Please Call Roger – Maine Homeless Veteran’s Alliance

My name’s Roger Goodoak I am the Executive Director of the Maine Homeless Veteran’s Alliance. Right now, what we’re doing is we’re going down the alleyways. Cause this is where the people are. The Maine Homeless Veteran’s Alliance was started around 5 years ago. Every once of us were a veteran. Every one of use were homeless at one time. We had a friend, his name was Mark. and Mark would tell us, at our meetings that he was going to drink himself to death. We thought he was kidding. and sooner or later they did find his body and liquor bottles all over his house. After that we realized we needed each other and we started helping other veterans. We started helping each other, actually fill each others apartments. Tables and chairs and stuff to make you feel useful. and the next thing we knew it’s grown into the organization we have now. Many of these homeless that you’ll see will just collapse asleep wherever they are. I have a few blankets I can keep in the worst case scenarios but I never have enough blankets, I never have enough sleeping bags. I got too many people camping in the woods. I have families camping in the woods. I just don’t have enough. I usually do a run 2 or 3 times a day.

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