Peter Pevensie & Kanto Clones

(upbeat electronic music) – From Mossflower to Mos Isely, nerds are passionate
about a lot of things. But there’s one thing
they love above all else, that is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (upbeat jazz) Joining us today, we have Zac Oyama. – Good evening. – [Mike] Becca Scott. – Hello. – [Mike] And Thomas Middleditch. – Yeah yeah. (chuckling) – And Thomas.
– Suck it. – You seem a little aggressive. – Yeah. What are you gonna do about it, dork? – We were told to beware
of situations like this where we bring a jock
into a dork environment. – Well, the lion is in the cat den. – Are you feeling
intimidated right now, Zac? – Yeah, I mean, it’s like, filtering down. Like that. – And you, Becca? – I’m going to win. I don’t accept losing as an answer. – Sure. And Thomas?
– I Don’t give a fuck. – So, uh, here we are. If you haven’t played before,
the rules are pretty simple. I have a stack of statements
here about fan franchises, franchises that have.
(beeping) – Um, actually it’s called a fandom. – God damn it, fine. – This is exactly why I hate you dorks. – Popular fandoms, Becca. But there’s something wrong
with each of these statements. If you spot it, buzz in and correct me. Your correction must be prefaced with the phrase um, actually. And you can interrupt me at any time, just like in real life. It doesn’t matter what-
– Like right now? – Yeah, exactly. The point I’m trying to make.
– Or now? – It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re
better than everyone, and you’re here to prove it, and prove that I’m a small weak man who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. – Got it. – Agreed.
– Great. This first question is about X-Men. – Ugh. – The X-Men are one of
the most multi-national superhero teams in comics,
including Storm from Kenya, Colossus from the former Soviet Union, and Nightcrawler from Germany. Meanwhile Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Jean Grey, are all
from the United States. (beeping)
– Um, actually. – Yes, Becca, you buzzed in first. – Storm is not from Kenya. – [Mike] She’s from Kenya. – Oh, okay. (beeping) – Um, actually, and I
hate that I know this, ’cause I think all of it’s dumb! Wolverine is from Canada. – That’s correct,
Wolverine is from Canada. – Oh Canada, he shoots, he scores, a triumph-seeking missile
from the bottom to the top, right at the blue line, buddy. That’s sports. – This question is about Cowboy Bebop. Set in 2071, former gangster Spike Spiegel and ex-cop Jet Black
work together as bounty hunters aboard Jet’s ship, the Bebop. They are later joined by
several younger crew members, including Faye Valentine, a con-artist; Ed, a hacker; and a genetically enhanced corgi known as Data Dog. – Um, actually, the corgi’s name is Ein. – It is Ein, but it is
also known as Data Dog. – Um, actually, Faye
Valentine is older than them. – That’s correct.
(beeping) Faye Valentine is 77 years old, she was cryogenically frozen,
and so is technically older. – It’s a fun anime with a bunch of jazz. – Anime? – You gotta have that jazz. – Anime and jazz, finally combining the two things people are
clamoring the most for. – The perfect blend. – Still an electro-synth-pop opening. – I guess I don’t know enough
about music to debate that. – That’s a good point, neither do I. – Neo-electro-sub-synth. – I think that’s the
official music subgenre. All right, our next question
is about The Princess Bride. Inigo Montoya’s father was famously killed by the villainous Prince Humperdinck when Inigo was just a boy. (beeping) – Um, actually, he was killed
by the six-fingered man, not the prince. – That’s correct. – But they’re one in the same. – What? No, Count Rugen is the six-fingered man. Prince Humperdinck is a
different character altogether. – You’re fuckin’ killin’ it right now. – Well, Robin Wright had to marry Prince Humperdinck, who had six fingers? – No. – It was his, it was his- – Zac even raised the finger,
I think, unintentionally. – This show was made for you, Zac. – The six-fingered man is
Christopher Guest, right? – I don’t remember who plays him. – According to my
calculations, you’re right. – This question is about Pokemon. In the extended Pokemon universe, Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy appear to exist and work in every town, though it is acknowledged that neither is a single entity, but rather
multiple identical clones. (beeping)
Zac. – Um, actually, they’re sisters? – That’s close enough.
– Um, actually, they’re mother and daughter. – They’re all a giant family. They’re all identical, related, working in the exact same job. – They just happen to
look that much alike? – They just happen to
look that much alike. They’re just all family members. – I mean, I would say
that clones are family. – I mean, family goes so much more beyond just biology, you know. – If you’ve seen the
Fast and Furious movies, family is about ride or die. – Cars?
– Yeah it’s about. I mean, if you’ve seen the latest one, Vin Diesel literally says that 110 times. – This brings us to our
first shiny question. Shiny questions, like shiny Pokemon, are worth the same amount,
they’re basically the same, they’re just a little bit different. This is a little game called Super Saying. (harp and upbeat trumpet) Fantastical worlds mean
fantastical phrases. Here on the screen, I want you to match the common expressions to the character associated with that expression. – This is surprisingly heavy. – Yes, we wanted to
make it as big and heavy and difficult for you
to manage as possible. So the first person to correctly arrange all these sayings onto
the correct character and buzz in, will get the point. – I like it. – [Mike] Yeah, the gloves seem like they’re gonna make this,
like, way more difficult than it should be. – Yeah, okay. (beeping)
– Oh Becca, already done. – [Becca] Sure. – All right, show us what you got here. (groaning) Okay. I’m looking at this. This is not correct.
(buzzer buzzing) So someone else can still buzz
in with the correct answer. (beeping)
– I don’t know. – Buzz, buzz.
– I actually did pretty well. – Buzz buzz, motherfucker. Oh, this shit’s all, it’s
slippin’ and slidin’. – It’s almost like those gloves are. (laughing) – No, those are important
sports equipment. You’re not allowed to take those off. It’s for safety. All right, we’re looking at Thomas’s here. – [Thomas] Is it? – That is correct. – Suck my dick! You know, you can break
these down linguistically. You don’t actually have
to know the answers. Well, unless you know these ones. You gotta know GOT man,
HBO, Home Box Office, the home of the best television. – You’re promoting the brands
you’re affiliated with. That’s fine, that’s fine, we can do that. – What, we’re not allowed to plug? – No no, we can plug, we can plug. – We got A-Z-S-H, right? That’s like demon speak,
that’s kind of the demon. Klingon’s got apostrophes and whatnot, you know, you can just,
you know, break it down. This is George Lucas, pade pade poo poo. I mean, of course it says Pudu in it. It’s just, like, you
can tell sophistication in nonsense language. I don’t actually know
this, this Soul Caliber? – That is that’s from StarCraft. – Oh, is he a Zerg man? – He’s a Protoss. – He’s a Protoss. No duh. I can’t wait for the internet
to be alive with that one. – It takes one thing, and just like, you can hear a million blood
vessels bursting across- – How could you think that’s a Zerg? How could you think that’s a Zerg? It’s exactly why I’ve turned jock. – That’s it for this
preview of Um, Actually. If you enjoyed it, I have good news, there’s a lot more of it over on Dropout. Go to and start
your free trial today. And fun fact, I’m not
wearing any pants right now. – Oh, um actually, you
bringing (mumbling) into this?

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