Philadelphia Homeless Woman Has Lived on the Streets for Seven Years.

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99 thoughts on “Philadelphia Homeless Woman Has Lived on the Streets for Seven Years.

  1. I've been living out of my car for over a month simply because I didn't have the heart to kick my sons out and the leasing company holds your deposit till everyone leaves so thats that. At least I have my car and barely keeping my sanity. 7 years!! My heart goes out to you! Please bless this woman.

  2. Um NO, Taking people's Food Stamps should be ILLEGAL period! WTF like why isn't the fed and state gov all over this shit? You know daaaaaamn well these shelters are getting Funds, donations and faith based hell they don't even pay taxes, now they are taking Food Stamps? Oh Hell No, this is example of Poverty Industry Corruption on steroids. Parasites living off of exploitation of the homeless. Ugh makes me sick.

  3. And this too is yet another example of our great shit Medical and Disability safety nets, which there is none, obviously.

  4. since 2017, I notice there is less derogatory comments on "invisible people" utube videos, if u don't believe me check the comments on 2010 "invisible people" . so…Mark Horvath! U R MAKING A DIFFERENCE… and where the fuck is your Wikipedia page…u deserve one for sure…anyone?!
    I don't know how 2 do that

  5. A certain section of Philly is drug infested and dangerous. I hope she is not on the streets in that area. Other than being in a shelter she doesn't seem to have any plans to improve her situation. I think for many that is the sad case. They've lost hope.

  6. I don't understand, if she is comfortable in Delaware, why she left to protest in Philadelphia. How did she get to Philadelphia? Why doesn't she go back?

  7. I'm surprised the shelter makes residents hand over half of their food stamps in order to get help. Is this legal? I don't think so. It's meant to feed the recipient, not to be bartered for something in return.

  8. I often wonder why these people that say they have a health problem and loose their jobs don’t file for disability, SSI, or unemployment (until they get better) that’s why they are in place. Are they already receiving services and using the money for drugs? Hmmm it just doesn’t add up to me. A very large percentage of homeless people are either on drugs or have mental health problems.

  9. It seems like to get anything in this country, you have to have a lot of hustle, drive and support. If you are lacking in any of these, it is hard. You basically have to fight and scrounge for whatever you get, and then fight to hang on to it. Some people would sooner just give up and drop out of the system. She spends her days panhandling like it is no use to try to fit in any other way. It is too bad the shelters don't offer some kind of employment for these people so they don't have to spend their days panhandling. There is probably something she could be doing and earning some money.

  10. "I got sick, couldn't afford to pay rent, and now I've been homeless for about 8 years" – something doesn't add up. I hope people realize that there's more to these stories. They can get jobs (however low or unskilled. Hell, undocumented immigrants can get income). And if she can't, she can apply for disability. Another red flag is if none of your family will talk to you. Sure, it can be you have crappy relatives, but its also a red flag that you might be a toxic person so they cut off contact.

  11. I pray that she gets housing. I question the legality of a homeless person having to surrender half of their foodstamps to the shelter. Does anyone know if this is a common practice among shelters? Or at just that shelter. Our goverment needs to start a national program to end homelessness. To continue to sweep it under the rug is not a solution. If America is going to continue to be a great nation. Then the powers that be need to start a national program to end homelessness. People raise more hell about abandoned animals then step right over a human being on the street. The animals welfare is important to me also. So why aren't the homeless just as important? We as a nation need to lobby our Congressmen for a positive solution. Plus everyone who is able needs to open up their eyes in their own neighborhood. No matter how small any help is appreciated. Just a few pairs of socks or a blanket or some food. To all people in America Please just make an effort to help anyway you can. Don't turn a blind eye. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Peace

  12. The shelters in Philly suck , go hang near some ….THE city ones suck and the private one called Sunday breakfast sucks MORE. There are a couple of organizations/ NGO BUSINESS that get people housing Which are not bad considering all else but you don'T just walk into that, it takes years, LUCK AND Some income is helpful, Project home and the Bethesda project are the main two . The city spends lots on homeless but it's just a way of government to pad it's pockets via the taxpayers, more of the SAME.. They don't want to solve homelessness by helping, fuck they caused it. THEY like the FEMA model, THE INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL MoDEL , NOTHING EVER IS DIRECTED TOWARD BETTERMENT OF THE AVERAGE MAN, THAT WOULD WORK AGAINST THEM, theirs is the ruler mode/l the slave model as that is who those Nazi BULLSHITERs are , and you citizen morons are 2 dumb to get it

  13. Trump needs to be doing something about this homeless problem instead of the lining his pockets him and all his cronies Trump and his cronies are getting rich why the poor people getting poor and suffering this is sad to me I don't know how the homeless thing affects anybody else but it does affect me and very much is terrible this shouldn't be happening it's got to be something that can be done about this this is so so sad it's heartbreaking

  14. I have witnessed with my own eyes of which she speaks playing out in my own community mostly due to addiction/mental illness. It's overwhelming and we have a population of only 166,000. I was just reading that serious consideration is being given to bringing back asylums as a solution to homelessness. I find this disturbing to hear. I hope this won't become the solution because clearly this lady is thinking coherently and am concerned that
    folks like her will be forced into one or anyone who happens to end up homeless due to health issues or loss of a job. Could be any of us including myself. And I fear that those who need intensive stabilization will remain there indefinitely without any hope of getting out. We will all need to vote no on any future measure supporting this.
    I'm glad she is sheltered and that she will have permanent shelter soon.

  15. We need more Shelters & Long term housing!!! (SECULAR)The religious charities are FAILING the "Homeless"(Houseless)in America! Thought & Prayers Don't WORK!! Btw, I was on the Streets for 8+years!!

  16. The system really is against the "poor" (financially embarrassed)…..only money n power counts. Even the homeless pay taxes when we purchase goods. No one should have to endure such challenges…..hardships causes one to age faster with additional health issues. Try to imagine what it must be like, when you have no safe place to rest yourself at night!!!!!????

  17. Wow she's ungrateful. That organization isn't obligated to help her nor is anyone else, not even her children. Typical Delaware-Philly sense of entitlement.

  18. I'm living in a shelter and I have to pay 100$ in food stamps plus another 75 ever week. I have a full-time job now and I'm looking for an apartment. I don't think it's fair, but I don't have a choice. It's "Christian" shelter. Yeah right …

  19. yes i would let my mom live with me. but maybe her daughter said no because she has no money whatsoever so then i would tell her to look into adult family home

  20. She’s smiling because she knows we are the fools
    Especially in California
    The government here is totally corrupt
    All the politicians are crooked. Finding more ways to tax all of us for more and More to raise their salaries

  21. The numbers will keep exploding on the streets and the government will continue to hide the truth of how bad things really are!

  22. I think payable shelters are affordable housing. If the shelters can provide a secure and clean place for a cheap price this is much better than sleeping rough. If they cannot pay even a small fee, how and when they will be able to pay a rent? Is it forbidden to sell candies or roses on the streets? Many people who won't give alms could buy something just to help the homeless. I do.

  23. Someone needs to come forward to buy land for a safe place for the broken souls…Implimenting a safe step plan for those to help themselves and others.

  24. Yes she has to hand over half her food stamps they feed her. And she sells the other half for drugs. Don't be so naive people

  25. Is it because of her stroke she cant work? This is a real question not a snarky remark.
    I noticed that none of her 3 wishes was to have a job.

  26. Obviously the shelter only gives you a bed, why should they be responsible for everything else? She looks capable to get a part time job

  27. You have no idea what she was like as a mother none of us do. Maybe a drug addict maybe she abused her children. Alcoholic who knows. And she's never going to tell us. But I guarantee you this she was not the mother of the year

  28. Best society is where no child of God should suffer in his land , what so good about money when we see poor cleaning homeless inside society. Does poverty has an end beside dying ?

  29. It really would be nice that people stop Criminalizing and judging the homeless every body has issues financial health care related and the most of us are just one paycheck away from being on the streets we need a secure funding source for homeless and housing assistance not cutting them this going too make the homeless situation much worse than it is now

  30. Habitat for humanity builds housing for low income people..why could they not help build some sort of temporary humane housing for the homeless..companies are stepping up to put up money designed to help the problem of homelessness..maybe give some of that money to habitat and its volunteer force to build?

  31. occupy was not safe, assault and rape of women and sex offenders hiding in the occupy movement were a feature of this.  No one told the women and children who were there, that this was the case.

  32. I was denied work at over 50 construction sites(swinerton crane holland etc) in Los Angeles and San Diego but they virtually all employ spanish speaking latino illegal aliens, no blacks and very few whites.

    The legal latinos I met on the sites told me they all knew spanish. A superintendent told me at Holland Contractors I need to know spanish to work on his crew. This is in downtown los angeles not mexico city.

  33. The wealthy have stolen trillions from the bailouts and fed reserve but most Americans are brainwashed to worship the rich no matter how they got it

  34. Brandon is wack she's no different than the rest of them useless period a menace to society period a burden. Check into her story she stole from her own daughters. She is nothing but trash

  35. Philly has almost 1.5 million people! What the hell do you think is going to happen living on the streets ! Philly smells like sh#t piss puke and horrible body oder! You do all this with your video camera you need to set up a web site so you can put some info about these homeless people so people can help them!

  36. When state cut back funding it's always the mentally ill that get cut. They cut the people that have the least voice. And a lot of the times the people can't keep up with their medicine and then sometimes you have a very scary people on the street. When the mentally ill kill a few people then everybody starts complaining and then they they raise the money again. They can never get off the streets by themselves ever that would take a planning skill that most of them don't have and they say that they're on drugs yeah they're on drugs psychiatric drugs

  37. people don't want the mentally ill they drop them off in big cities they are the throw away people. I live in New York you would not believe how many small town folk buy their family members one way tickets for being gay. People can only handle so much rejection. Many turn to substaces to cope with the lonliness and that for the rest of their lives they are going to have to cope alone. Losing an id means no help from the government. You can't get an id without an address.

  38. My 86 year old indigent mother lives with me. It is very hard, but I would never let her sleep on the streets.

  39. God bless that young lady and I pray to God that she gets housing keep her in my prayers tonight

  40. Instead of using our tax dollars to mitigate the homelessness problem, the govt using the money for the military, for "colonizing Mars," for "environment sustainability" projects (Agenda 21), for "fighting terrorism," and for 1001 other projects that don't improve the lives of its citizenry but pad the pockets of the elite.

  41. What happened to being responsible for self? Instead of sitting on the sidewalk, go fill out applications for a job.

  42. The Holy Bible – The Book of Estras 2:20 Guard the rights of the widow, secure justice for the ward, give to the needy, defend the orphan , cloth the naked, care for the injured and the weak, Do not ridicule the lame, protect the maimed, and let the blind have avfision of God's splendor. Protect the old and young within our walls (your city). The rich are to take in those who are cast out. And I the Lord will give you the first place in my resurrection.
    2 Estradas 3.28 They abound in wealth, though they are unmindful of your commandments – Though shall not kill. Love your neighbror as yourself.
    Estras 7:72 Those who live on the earth shall be tormented because they had understanding, they committed injustice, and though they received the commandments of the Lord , they did not keep them, obtained the law yet dealt unfaithfully. Estradas 8:56 For while we lived and committed injustice, we did not consider what we should suffer after death.
    Estradas 11:41 You have judgeed the earth, but not with truth, for you have oppressed the meek and injured the peaceable, you have hated those who tell the truth, and loved liars; you have destroyed the homes of those who brought forth fruit, and have liad low the walls of those who did you no harm. Your insolence has come up before the Most High, and your pride to the Mighty One. The Most High has looked at his times; now they have ended, and his ages have reached completion. Esradas 15:22 My right hand will not spare the sinners, and my sword will not cease from those who shed innocent blood on earth. And a fire went forth from his wrath, and consumed the foundations of the earth and the sinners, like burnt straw. Alas for those who sin and not observe my commandments, says the Lord. Repent! Turn from your wicked and evil ways.

  43. Delaware is actually seeing more and more people from the cities come here. Our homeless population has doubled.

  44. Why over 9k views and a few hundred likes? My heart bleeds for this woman. I try to help as much as I can..I am praying that all these people find a home..these are beautiful people and it makes my ❤️sad

  45. I don’t understand why you people of America are too disconnected from your families!? I mean no disrespect but your society is lacking the the family role. And I believe it’s the most important role in every country. We as people of Saudi Arabia have families supporting us and it’s near impossible to be homeless in Saudi Arabia. Even the poor people have a shelter to live in. Our families provide us and help us even if someone is broke they will help him. If you don’t have money for your weeding your family will support you and also in your wedding day guests will give you money to support you. It’s insane what happens to America. And I feel so so bad for the homeless in your country.

  46. We are all only a few bad choices/situations, from being homeless. Please check your attitudes, for crying out loud!

  47. living on the streets isn't fun xD man my friend does it as a hobby its the most fun thing you can ever do one day I lost my keys and I stayed outside for the whole day and slept in a park its fun as hell. People are meant to live outside thats why most people get depression because of indoor living instead of sitting on your as go walk believe me you'll even find free food in parks and in malls you can even go pretend that you want to try ice cream and they'll give you free testers

  48. President Trump, are you listening!? This is my beloved 'City of Brotherly Love', and this woman needs help NOW.

  49. I had an older woman ask me for money for food who I know had 4 children. Her children were irresponsible and unstable.

  50. shes a woman. she can get money if she starts selling her body for money. start stripping to get money too. there is no excuse for a woman to be homeless!! she just lazy thats all!!,,.,.,.,.,.,,.,,

  51. I feel bad for her, but her story is not adding up right. Why will her daughter kick her out into the street hmm?

  52. I know it is difficult get disability, but I wonder if she did at least try to get medical disability since she did have a stroke. If she was not left with permanent disability because of the stroke she wouldn't meet the requirements, but if she has lasting disability she may have qualified. Maybe she could get SSI?

  53. If I had three wishes one of them would be for people to quit voting Democrat because this is what democratic policies cause.

  54. Go to church lady is my suggestion, pray to God, He will help you if you are honest.
    Stop addiction if you have one, read the Holy Bible for answers.
    Look for some work.
    Best to you !

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