Parasite?! – Venom (2018)

– Eddie, I’m sorry.
– What? Eddie, I got your labs back, and
your heart has atrophied severely. Do not listen to him.
I can fix it. I don’t want you to fix it. I can heal you. Can you fix it? No. I’ve never seen
anything like this before. – This parasite, whatever this is…
– “Parasite”? It’s eating you
from the inside. Not a parasite.
He’s not. – You’re using him up.
– No. She is wrong. – We need to get you to the ICU.
– Wait. Shh! – I, Eddie, am I dying?
– No! You’re killing him. They do not know
what they are talking about. Listen,
we don’t have a lot of time… – Oh, God!
– We have to get out of here. – Stop!
– Oh, God, he’s killing you. I’m killing you.
I’m so sorry. No! Don’t do that! Are you all right? Eddie, I’m sorry.
I had to get him out of you. What is that? You were killing me? What happened to “we,” man?
What happened to “we”? Yeah, look at you now, huh?
Now you’re dying, too. We’re done. – Where do you think you’re going?
– Anywhere other than here. You don’t think we have
a little problem on our hands? Wait, you’re not gonna
leave me here with this thing. You want to tell me
what the hell’s going on? I do. And you’re right.
We do need to talk about it, but I don’t know
much more than you do. I guess he had
no one else to turn to. He’s a very complicated man.
But, Dan, I promise, there’s nothing going on
between me and Eddie. I’m not talking
about you and Eddie, Anne. – Oh.
– I’m talking about that. Dan. Where is it? Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.

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