Petunia Problems? How to Kill Budworms! // Garden Answer

hey guys how’s it going tonight I want to talk about bud worms earlier this summer my petunias had bud worms and I sprayed I thought I took care of the problem because they came back they looked gorgeous full of flower but I’m starting to notice the signs of bug worms again and I don’t know if this is a super common problem if you guys have dealt with it before or if it’s just regional I do know that before we moved into our new house we only lived about a mile and a half that direction and I never had them before we also put petunias in our downtown city pots every single year which is about a mile and a half in the other direction and I’ve never had them before so I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you how to get rid of them first of all the bud worm is just a larva of a moth so it’s a caterpillar that can be anywhere from a sixteenth to an inch when they’re just hatched all the way up to two inches and they range in like color from a light green to I see one I see one right here here’s one right there so yeah that’s what they look like and there’s three really easy ways to tell if your petunias have bud worms first of all you’ll notice holes all over in the flowers they like to eat their way into the bud and then they eat their way back out and oftentimes when the bud tries to open it’ll either open up like kind of malformed or really irregularly shaped or you’ll just see round holes through the flowers the second thing is you might see them like I just did you might find them and if you do pick them off and kill them the third thing is little black specks you’ll see those on the leaves and those are the caterpillars droppings the easiest way to get rid of them is to spray them and this is what I’m using this is called thorough sight concentrate and it has BT as an active ingredient and BT is back sillas thuringiensis I think I’m pronouncing that correctly it’s effective on caterpillars but will not hurt honeybees which is awesome I really like using that it also comes in a dust form Dipel dust but I am NOT a fan of using that one as much because you have to get everywhere on your plant and it just kind of looks messy so to use it you mix it up according to the mixing directions on the label in your pump sprayer and then you want to thoroughly wet the plant down and wet the soil around it and you want to do that once a week for maybe two to three weeks to get on top of all the population of bud worms the other thing you want to do is check them I have been going through and checking my plants every day and if I find bug worms I take them off and I squish them that’s very effective as well but they are hard to spot so spraying them is a good idea so if you have dealt with bud worms in the past or are dealing with them for the first time like I am this year now you know what sprite to get and how to take care of them so don’t let bud worms keep you from growing pretty petunias in the garden it’s totally worth the extra work thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you in the next video bye

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32 thoughts on “Petunia Problems? How to Kill Budworms! // Garden Answer

  1. Here we call them inch worms! They eat all the tree leaves and leave dropping all over the patios and cars!

  2. I hate worms in any form except for earth worms. I've had horned worms in pumpkins that rear up and hiss at you – I swear to God !!! 🙂 One thing that I do for pest is add straight Cheyenne pepper to sprays. Even to BT. My theory is they get a mouthful of that and they move on !! I've even sprinkled it on when my patients are gone!!!

  3. Do you tips for Bougainvillea plants? The one I had in the front was growing like crazy. But my cousin uprooted it. The one in the back doesn't flower. Also does anyone know what eats aloe Vera. Something is chewing my aloe plants

  4. I don't know but I just want to say, "I LOVE GARDEN ANSWER!" 💟 It's such an amazing channel, sharing DIY gardening and helpful tips or advice for other gardeners whether beginners, etc. 😊

  5. UGH  I am in PA and having the budworm issue too.   What is going on?   When you first talked about them, I said I never had an issue.  Then a few days later noted I DO.HAVE.AN.ISSUE!  
    We've always had a lot of praying mantis, they eat a lot of unwanted bugs and spiders.  Now,  the Cardinals have discovered them and seem to love them for breakfast lunch and dinner.   Oh, and (true story) my one cat eats them too!  
    I really try to avoid bug killers.
    I need a budworm eating Cardinal!

  6. My petunias were killed off by the infestation of this whitish coatings that I noticed on the stem. What is that & how do I prevent it from happening again?

    Oh, and can excessive pruning lead to its death as well?

  7. I have three pots of petunias that have been totally eaten to death!!! I'm so glad I found this. At first I thought it was grasshoppers eating them, but then I noticed the little black "poop" all over and I knew I had something different. Thanks for the great advice!

  8. So last night I watered a house plant and noticed super tiny white worm looking things on the soil. I was freaked out. Looked at all my plants inside and all the new ones from this year has them…. and the ones I reported this year too 🙁 I threw some away but some I can't throw away cause I like the plants too much…. what is this yucky things and how do I get rid of them? Gross!!!

  9. if you live in warmer climate like me, i live in southern california, budworms are terrible. they will infest your geraniums and petunia to no end.. i tried different brands of BT and all didn't work.

  10. Glad I found this video…my mini farm and my flowers been munching with these kind of worms ughh and I am so fed up picking them everyday .
    gotta get that spray!
    Thank you so much for sharing !

  11. I have locust that eats my plants. And i planted hostas and a day after i see they have holes. Today i saw a slug on my plant. So slugs, snails, and locust are eating my plants. Ugh. ..

  12. I have seen these little critters from time to time, and last year my pots of petunias got hit really hard….funny, I thought it was the Japanese beetles doing all that damage, but I have seen the holes in the flower instead of just the outer edges being nibbled. I usually have assassin bugs and mantids in my garden….have to see if I can use your product with them around.

  13. Would be great to hear more of what pest/disease control methods you use in pots and your garden. Your plants are beautiful!

  14. I found a better way of getting rid of budworms.
    Safers Caterpillar – you have to spray it every 4 – 5 days. Don't let the newly hatched worms grow. Safer don't kill eggs. Make sure you spray after it rains or do not water the leaves and flowers. Water only the roots. And i found out another repellant. I mixed it with EUCALYPTUS oil. It's cheap. I put 5 drops in 1 gallon. Moths do not like the smell so they fly off once you spray this to your plant.

  15. Thankyou Laura!!!
    It happens here every year!
    A gentleman I talk to when I go out walking has this problem too! I can take this video over and show him what to do.
    Also…isn't this caterpillar a cabbage worm? There is something about the pretty white butterfly you see in your garden…

  16. Yes, that's what I do, I have a lot of flowers along with my petunias like matigolds, cone flowers herbs, no bugs

  17. Rats, my first encounter this year for bud worms 🐛, I just picked off like 20 of these little munchers. They ate my butterfly bush, my daisy plants, and my petunias. I will have to go get that spray you recommended 😝. Oh I notice when I sprayed my plants with water, I could literally see the caterpillars standing tall on my plants, managed to grab a few that way. So exasperating. Yesterday my plants looked so nice, and then in one day, they munched on every leaf 😡. Thanks for the info, btw, love your videos!!!! I also bought your tee ☺️. So happy 😁

  18. are these the same ones that eat leaves as well?? i had some mint growing in my backyard along with some tomatoes and other veggies, one fine morning the leaves are all gone…someone please help what is eating my plants leaves…

  19. I have them for the first time here in the san Joaquin valley of California. I tried the dust and it didn't work. I also have these worms on my geraniums and sunflower and zinnia seedlings.

  20. Thank you so much for this. I had no idea what was destroying my flowers. Immediately went to my hanging baskets and after going through them, found 12. I dropped them in water and they drowned. Keep up the amazing videos.

  21. Depending on the type of caterpillar they become moths or butterflies. I pick them up and relocate them. I don't think it's necessary to squish and kill everything we encounter.

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