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Health officials in the Midwest and
South are alarmed about a new drug where one of the main ingredients may be bug
spray. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Martine Beerman. Make sure to
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street drug is called KD, and it’s either marijuana or tobacco that’s been
blasted with bug spray. Police say they found those who have taken the drug in
catatonic, zombie-like states. Kind of a loss-of-function overall. We find them
with their clothes off. They’ve done that to themselves. They’re eating the grass.
They’re pulling dirt out off the ground and trying to put it in their
mouth. The active ingredients in bug spray are
chemical compounds known as pyrethroids. They disrupt the nervous system of
insects causing paralysis and death, so of course the natural next step is to
take this thing that kills other things and put it on something that you ingest.
And the reason they’re used commonly as insecticides is because they’re
effective against bugs and relatively non-toxic to humans. I don’t know if I
buy into that, but here’s a gross moment with me. I grew up in South Africa and if
we got bitten by any type of flying insect, the only way to get rid of it was
then to spray a room. So you’d spray the room and then you shut the door as fast
as you could so that you didn’t take in any of the chemicals and fumes from the
bug spray so that you don’t die or get sick. Just to clarify this was 100% bug spray and to this day that is still what we do. Of course you’re not
gonna try and breathe in something that has any type of chemical that can
paralyze or kill. I mean that just seems like common sense. And then if we’re
talking about OFF! or anything that has any type of DEET in it. If you get DEET
on something as simple as the front of your cell phone, it can actually burn
little holes into your cell phone. And I know this because it happened to me. So
let’s assume that it’s not okay to smoke. Alright. You got no more weed. You call the dealer. They’re not picking up. I never look at Raid like… Authorities in Indianapolis say they
receive dozens of KD related medical calls per day, often for the same person
multiple times a day. We sent him off to the hospital, get checked out, within
about two hours they may be back here on the street doing it again.
Probably because they’re doing the drugs with the stuff on it , get sick, forget, do
it over again, get sick, forget, do it again. KD, or a related drug, has also been
spotted in Tennessee and Mississippi. Health experts are also worried about
young people using KD because it’s so easily accessible. Says the problem is
this household chemical is extremely accessible and legal. So if you think
like wow my school is doing drug testing so I don’t have to worry about my kid,
well some of the drug testing may steer kids into using a lot more of these
synthetic drugs because they’re not detected. But SC Johnson, the company that
produces Raid, is not happy that its product is being associated with a drug
craze, and thinks medics might be mistaken about what’s in KD. In a statement they said: “According to our scientific experts, exposure to the
active ingredients in these products would not cause the reported effects.
Global authorities, including the WHO and the EPA for many decades have
studied these active ingredients and they’ve not reported ill effects like
this. Additionally, even if these active ingredients were intentionally overused,
these type of symptoms would not be associated with them, nor with the state
last for 45 minutes.” Me thinks SC Johnson’s pretty defensive about the
situation. Realistically I’m not even sure people using their product with
drugs is even their fault. Let’s turn to the masses to see what you guys have to
say about it. Carrie Barton says: “What is ridiculous is
blaming it on the spray rather than the idiots that are doing this. This is
nobody’s fault but the person that is doing this. We’re living in the days that
it is cool not to have a job. We have the Democrats making people think they’re
worthless. The only way we’ll come back from this is with God.” That’s right. When
all else fails, blame Obama. Dianne Fitzpatrick says: “Thanks for this
important public information. People do not know what they’re getting when this
happens. I’m guessing they think it’s marijuana
but who knows. At least the info is out there.” C Meede says: “Maybe legalize
marijuana and people would not need to buy this crap!” I don’t know which state
you live in C Meede, but it’s been legalized and a bunch of
them. However, not in Indiana, Mississippi, or Tennessee.
Maybe you raise a good point and that was a gross moment with me. What do you
guys think about people who smoke weed with bug spray in it?
Are they morons? Are they just out there looking for the next kick? How do we stop
people from doing stupid sh*t like this?Llet us know in the comments, and for more
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32 thoughts on “People Are Getting High By SMOKING BUG SPRAY | What’s Trending Now!

  1. You keep showing clips from a tektonic video that is on YouTube. Tektonic is a style of dance that's very popular in Europe & has no connection to what you're discussing. I'm not sure why you keep showing it. You're not discussing it or critiquing it. Be careful, you don't want a strike

  2. Of course bug spray and pesticides are toxic to humans! How could anyone think otherwise?! People think chemicals are great! Just because dihydrogen monoxide is (relatively) safe doesn't mean that all chemicals are safe and harmless. Chemicals really harm people and the environment. Whether they are household chemicals or pollution from the production, distribution and use of them. Chemicals cause cancer,disrupt hormones, affect the brain and nervous system and make people and animals sick in so many ways. Some will argue that a little bit won't harm us, but they forget that we are surrounded and exposed constantly to chemicals and that the effect accumulates and compounds. We should find safe healthy alternatives for everything that we produce and use which would mean bringing about a revolution in the materials we cultivate and utilize.

  3. Here in Indianapolis, 'KD' or "Katy" is running rampant. It's insanely easy and cheap to acquire. It's turned lower income neighborhoods into fields of zombies. The people using it exhibit VERY strange behavior, like even more so than PCP or meth.

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