Personnage De Fond épisode 1 – Le parasite

Universe: 581 War is coming. They need us. Will you come? The fingernails grow 4 times faster than the toenails. Universe: 5879 Background character episode 1 – The parasite “Sings Nickelback” Hum hello? Hum.. I’m going to go change. Didn’t you have a real office? No, we didn’t have a real office. Fucking hell. Hello, my name is Doctor Denis and i’m going to be your doctor today. So I presume that you’re Mickael? Hum yes that’s me. If you don’t mind we’ll start right away. I have other things to do. Stop turning on those fucking… Ok, you have two arms. For the next part I’m going to need you to take off your shirt. What? Jesus Christ can you just trust me? I’m a professional. Stop it! Now I have to examine your mouth. Say “B” B? Bigger Fuck i’m going to suck you so hard. Well. I think I’m going to need more lights. What are you doing? Jesus Christ you’re so vulgar! Universe: 2065 Well that would be it for today. So I just have a small final question. What is your astrological sign? What? Just shut up and answer. Well Cancer. Jesus Christ. Have you ever been traumatized in your childhood? Are you a doctor or therapist? Actually, I’m a lumberjack. Well. When I was younger I… I was really depressed and… Ok forget about it. Nobody cares. Isn’t there someone you miss? I don’t know. Like a laptop. What? That was a really shitty joke… You could of done better. Farandou nobody is going to understand. My name is not Farandou dumbass! Ok that’s enough! I don’t miss anyone! You’re just like my dad. And after that you whine that nobody will understand my joke. Fuck you man you’re the worst doctor I’ve ever had in my life. Ah yes I almost forgot… Have you ever committed suicide? Huh? W… What are you… Yes. I’ve committed suicide. That’s what I thought. Dentists have 5.45 times more suicides than the average job. Like,share and subscribe. Universe: 2025 The parasite.

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