Peacock Spider Mating Dance

[Narrator] This is the Australian
peacock jumping spider, a miracle mover who can’t
afford to put a foot wrong. He’s only the size of a grain of rice. Yes, he’s that small… which, in a place like this, means almost anything could be dangerous. (whimsical synthesized music) But in fact, the biggest threat of all is the female he’s after. The silken road to finding her is littered with the remains
of unsuccessful suitors. A stark warning that if
he doesn’t get this right, it could be his last day on the planet. (tense music) She ambushes him from behind. Now, what can he do to win her over? (whimsical waltz music) Dance, dance for his very life. He unfurls his striking
fan and begins his routine. Its elaborate shape and vibrant colors resemble a tiny peacock’s tail. But even his party
outfit and his best moves aren’t impressing her. Time to step it up a level. As is so often the case
in the mating game, it’s not the males but the
females who call the shots. (whimsical waltz music) The more compelling the dance, the more likely she is
to accept his advances. This mating ritual can go
on for up to 50 minutes. But at last, his performance
is rewarded, and they mate. He’s done his bit, and
satisfied her needs, but now, her need is over. So, she kills him anyway. After all, his body will be the perfect nourishment for their eggs.

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100 thoughts on “Peacock Spider Mating Dance

  1. I awed in cuteness. Grabbed my face just smitten with their cuteness. Then she ate him…. my jaw dropped. Lol

    I opened YouTube saw a recommendation for a cat with a cyst video and then saw things about Tarantulas and have been watching spider videos since…. I really need to go to bed. Lol

  2. It is interesting to see the mating of these jumping spiders. my doubt is if for example: a yellow and black jumping spider can mate with a brown and white jumping spider? or do they already have their right thighs?

     Because I live in Brazil, and when I go out to fish in the woods, we find several jumping spiders of various colors. Please can anyone explain about this? thank you!!

  3. sought of like life, have a family the wife gets bored and then sues you and takes everything you have in some instances she might as well killed you .

  4. oh there aussie well well next 👾watch this master dancer Peacock Spider 7 (Maratus speciosus) 👨‍🎤no1 👍

  5. Peacock Spiders aren't the only animals that face reproduction and death simultaneously

  6. Hi. I work in an advertising agency in Barcelona and maybe we are interested in use some peacock spider images for a possible new spot. Could you please send us some way to contact so we can buy some images? Thank you very much

  7. Magnifique! aimerais-je les araignées maintenant?… en tout cas, je vais apprendre à les regarder autrement.

  8. "As is so often the case in the mating game, it's not the males but the females who call the shots." Word…that's how it should be.

  9. "I mean… You flailed your arms around. It's not like I am killing the best dancer in the world, now, am I?

  10. I wonder what’s the biological reason for female spiders and other insects of some species to eat the males. Is it to control population so they won’t eat too many other insects, or something else?

  11. I read or heard somewhere that new generation of peacock spiders can’t use old dancing moves of their dads as it somehow becomes ineffective over time. So with the passage of time, moves become more and more sophisticated, and some new elements get added making it improbable to use old fashioned dancing styles when it comes to mating

  12. Hi that’s one Lady you wouldn’t want to go on a date with LOL thanks for the fantastic video I think I’ve watched it three times

  13. Me first: awe 🥰

    But now her need is over .. 😐 so she kills him anyway… 😐😦that moment when u die inside… lmao

  14. We watched this in science class and at the end of the video someone yelled “So… he got her pregnant and then she ate him?”


  15. I love these little spiders. I only ever saw 1 in my whole life and he was in my front yard. I caught him cus he was on something I was moving and he had the most beautiful blue and vivid orangey red on him. He was lovely. I showed my kids then put him back in my garden. I hope he had lots of babies.

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