook's Oldboy, but no, it didn't even came close. But still it was a very entertaining movie, people only overrate it.

  25. I don’t like it when people say this movie is better than joker because of the classism shit. The whole class thing was an excuse for the riots in joker and not the focal point of the movie.

    It’s fine if you think this movie is better but the movies are different.

  26. the joker and parasite are not the same… parasite speaks to a servant and master relationship that has been in existence for as long as humans have been around. the joker, i would say has more of a relevance to what's happening politically currently due to riots worldwide and the people in power. yes both have to do with class divide but the dynamic is vastly different.

  27. Btw, the rich house was a movie set, exclusively built for the shooting of this movie. That house definitely was the star of the movie!

  28. I have not seen 1 bad review on the movie but after I've seen it …yup it's phenomenalthe characters are so well written

    cannot wait for his future movies he is getting better and better

  29. While Parasite is new and great I dare say his first big hit in Memories of Murders in 2003 is his best work. It's his best work because that movie is the best true crime thriller of all time. The last scene in Memories of Murder will haunt and make you think for years to come.

  30. Sure, a "Global epidemic", not just following the same propaganda machine well oiled by the same bankers and interests wanting to create division and chaos.

  31. Watched it last night. The humor was great and the desperation of poor people can only take so much. What a great example of class segregation.

  32. that house is not a gift from location scout god because Bong built it for this movie. just like how he built the poor neighborhood that the poor family is from.

  33. Bongjunho best works : 1. Memories of murder 2. Parasite 3. Mother
    Well. Just an opinion from a Korean movie fan in south korea.
    U should watch his film Memories of Murder!

  34. Joker was my favorite movie of the year and I saw it multiple times but I finally got to see Parasite last night and I gotta say it passes it just slightly, I definitely need to see it again.

  35. "Bong" is likely pronounced as "Song" in English. Song Kang(prounounced as "Wang" as in Chinese name) Ho("hoe" in English). You're doing great job with their names. Thanks for the review. It's really helpful to understand the movie.

  36. As a Korean, nobody really wworries about North Korea. It's like threat after threat and most people are tired of being scared.

  37. US and South Korea are not at the opposite sides of the globe they are actually so close, the world is not flat hahahahaha

  38. The Host and Memories of Murder are way better movies than Parasite. Parasite was predictable and the former was not.

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