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Hello, welcome to Buzzfeed
Unsolved: Post Mortem, a show where we answer your
most pressing questions about the most recent
episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved, which was Pennhurst Asylum. All the questions we’re answering today came from you guys via
our Buzzfeed Unsolved Facebook Page and our Buzzfeed
Unsolved Instagram page which you can see right there. (imitates whooshing) I didn’t realize you
were gonna come in hot with the sound effects, I was gonna actually say something else. Oh, sorry, what were– I was gonna say you can check out our research notes at the website, if you haven’t done so, to see what goes into making this nonsense. It’s madness, it’s madness. There’s a lot of good stuff up there. You gotta check it out. I’m plugging it. It’s good, right? Yeah, we really sold it. Hey, check it out, you gotta. If I had access to a comp right now I’d click on it myself. Must click. That’s Shane’s must-click of the week. Moving on to questions, do
you wanna go first here? Yeah, here’s one from Facebook. We’re diving right in to Facebook. Hey, Devon Wilson. Do you think the spirits will
only talk and react to Ryan because he has the
belief that they’re real. Whereas Shane doesn’t believe
and so the spirits don’t both with him? It seems in this episode
the ghosts were more active with Ryan because he
spoke to them peacefully and Shane was just taking the piss? (laughs) #Boogara, #LoveShanesReactionsTho. I don’t know, it’s the
radio, so I don’t care. But it is quite coincidental that it just doesn’t happen for you. Yes it is. If you were to believe in energy, would you buy that, though, that you put off this douche-toid energy that just kind of ushers things away? Douche-taid energy? Yeah, that’s you. It’s like when you go to a party and you kind of just feel this energy that this guy doesn’t wanna be there, and you’re like, “What the
fuck is this guy doing here?” I feel like ghosts would want
to party with me, though, because I’m like, “Hey guys, lets come on. “Hey, lets have some
fun here, let’s dance.” And I can’t imagine you at a party just standing in the corner. (gasps) Yeah, because people always respond to you when you go to a party and you
say, “Hey, here’s your chance “to murder me, no one’s looking. “Why don’t you come over
here and rip my bones out.” I feel like if I walked
into a party doing that, people would be like, “Yeah, all right. “This guy’s fucking weird. “Let’s get crazy.” And I would be like, “Okay.” Next season’s gonna be my party season. I’m gonna party with the ghosts. You’re just going to bring a red solo cup, wear a backwards hat? Yeah. You’re gonna bring some pong balls. Kesha. Is that what the bros listen to? Is that what you think
bros listen to, Kesha? That’s what they listen to. Next question. This one comes from @Flavia_Bertoletti. Why are you guys not sleeping
in the haunted places anymore? That actually is just a simple answer, they won’t let us. Oh, is that true, they wouldn’t let us? Also, to be fair, even
if they were to be like, “Hey, would you like to
sleep in Pennhurst Asylum?” I would have been like, “No,
I would not like to do that, “that sounds like an awful thing.” Every bed in there was
covered with either bed bugs, dust mites, or spiders. Yeah, that place was filthy. I wouldn’t mind sleeping in more places. I think it’s beneficial when it’s, It makes more sense when it’s a hotel. Yeah, and we get to sleep on a bed. That makes sense, but
sleeping in an asylum, I guess that would kind of make sense. They wouldn’t let us in, anyway, but most of the time
it’s the location saying, “Hey, you guys, if you
want you can stay over.” We’ll usually ask, can we stay over, if we go to these places. A lot of times they say no, cause more often than not,
they’re a functioning business. Mm-hm. So they don’t want two A-holes
sleeping in the basement. Next one’s from Facebook,
Chloe L. Easterling. What if Jeff was one of the mean workers and killed a patient named Bri? Bri.
Oh, Bri. And killed a patient named Bri. And her last words were, “Please Jeff,” as if she were begging
him not to kill her? This conversation is pretty compelling. In the moment, I was able
to actually not be scared, ’cause I was getting responses,
and it was pretty cool. – [Shane] Who’s here with me? Those sounded like the radio to me. Well, that’s you. Let’s just take off your
stupid little skeptic mask for a second. Just take it off, yeah. (sucking) Put it back in your… Holy shit. Here I am. So. I believe in ghosts. Okay, don’t need the role
play, I’m just saying– Sometimes when people die they come back and they’re partly invisible. If that is an impression of me, that doesn’t even sound like me. Also, my face doesn’t look like that. Alright, tell me the theory. I don’t turn into Elmer Fudd. Alright. Do you think this Bri
person could have been someone murdered by an evil doctor, or one of the workers who
was perhaps not that nice? It just seems like a reach, right? Maybe a little bit. That’s the point of taking
off the skeptic mask. You’re supposed to analyze it. Okay, pretend you’re
just analyzing dialogue, how about that? I gotta warn you, when
I took off the mask, there’s just another one underneath. (laughs) It’s all masks, baby. His head is just a giant
Russian doll of skepticism. I’m an onion. Here’s one from Gram-town. Emilymjones0121, at the part
where you thought you heard the two whimpers, but the
second one could’ve been an owl, immediately afterwards I
thought I heard footsteps. – [Ryan] Our audio equipment picks up two distant whimpers. (grinding) Okay, so those sound like footsteps. I think that may just be me and
Shane shuffling in the room. Yeah, cause the sound
is boosted in that room. The sound is boosted
and this place was very, for lack of a better term, gross. It was rickety. There was rubble and left
over shit on the floor, maybe literally, so it’s
possible that us just rustling would make that noise. So, that’s that. I don’t think there was footsteps. There was another room where
we did hear something bang. When we were investigating, when we were doing the picture thing. There’s a scene in this episode where we investigate by taking pictures. I had my hands full, so
I left my EVP recorder in different part of the room. And we hear a noise coming
from that direction. And I look over, you actually see me look over there in the episode. I heard something in that cell over there. You heard something? It sounded like a pebble
moving or something. It could have been just
a drop from the ceiling. That could have been something falling or something thrown,
but there was something banging around over there. I don’t remember. Of course you don’t remember. Last question from Instagram, here. Heba_176, I think you should’ve
held the rods instead of taping them, maybe that’s
why they didn’t work, and btw why don’t you use the
spirit box in other rooms? It picks up better stuff
than the audiorecorder, sorry but that thing sucks. Smiley face, love you guys. First off, it’s hilarious that she says, “Audio recorder, that thing sucks.” It’s not good. Well, it’s not a fancy piece of equipment, it’s just a– Just an audio recorder. It’s just an audio recorder, so what you get is what you get. And the other thing is
just a radio scanner, so what you get is what you get. And that’s why I like them. They’re analog devices. I’m not going to use any fancy
computer software or anything because it sure as hell
won’t convince you. Ryan, what do we have coming up? This week we talk about aliens. It’s very interesting. One of my favorite
cases, things get weird. Things get pretty weird. Weirder than usual, actually. Do they? Yeah. Okay, well, that does it for this episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved: Postmortem. Make sure you watch the next episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved this
Friday, and send your questions in to the Buzzfeed Unsolved Facebook page, and the Instagram page. So send those questions there. Alright, see you guys next week. Our weekly Q and A
concluded, I now welcome you to the part of the show
we call the Hot Doga. a hot dog saga commissioned
by Ryan Bergara, written by me– No, no, no. And adored by viewers and critics, alike. Stop right there, I don’t
commission this at all. This is being done in spite of my efforts. Commissioned by Ryan Bergara. He started this. Take that sentence out. Texas, somewhere off an old dirt road. A dilapidated watering hole
about to close for the evening. Behind the bar, a grizzled
old bottle of root beer. (western music) Someone walks in. We’re closed. No, don’t worry about it, man. I’m not looking for much. Just a Sarsaparilla and a
few words with an old pal. Well, we’re out of Sarsaparilla. Not sure about the other stuff. Steven root beer, do you mean
to tell me you’ve forgotten your dearest fried and
former band-mate, Gene? I’m critically adored. Wait a second, so this root
beer is selling Sasaparilla? Yeah, he said they’re all out. But he’s a root beer. He works at a bar. But he’s a root beer, himself. So, are people drinking him? Does he have any root
beer left in his bottle? He works in a bar. Do people drink the blood out of humans? Well, that’s also when a bartender is serving something that’s not him. I don’t understand what
your question is, here. You just said that he’s
serving Sasaparilla. We’ve gotta get back to this, Ryan. Do we, I think it’s– Save your questions for
the end or submit them for the Q and A. Are people sipping out of his brain? That’s fucking weird. Can’t say the name rattles a tambourine. Look, Steven, I’m putting
the band back together. Like hell you are. Like hell I am. It’s my sister, Steven. Deborah, she’s getting married. Needs us to play. I can’t do it alone, I
need The Risky Fixins Well I didn’t know french
fries had siblings. We sure do. You talk to Melba yet? Aint The Risky Fixins
without her playing sticks. I’m about to hop on the
train and do that very thing, and I’d like to have
you along for the ride. Alright, but listen here. I’m only doing this under one condition. I’m all ears. You gotta let me lay down some seriously chunky bass lines. You got yourself a deal. Now we’ve got a train to catch. A crow ate one of my eyes
at the bank last Labor Day, by the way, that’s why
I have an eye patch now. Wow, what a story. That’s the end of it? Yeah, the band’s getting back together. This is getting good. So, just to be clear, the
last how many episodes have you done of this
stupid shit now this season? I don’t know. They’ve just been conversations about a hypothetical band
that doesn’t make sense. That’s the journey, man. The band’s getting back together. We’ve just watched Talking Heads for the past three episodes. Probably better than the Talking Heads. That’s a critically acclaimed band. The Risky Fixins are probably
even more acclaimed than them. You got any more expository dialogue you wanna push on the audience? They made me keep it
expository this season, because there was too
much action last season. It’s hard to animate. That’s just a, you know, blame your tools. Shoddy craftsmanship. Blame the tools, that’s kind
of what’s happening right here. Oh, they made me tone it down. I couldn’t really go that far, so I had to make the dialogue exposition. The studio, man. The studio’s pushing me. I’m telling you, I got some
good stuff up in my mind. (sad violin music) That’s you, by the way. Now you really hurt my feelings. Good. Now I’m gonna get their sympathy. (laughs) Yes, leave it. End it on that. Put sad music over it, slow zoom on me. If you put that– End it on it. If you put that in you
gotta put this part in, where he’s like, okay, If you put that in, make
them be sad for a second, and then include this part where he says, “Now they’re gonna be sad.” Include this. Don’t include this. I’m gonna make sure this
goes in the episode. God damn it. Yes, yes. Well, you know what,
it doesn’t even matter ’cause I actually am really sad about it. – [Ryan] No, you can’t
pull it back like that. No, you can’t. I gotta go. You’re not fooling me, buddy. You’re not fooling anybody. It’s been fun, Ryan. You’re not fooling me. He just flicked me off,
outside of frame right now. He’s flicking me off right now. (laughs) Pan the camera over there. No, no. (laughs) (eerie music) Hey, Ryan, I like your shirt. Thanks, I like yours, too. Thanks. – [Both] Buy it here.

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  5. Or that because they had typed out what they think the radio was saying that our brains automatically associate those sounds to those words? there was a show all about optical illusions that illustrated exactly this..

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